Compact archive February 27, 2008

A new Law proposal: gay couples adoption

this is sick vs. this is wonderful After the law of registered partnership become a common practice in the Czech Republic, Czech lawmakers think it’s time for the next step in law support of the homosexuals; they should be able to adopt kids.

According to the team for minorities of Dzamila Stehlikova (Green Party), position of homosexuals could be better. In her analysis, she recommends e.g. registered partners could be able to get widow’s or widower’s rents, adopt kids or forester them.

“Either the EU or international visitors say, the climate in the CR is very friendly for gays and lesbians. However, we are aware there is still a long way to go” The gay activist and the minister’s advisor Jiri Hromada commented.

Middle Europe Design Exhibition in Prague

The long-awaited international match in a unique formation of designers is finely here. Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Austrian designers are the actors of this year’s volume of Design match biennale.

Second volume of design biennale – Design Match 2008 is based on common history and heritage of Austria-Hungary monarchy tradition of production of the countries which have been part of the monarchy. History versus present production, four neighboring countries will present their design in this international match.

The premiere of the Design Match 08 will take place at home ground – in Fair Trade Palace, National Gallery in Prague from 14th March 2008.


Marketa Irglova praised for her Oscar speech

The Sunday Oscar ceremony was commented by international media, especially the acceptance speech by Martina Irglova got a lot of approvals.

“… No matter how far out your dreams are, they can become true…fair play to those who dare to dream and don’t give up… ”

This is an often quoted sentence from the short speech by Iglova, which the British Mirror labelled a one of the most inspirational Oscar speeches. Mirror recalled, that before the movie gained fan base, Hansard with Irglova were practically unknown.

USA Today pointed out a scene from the backstage; Glen and Marketa played with the gained statues. Glen said: “Let’s put them together, like if they are kissing each other.” Marketa: “But they are two boys!” Glen: “But this is Hollywood!”

Server New Musical Express stated Hansard gained a sms from Bono: “From the streets directly to the Oscars. Congratulations.”


Czech crown jewels will be exhibited again

czech jewels Czech crown jewels, the most prescious Czech treasure – St. Wenceslas Crown, Royal Sceptre and Royal Apple are safely locked in the chamber in St. Vitus Cathedral under lock and key, and without exaggerating it is the place least accessible in Prague Castle. The door, and likewise the iron safe, has seven locks and there are seven holders of the keys: the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, the Prague Archbishop, the Chairman of the House of Deputies, the Chairman of the Senate, the Dean of the Metropolitan Chapter of St. Vitus Cathedral and the Lord Mayor of Prague, who must all convene to facilitate opening the impenetrable door and coffer.

The St. Wenceslas Crown is made of pure gold of about 21-22 carat. There are four fleurs-de-lis at the diadem, decorated with precious gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, pearls and spinels. There are 96 gemstones on the crown in total. The national myth says, that anyone who puts the crown on his head without authorization will die soon. This happened to the Nazi protector Reinhard Heydrich, who was assassinated by Czech parachutists in 1942.

Now, it seems it will be possible to take a glance on the prescious piece of the Czech nation again, as it will be presented after five years. The exhibition is going to last for about a week, planned month is April 2008. When and where precisely it will be possible to see them, was not stated yet, but it will be the next week.


Czech Citizens can go to the USA without Visa since autumn 2008

The historic document, signed by Mirek Topolanek in Washington, is of comparable importance as the Schengen one.

The Memorandum of understanding describes, on eight pages, how the cancellation of visa for Czechs to the USA will proceed. The last piece of former Berlin wall will take its leave to the history this year already.

“This means, dreams of a few generations of Czech have been fullfilled.” Mirek Topolanek sated. He compared the signing to cutting of barbed wires at the Czech side of Czechoslovakia borders, after the Berlin wall has went down.

Michael Chertoff chose ceremonial words as well; “This is a milestone, which makes travelling to the USA from countries like the Czech Republic easier, and at the same time it strengthens security of both countries. We are really looking forward for first Czechs to come to the USA without visa, in October or November.”