Compact archive May 2008

Czech Travel Companies Abandon Paper Air Tickets

The association of travel companies IATA announced a move from paper tickets to electronic ones. They expect to raise their profits of 9 mil czk, and also save up to 50 000 trees a year.

According to the association, the electronic tickets are preferred by more than 89% of the passengers. Czech travel companies embrace the proposal with one voice.

Asia and Africa are the only continents where could be problems, so there stay paper tickets. Otherwise, paper tickets will be used only in two cases. 1St: Charter flights with travel agencies, 2nd: Of course those travel companies, which are not in the IATA association, those are especially small companies in developing countries.

It is common to buy the ticket at the Internet nowadays.


EuroConnections in Prague Acropolis: Messer Chups (Rus) + Bad Tones (Cz)

Zombiegirl from Messer Chups An invasion of good taste lovers comes to Prague. Messer Chups from Petersburg come to Palac Akropolis, with their ironic color, to resurrect the esthetic of sci-fi magazines and low-budget horrors into breath-taking music spectacle.

Messer Chups’ music often features a fundament of surf drums on which they build collages of samples from odd sources, like circus music, jazz, east European animation soundtracks, and American B-pictures. On top of that they lay solos from guitar and theremin. The overall effect is one of loving parody and good fun.

That night, you can dance with vampires, and undead Elvis. The group is internationally known, they played among others at the Eurosonic festival in Holland, Trans Musicales in France or Slovak festival Pohoda. They come on 11th June 2008 to Palac Akropolis, Kubelikova 27, in Prague tickets: 260 czk.


Caricatures of Prophet Mohamed appeared in Prague

Caricatures of the Islamic prophet Mohamed appeared in the area of Florenc and Cerny Most, where are mosques of Prague Muslims. One of the posters is the famous Danish caricature of Mohamed with a bomb instead of a turban, on the another he is labelled a pedophile.

The posters link to web pages, where the authors present their concern with freedom of speech, and adverting to increasing numbers of extremists among Islamists. The photocopied posters are accompanied by slogans like: “Maybe provocative, but freedom of speech is worth of it”

A similar action took place in Brno last year – somebody put stickers with Mohamed on public places. Muslims of Brno disapproved of the action, however they decided not to take legal proceedings.


Classical Music at the Prague Castle

The concert cycle “Music of the Prague Castle” is a continuation of three preceding cycles which took place at Prague Castle in the past three years. During the whole of the last year it was obvious that Prague audiences began to view this concert cycle as a permanent part of the Prague classical music scene, and were coming in ever-increasing numbers.

The programmes of this year´s cycle endeavour to continue in this trend by presenting yet more quality and audience-friendly works. Beside the traditional places, such as the Spanish and Rothmayer Halls, the Ball Game Hall and the Basilica of St George, the concerts will also take place in some of the lesser-known parts of Prague Castle, such as the Rozmberk Hall or the Roman Cellars. The concerts take place on Tuesays at 7:30pm.

The unifying idea of the cycle lies in its focus on early music which well matches the historical premises of Prague Castle. There will also be a special concert in June which will bring together artists from different cultural backgrounds: a joint project of the Japanese monks of the Tendai school and the vocal ensemble Schola Gregoriana Pragensis (“Intimate Voices from Far Away”.) Contrary to the preceding cycles, four concerts this year will feature foreign artists.

Apart form concerts of early music, the cycle is based on appearances by great Czech musicians, such as violinist Vaclav Hudecek and pianist Ivan Moravec. The concert cycle will reach its peak in a recital by the world-renowned star Magdalena Kozena, whose appearance at Prague Castle will also be this year´s Concert for the First Lady.

Event: 19.02.2008 – 12.11.2008
Venue: Rothmayer Hall
Concerts begin at 7:30pm.
Tickets: CZK 280
Reduced price: CZK 150

The ticket for the concert is valid also for entrance to one exhibition of your choice held by Prague Castle Administration eight days after the date of the concert (does not apply to permanent expositions: Prague Castle Picture Gallery, The Story of the Prague Castle).


France opens its labour market to Czechs this summer

France is going to open its labour market to the countries of Middle and Eastern Europe, which have entered the EU in 2004. It was announced at a press conference in Warsaw by the French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

The French foreign minister Bernard Koucher has confirmed the news, with a comment that the people will need some kind of permission, but he didn’t specified how it will look like.

The French labour market is partly accessible since January 2005. During that time, no greater flow of employees took place, the media talk about 5000 workers in two years, mainly Poles.

