Compact archive March 11, 2008

Czech exporters heading to Arabian market

monorail Czech embassies could offer paid services of CzechTrade company almost in all countries. CzechTrade is the National Trade Promotion Agency of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

CzechTrade´s main objective is to promote international trade and cooperation between Czech and foreign companies. CzechTrade´s professional information, assistance and consulting services accompany Czech exporters to foreign markets, and the agency is a contact partner for firms entering the Czech market, seeking interesting and reliable business partners and suppliers.

Examples of successes of Czech Companies with aid of Czech Trade:

Ferrit company have successfully entered Chinese market. Town of Luan inc Shanxi has received first two monorail locomotives this February.

Glasshouse Květná have participated on the Macef trade fair in Italian Milano or Blickfang exhibition in Switzerland Zurych.

Gregory Crewdson photo exhibition

Gregory Crewdson - amstaged The exhibition presents a comprehensive overview of the amazingly beautiful but also disquieting oeuvre of the American photographer Gregory Crewdson (born 1962 in New York). Crewdson has dealt with the neuroses, fears, and secret desires of a society looking into the abyss of its own psyche since the mid-1980s.

His images are set in suburban America and refer directly to the myths of Hollywood movies. The intricate and perfectly beautiful staged photographs were shot with the help of a large crew
after weeks of extensive preparations on film-like studio sets or on location. The exhibition is organised in cooperation with Kunstverein Hannover and realized with PPF.

Gallery Rudolphinum, Alsovo nabrezi 12 , Prauge 19/3 – 25/5 2008


Czechs supporting Tibet

On March 10, over a hundred people came in front of the Chinese embassy in Prague with banners and Tibetan flags, to peacefully demonstrate their disagreement with Chinese occupation of Tibet. It was the 49th anniversary of the Tibetan uprising against Chinese oppression.

A separate demonstration took part in the lower house of parliament, where the Green Party put the Tibetan flag in the window of their room. This was reflected negatively by members of other parties, however Katerina Jacques of GP spoken it was in their window with the logo of the Greens, so it was clear it is a stance of the political party, not the whole parliament.

A number of demonstrators signed an open letter to the Chinese ambassador in Prague, concerning with violation of human rights and freedoms of people in China, especially in Tibet. According to the Lungta association, a total of 348 town halls across the Czech Republic hoisted Tibetan flags Monday.

The first Michelin star in the Czech Republic

accordi Michelin star, the most prestigious internationally valued prize for cooks, was given to a Czech restaurant first time in history. No other country behind the former Iron Curtain have yet gained such evaluation. The 31 yo Italian Andrea Accordi, the chef at Prague Restaurant Allegro, the expert of “haute cuisine” is the one who gains one star for the Czech Republic and the hotel Four Seasons.

The fact Allegro will gain a Michelin star was expected. The Italian Andrea Accordi was, until now, the only chef in the Czech Republic with a Michelin Star. He got it in the hotel restaurant in Florence. When he got in, last year in September, he said his biggest wish is to get his second star for this Prague restaurant.


Bobby McFerrin Concert in Prague

McFerrin is among the few essential musicians, who yet not visited Prague, but are celebrated world-wide. His music intentions have not changed, as well as the energy, with which he jumps into new projects; from directing grand symphonic orchestras, through music composing, to Hollywood spectacles and world-wide famous solo concerts.

An owner of a four-octave voice, ten Grammies, twenty millions sold albums and an author of Don’t worry, Be happy song finally comes to Prague.

The prepared concert is the first stone of the new season of performances music stars Strings of O2. It unites organizers of festival Strings of autumn and O2 CR.

Bobby McFerrin performs 15th June in Prague Congress centre. Visitors of his Prague concert can download three mp3 songs from which is a special web page, created to occasion of the Prague event. Tickets are available there as well.