Compact archive November 9, 2007

BONOBO UK very special event in Prague

Bonobo in Prague roxy on tuesday For all the fans of Ninja Tune label, but not just for them; 13th November is the day when British producer, DJ and composer Bonobo presents his live project. For the most of the time, it’s just him, turntables and a computer, but for the concert in Roxy this Tuesday, he takes a whole group of 6 unusual musicians, to play live all his famous tracks.

Hist last album called Days to Come took him a year to finish. He so ranges among those who, instead of lending roles to his friend musicians, rather records all the instruments by himself. In Days to Come he mixes sonic background with the clean yet distinctive vocals of Bajka, often uses harmony to build up a multifaceted sound.

This Tuesday you have a chance to hear this unique artist and his band, who will let you to look into his music factory, full of emotions. Roxy, Dlouha 33, Prague 1, 13th November 2007. Start 19:30, pre-sale Ticketpro, Ticketstream and Ticketportal: 290,- CZK, in Roxy 390,- CZK


Dark side of Prague - TAXI

Unfortunately for Prague, it is well known all around the world that local taxi drivers are not really honest. Especially if they see you are a tourist. Way too often they calculate that you don’t know the average pricing and they try to rip you off.

It is to say, however, that Prague has been fighting with dishonest taxi drivers. It is obvious that Prague taxi drivers are a scar on its reputation. The question is, though, who is winning the battle? So far, it looks that Prague might be successful at last.

The whole double-article here


Austrian culture center: Hans Kupelwieser, Postmedial Sculptures

Hans Kupelwieser - Postmediale Skulpturen - Potatoes red + blue, 2001.jpg Contemporary sculpture in a broader field (Rosalind Krauss) is characterized by the transcending of borders in both operational and material areas. Hans Kupelwieser (b. 1948) has worked in the latter area at the College of Apllied Arts in Vienna. He includes new materials, not only within the field of experimentation, as in arte povera, but with an almost linguistic expression that brings new meaning to the materials. A flat rubber or solid steel sculpture provides a screen upon which letters are punched as blank characters, displaying quotations of well-known philosophers, thereby conveying a new function.

This combination of the extended use of materials and operation between form and function is the field of analysis in which Hans Kupelwieser moves. The materials he uses, such as aluminium, occasionally lead to reflection of historical perspectives (see Andy Warhol to Walter Pichler), as seen in the perforated sculptures displayed at the notable “New Ways of Displaying Plastic” exhibition in 1982, at Neue Galerie, Graz, or in his current pneumatic sculptures, one of them now being permanently located in the Austrian Sculpture Park near Graz.

In this way, Hans Krupelwieser succeeds in creating a third independent position between Erwin Wurm and Franz West in contemporary Austrian sculpture, which makes a clean break from the period of abstraction and represents a substantial further development in post-modern sculptural concepts.

Jungmannovo sqare 18, Prague 1, Mo-Fr 10-17. the exhibition lasts until 30th November 2007


Autumn Sazava Festival, Prague

sazava fest autumn Tonight in Abaton: a festival offering an interesting selection from Czech and International club concert scene. You can look forward to two days offering different music and atmosphere.

FRIDAY – electromaniacs Moimir Papalescu & The Nihilists, renomed Sunshine, instrumental trio Sunflower Caravanz or German Lola Angst and Cobra Killer. First tones are going to vibrate through Abaton at 17:30 and are not going to stop until morning hours.

SATURDAY – The Prostitutes, Priessnitz, Rybicky 48 or The Slots. Group Air Fare from the USA, Dubblestandart from Austria. Saturday evening offers also rhythms of reggae and ska, as you would be able to enjoy old Prague classics of ska – Schodiste and reggae – Svihadlo.

Club Abaton, Na Kosince 8, Prague. You can get there by the metro yellow line B to Palmovka and continue by trams 10, 24 or 25 to stop Stejskalova. Tickets: two days 400 CZK, one day ticket 300 CZK.


Money for the US Radar base approved

radar, illustration photo The USA wants the radar in the CR to form a part of their anti – missile system, designed to protect USA and NATO countries in Europe against hostile missiles, that could be launched from countries as Iraq. The U.S. House of Representatives have approved the military budget for 2008, including budget for the radar in the CR, and a defense missile silo in Poland.

The budget counts with 225 million dollars for construction of the radar in Brdy forest, CR, and the construction works of the base with ten defense missiles in Poland. However the originally planed budget counted with 310 million dollars. The head of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency (MDA), Henry Obering announced lowering of the budget won’t affect the future of the planned bases, and that the money could be mount later.