Compact archive January 30, 2008

The first Klaus vs Svejnar duel

Teh Czech Republic Presidential elections are in 9 days already, however the very first debate of Vaclav Klaus and Jan Svejnar took place yesterday. Who expected a serious debate, which would influence decisions, was disappointed. The 75 minutes debate would be easier to call a TV show (watch here). Questions were given by the CSSD senators.

Meanwhile Svejnar kept his professional poker face, Klaus gesticulated variously, rolled his eyes and his head, when he disagreed with Svejnar.

There were no new or unexpected quotes. The debate was more about irony, performance, and banter. But some quotes are worth translating:

svejnar photo by michigan uni Svejnar

“I thought, you just don’t publish in scientific magazines, but you don’t even read them. “

“You can vote for somebody for the past, or you can vote for somebody for the future.”

klaus photo by i.treehugger Klaus

“When I red one of his publication from the 90’s, I was horrified.”

“I can guarantee knowledgeable presidency, continuity, and enforcement of authentic interests of our country.”

The questions were from themes which are well known, but controversial. Global warming, privatization, European Union or Euro. Hopefully the planned ‘real’ debate will bring more.


Lenka Smidova qualified for Peking

lenka smidova Czech duo Lenka Smidova and Lenka Mrzlikova have qualified for the Olympic Games in Peking at the World Championship in Melbourne in the ship class 470. They have gained the last fifth position. The winning pair are Erin Maxwell and Isabelle Kinsolving from the USA.

Lenka Smidova so have a chance to gain her second Olympics medal. She gained one, when she won the Silver Medal in Olympics 2004 in Athens, Women’s Europe class.

Lenka Smidova is the most sucessfull Czech yachtsman of all times.


American Solider Stabbed to death by drunk Prague Policeman

Close to Prague Sazka Arena, the American solider, who served at a Germany base, was stabbed to death today at two o’clock am. The attacker is a member of the municipal police, and he is at questioning at the moment.

The car with American soldiers was passing the area, when the Czech reportedly did some offensive gestures. The American stepped out of the car, demanding an explanation. The man was however drunk, and attacked instead. He stabbed him three times, into the heart area, after which the person fell at the ground an died at the spot. The attacker than fell into the shock state, and the other two soldiers hold him until the police came.


Klaus: Passive smoking doesn't harm

Meanwhile Al Gore got the Nobel Prize for his fight against Global warming, Klaus denies global warming has anything to do with men. When Blob won the competition of the best National library design, Klaus said he would rather drastically protest against, than saw it build (thanks to him the ‘Blob matter’ has been debated about half a year, with the perspective of another half a year of debates). Now, when the world fights smoking, and in the Czech Republic there are activities to limit smoking at public places, Klaus protests, and supports smokers. Vaclav Klaus himself is a non-smoker.

passive smoking In the CR, the specialists speak about twice as much deaths from passive smoking, than from traffic accidents. That means, over 2500 people died last year, because they were staying in heavily smoky places. The illnesses they died from were all smoking-based, or it’s proved smoking demonstrably worsens the development.

Klaus’ statement for LN surprised the expert community; Eva Kralikova, a practitioner of the centre for smoking quitting, said: “Studies about passive smoking are being carried out in many countries and the outcome is always the same.” To inhale cigarette smoke can lead to lung and heart diseases. Vaclav Klaus doesn’t think so.


Connection - house, trance party in Prague club Mecca

Boosted sound distribution, new stage with perspective talents of dance scene Samuel Wega, DejFF and Cortezz, sexy dancers and possibility to buy tickets to VIP stage waits at Mecca.

Mecca club spaces are ideal for arragement of exclusive club parties. That is why the club management decided to organize a brand new series of parties called Connection. The performance of Netherland trance DJ and producer star Johan Gielen is coming on 15th February.

Gielen was working for artists such as Tiësto, Boy George or Chicane. His music was in Pepsi-Cola commercial advertisement and every fan has to know his song L’Esperanza. We are sure, that the fans of LayDee Jane will be pleased, if they find out that this DJane is coming back to Czech Republic after a relatively long period of time.

Her first performance in Prague will be at the Connection party. “In the last couple of months I have been on tour across Turkey and China, so I am looking forward to play again for Czech audience,“ says LayDee Jane.

VIP lounge costs 490CZK in advance-sale and in front of the club 650CZK. You will get your own privacy, a place next to the DJ, your own bar, catering menu and a luxurious lounge on the second floor in the VIP.

Fridany 15th February, New party Connection presents Johan Gielen in Mecca, Prague, U Pruhonu street 3