Compact archive January 11, 2008

Prague Spring International Music Festival

Prague Spring (Czech: Mezinárodní hudební festival Pražké jaro) 2008 is a significant music event held under the patronage of the President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus and in association with the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. Outstanding artists, symphony orchestras and chamber music ensembles has been performing at Prague Spring since 1946. G_N_Rozhdestvensky_at_Prague_Spring_Festival_2007

Prague Spring is a permanent showcase for outstanding performing artists, symphony orchestras and chamber music ensembles of the world. The concerts take place in various places in Prague, such as Rudolfinum, Municipal House, Lichtenstein Palace, Church Of St. Simon and St. Juda, etc.

12th May – 4th June 2008, Prague


Marriage Festival at Prague Vystaviste

wedding festival If you are looking for an unusual experience, and you like weddings, the Marriage festival in Prague would be your choice. They say it is going the biggest event of this kind in Europe. Last year of the festival demonstrated how huge is the demand for such an event. On the programme are companies presentations, that has something to do with weddings organization, but also entertaining culture programme.

There are concerts, fashion shows, theatre, belly dance or hair and barman shows. The fair offers wedding saloons, agencies, hotel-keepers, goldsmiths, photographers, florists, pastry-cooks, stylists, limo rental services and travel agencies. The cherry on the cake of the programme will be an actual wedding of a couple on Saturday 3 pm.

Wedding Festival Prague, 11th – 13th January 2008, Exhibition Ground Holesovice.


Prague Culinary Boom

The Prague Culinary institute wants to link to hundreds years of culinary tradition it the Czech Republic. The Institute was opened yesterday in Prague Suchdol. Master chefs from the top restaurants, such as Radek Subrt are going to organize courses of cooking, as it was common during the ‘First Republic’ era. At that time, courses of Vilem Brabec gained world renown, and his cold dishes are for many still the best.

According to the founder of the Culinary institute in Prague Roman Vanek the Czech Republic is now in its culinary boom period. Expert cooking courses are being organised also by some of Prague most luxurious restaurants.

Unique Historic Treasure in Prague flat

The items, that went through a complex check during the past months are mostly original, some of them are fakes, but all together on the black market would be worth of millions CZK. Unfortunately, as the places where these items were taken from are unknown, expert value have been almost competely lost.

large glasses-like copper pendant Flames, that caused death of the flat owner, revealed secrets of the Prague flat to expert public; the insides hold about 1900 bronze and 1400 iron items, probably prepared to be sold on the black market.

The most unique is quite a large glasses-like pendant. “It is one of the most early proof of metallurgy in the Middle Europe. Its age is estimated on five thousands years. Only a about ten similar pieces are known.”

Streetdance Battles in Prague

Streetdance battle is back. This time in much greater style. In the game there is a new Skoda Fabia or prizes worth 500 000 CZK.

The regular event called Streetdance Battle Nite is held for the third time, and it is one of the most significant and renown events in Karlovy Lazne. Last time, the winning dancers could gain a 5* Boat trip in Carribean. The important thing, the main prizes could have been won only by non-professional dancers in the first season, in the second one all could participate, but they had to be boy-girl pairs.

street dancer This season brings battles 1 vs 1 in all the streetdance styles.

Round 1 – 18th January 2008
Round 2 – 22th February 2008
Round 3 – 21th March 2008
Round 4 – 18th April 2008
Round 5 – 16th May 2008
Final Battle – 20th June 2008

So if you are fond of Streetdance, you have a possibility so see the biggest Czech dance competition in the biggest Czech Club Karlovy Lazne, Smetanovo nabrezi 198, Prague 1