Compact archive November 27, 2007

Lexy and K-Paul (de), pre-New Year party in Roxy, Prague

Lexy and K-Paul Two icons of the contemporary electro music are going to Roxy to test whether you are ready for the New Year’s eve! They are one of the most sought-after Djs of this style and their festive performance at the end of the year is not a coincidence.

Lexy and K-Paul first met up in 1998 in a Berlin club and their initial meeting emerged from a dispute over a young lady. Their argument resulted in both of them being thrown out of the club and banned from the premises.

Roughly six months later, the two freaks couldn’t believe their eyes when they coincidentally met in the Low Spirit office in Berlin. Leaving the little Casanova dispute behind them, they decided to meet up for a studio session. These nocturnal meetings were the first test runs of their joint production ventures.

The couples first track titled ‘Do you like disco’ became initial success, the young team decided to continue sprinkling their creative dust and infecting the masses with their hypnotic sound. And so, the track ‘The greatest DJ’ was released and nominated as Loveparade’s hymn.

The spring of 2000 proved to be the youngster’s ultimate breakthrough. Their single ‘Freak’ became an instant Love Parade hit, celebrating to new team as the new found heroes of the Berlin Love Parade. With the shooting of the music video, the freaks launched a new found fad in the German Music scene.

The highlights of their acts included The Mayday, Love Parade, Love Parade in Vienna, Electric Kingdom and Love Nation.

If you are heading to Prague for the New Year’s eve, it may be a problem to get tickets to Roxy for 31st of November, so this starter on 28th November can became the opening party of your Prague stay. You also can look forward to decorations, plasma projections and specially adjusted light park. Experimental space Roxy, Dlouha 33, Prague 1. Tickets – advance booking 280CZK, at the spot 350CZK. Session starts at 22:00


President Vaclav Klaus impugned Olympic Games

The president Vaclav Klaus has impugned the idea of organizing the Olympic games in Prague again yesterday. Klaus, according to his words, is not sure if “organizing of the Olympic Games would bring the Czech Republic positives only”. According to the Czech president the Olympics are troublesome, not only because of their expenses.

“I fear the immense impact of various Olympic sports, sports that are normally not done in our country at all, those that might not have a single viewer, but need specific sports grounds built for them anyway.”

Vaclav Klaus proclaimed he still remembers a debate with one minister of Greek government about one area, where Greeks have built stadiums for Olympic Games 2004. “…he said: there is a stadium for baseball, and I responsibly say there is not a single person, that would play baseball in Greece”. Klaus described.

According to the director of the Prague Olympic community Tomas Petera there are going to be only three new stadiums build in Prague, the other sports fields are going to be made by reconstructions of stadiums that are already build, and by constructions of provisional Olympic stances.

Klaus have expressed his opinions earlier, i.e. in May, when he said “skeptical yes” for the Games.


MONO + Bee and Flower in Prague Akropolis

MONO Japan going down the hill Palace Acropolis sometimes offers real music delicacies from the world production. Like today, when the performers are Mono, a post-rock group from Tokyo, that formed in late 1999, and Bee and Flower, a band that was founded in 1999 too, but in NYC, nowadays they reside in Berlin.

The music of Bee and Flower envelops the listener into an intimate, luxurious and orchestrated world, filled with moody strings, piano, percussion, ghostly slide guitars, and lush female vocals. Bee and Flower brings together elements of classically-arranged film-score soundtracks with well-crafted rock songwriting, creating a bold, unique and fluid style. Lyrically, the songs weave tales of the universal human experience: of hope and heartbreak, of love and living, and of isolation and oblivion.

Mono is a group which dominated Prague during their two concerts in 2006, and which is said to have ability to make their sound almost tangible. Mono are known for their powerful live performances. Part of their power in concert reportedly comes from their intense physical involvement in the music. It should also be noted that their shows are extremely loud, even to well-seasoned show goers. They effectively use dynamics to their advantage by playing extremely soft and then extremely loud, giving the impression of even more power.

Tuesday, 27th November 2007, Palac Akropolis, Kubelikova 27 Prague 3. Tickets: 300 CZK