Compact archive January 4, 2008

Interview With Jan Svejnar

“It is time to unblock our political scene” says Jan Svejnar for Alexander Kramer, Pravo 22-12-2007. We give you the shortened English version here. Who is Svejnar?

Mr. Professor, when you say you’ll bring Vaclav Klaus down, don’t you just give us that ‘American’ strong rhetoric?

jan svejnar It is not just rhetoric, I believe myself – I have a strong support of the CSSD, SZ and two senate clubs. And I suppose the trend in will grow.

It seems the votes of the communist party will be the decisive ones. Do you think you get them?

At least I think I represent for them the ‘lesser evil’. I have a deeply social feeling. The basic difference between me and Vaclav Klaus is I say there are things that the market can’t do, and for social wealth it is necessary to support the market with suitable state solutions.

Communists definitely don’t like you for the Radar…

Vaclav Klaus is for the radar too! But Klaus sees it as a part of our relationship with the USA, meanwhile I see it as a part of NATO and EU inter-relations.

You have said: “To win over Vaclav Klaus is in the interest of the Czech Republic”. Why?

OK, I’ll come back to what I’ve already said: we live in the fast-globalizing world, in more and more competitive environment. The best strategy, how to further our interests, is to actively participate on all the actions which are in progress now. And what is Klaus’ relation to the EU, is well-known.

Does Vaclav Klaus harm the reputation of the Czech Republic?

I’ll leave this on you and your readers. But if you look at how his various statements are commented in the world, the answer suggests itself.

Are you for or against Prague Olympics?

Only in the case we could organize it in a way it wouldn’t be a financial loss. If we couldn’t, we should postpone the candidacy.

Tolerance of people who believe or don’t believe in God is apparent in civilized countries. Are you an atheist, who tolerates believers, or vice versa?

I’m somewhere in the middle. That means – I’m an agnostic – a person, who on question, whether God exists or not, answers: I don’t know.

Why do you want to become the president, Mr professor?

In America, people are educated in a way to believe in ideals and service for the community is regarded as something that deserves respect. Definitely there is also personal satisfaction that a good job gives to a man.

Does the presidential post have something magical inside for you?

Yes, I can’t deny that. But still, in some phases of my life, I would have to turn the offer down. Now I am in a situation that I can afford that and at the same time I think I am able to do good for the Czech Republic.


French ConneXion – Ska Party in Prague : LES ÉJECTÉS (FR) and BASTA FIDEL (CZ)

les_ejectes Les Éjectés are a very experienced European ska band of the first class, and not just because of the time they are together, but also because of the number of places, they have played in. Such a visit is now heading to Rock Café, which means a time-proved explosive mix of ska, reggae, dub, rock, soul, hip-hop and punk.

The carrier of Les Éjectés is really a respectable one, they started in 1988 in a French city Limoges. During the following twenty years they have published twelve albums, played with Mano Negra and cooperated with Dennis Morris or Mad Professor. They are not going to Prague for the first time, but this time they are going to celebrate their group birthday, so you can prepare for a real party.

Basta Fidel is a Prague music group. Their music is based on ska music, but they leave their inspiration channels open. They are able to get the audience to warm, but some songs are more to be listened to… (They will sing in French, too) The evening for Francofiles with likes to Jamaican rhymes in body.

31th January 2008, 20:30, Club Rock Café, Narodni 20, Prague 1 Tickets: 170 CZK


Prague flat hid thousands of historical items

prehistoric arrow heads Few thousands metal items were collected by a man who died the flat fire in Prague in 2005. When the fire scene was cleaned away, suspicious items were found, which archaeologists dated from prehistoric ages (stone axes) to medieval ages (spurs).

The problem is, the items are not described as unlike archaeologists, metal hunters usually do not register valuable data about their finds. Their scientific value is negligible since concrete localities where the finds come from are unknown.

The collection is in the Prague Archaeological institute right now. The future of it is uncertain, as the museums in Prague probably won’t exhibit items of unknown origin.

The items consist of prehistoric stone axes, arrow tips, Germanic bronze buckles, fragments of weapons, medieval spurs or parts of armor.

Be careful – there are windstorms and snowing in the Czech Republic

winter traffic jam Weather in the Czech Republic – conditions of safety are not met in eastern Bohemia, where the wind reached 119 km/h yesterday, and more of strong wind is expected today night.

According to the district control centre the traffic collapsed during the night on several places. Some roads had to be closed, some are blocked by trucks, some are possible to pass only in one traffic lane.

The information chart board of the D1 highway warns drivers (since Thursday) of danger of icing and strong wind. Temperatures go from minus 7 to plus 3 Celsius. There is overcast.


DJ Lee Dagger - Renown DJ in Prague Mecca

LeeDagger Mecca traditionally celebrates its birthday at the end of January. They welcome back to Prague the superstar DJ and producer – DJ Lee Dagger ( Pacha London resident / Bimbo Jones, UK ) in an exclusive 4 hours set.

Lee is also a remixer of such stars as Meck ( Lee´s remix was no.1. in the UK chart ), Fatboy Slim, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Annie Lenox, Pink, Bodyrockers, Deep Dish and many others. His style is based on house music, but full of rock, punk, funky, soulfull and other influences from the modern styles like minimal or electro. Be prepared for a carneval of styles and to party with your hands up all night!

You will also get a taste of the finest local Czech DJs. DJ Kuba Soulcheck is one of the most respected Czech musical talents. He is an excellent DJ, singer and a guitar player as well. He brings forward all his skills when behind the decks.

On sale will be the drink specially made for this occasion – BEEFEATER MECCAMIX, which will surprise you with its delicious taste and friendly price.

Fri 25th January 2008 BEEFEATER MECCAMIX 3rd Mecca Birthday. Entry: 290 CZK, VIP 490 CZK, pre-sale: ticketstream, ticketpro. Club Mecca, U Pruhonu street 3, Prague 7