This would be the opposite decision to the one of Germany and Austria. Germany have announced a few weeks ago, they are going to protect the labour market against workers from the East for two more years. The regulation so doesn’t end in 09, but in 2011.

Countries where Czechs work without restrictions:
The Great Britain
The Netherlands

Still with some restrictions


The opponents of the Radar base continue hunger strike

Two Czech activists, Jan Bednar and Jan Tamas, have spend 15 days on hunger strike already, protesting against the planned construction of the US Radar base in the CR. They told journalists, they will continue their strike, despite bad health state of Bednar.

They both demand national referendum, which would, according to a recent pool, went against the radar, as two thirds of Czechs do not agree with the construction. They didn’t get any response from the politicians so far.

Bendar is the leading person of the No To Bases motion, that has been protesting against the base from the very beginning. Right now he says he suffers from a high bilirubin level, which means he should start eating, but he says to continue in his protest.


Cunek looking for a billion for Blob

Blob Into the never-ending Blob fraud among the ODS and the National Library entered a new subject, the KDU-CSL, the Christian Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People’s Party. Their leader Jiri Cunek said for Pravo on Tuesday, he personally wants to fight to get money for the building.

He said he supports Blob, because “… I think it is remarkable architecture, which would give Prague, that needs the National Library anyway, more shine.” According to him, the ministry of culture has 1,9 billion czk for the construction and to get another billion would be enough to start negotiations with the municipal council.

The question remains, whether to get a billion czk would help to get the building across. What is for certain, that to support Blob means for the members of People’s party to provoke the ODS and the president against them.


Parking Zones in Prague

Are you going to the centre of Prague with your car and do you need to park there? Here is a short guideline how to use Prague Parking Zones.

The districts of parking zones are Prague 1, Prague 2, Prague 3, Prague 7. You can encounter three colours of lines – orange, green and blue, having different functions.

Orange Zone
Short-term parking zones equipped with a parking meter, charging 40 czk per hour. The maximum time possible to spend in the place is limited to 2 hours, the minimum time to pay is 15 minutes, the price is 10 czk. You have to pay there only from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. From 6 p.m. to 8 a.m., it is free of charge.

Green Zone
Medium-term parking zone, allowing to stay up to 6 hours. Those are charged 30 czk per hour, or it is possible to pay 120 czk for 6 hour straight away. Again, as with the previous case, the zone is equipped with a coin-operated parking meter, that can collect Czech coins. And again, the zone is effective from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Blue Zone
The long-term parking zone is designed solely for local residents, or companies based in the district. Otherwise it is almost impossible to get a parking card to this zone. Do not park there without the park card, as the police focus on those zones, checking them quite often.

Service Zone
Either for the handicapped, or for other subjects at the base of a special request, in the case of commercial subjects markedly charged.

The trend of Parking zones spreads from the centre of Prague to the other parts, so be prepared that every single year will widen the places of paid parking.


Very Special Dark Restaurant, Where one eats in total darkness, opens in Prague

The new restaurant that serves total darkness opens in the Ceter of Prague. The new gastronomic experience, which is enjoyed by gurmets and lovers of adrenalin in major cities of the World, can be enjoyed in Prague as well.

The meals are eaten in this environment with the complete loss of vision. By starving one’s sense, the other senses are supposed to be stimulated to full alert, and your food should taste like it’s never tasted before. In case you are wondering about the washrooms, they are all brightly lit, there is also separate room with light on.

The dark restaurants are initially a project of the Blind-Liecht (Swiss German for blind-light) foundation. The foundation works to create employment opportunities for blind and visually impaired people. Their first venture, the blindekuh in Zurich, opened in 1999 and is claimed to be the world’s first dark restaurant. Since then, the restaurant concept has been subsequently replicated elsewhere, including Paris, Berlin, London and multiple cities in Canada, United States, Russia and Australia, also in China.

The restaurant’s name is Pod kridlem noci (Under the wing of night). Three-course meal starts at 790 czk (32 €). The food is served with full service. Adress: Narodni 10, Prague

Klaus: Why did you recognise Kosovo?

This is the typical sign of the Czech political culture – if there is something people would vote for in a pool, the Czech president Klaus is against, whatever it is. The same situation with the Blob, global warming opinions etc. What is the other thing Klaus is against? This time it is the Kosovo recognition.

On Wednesday, the government has approved a proposal of Foreign Affairs Minister Karel Schwarzenberg to recognize Kosovo. Immediately afterwards, the Serbian ambassador in Prague was recalled by Belgrade. That made Klaus upset, as he wanted to at least make a little signal that the attitude towards Serbia didn’t change. The opposition, Social democrats and Communist Party, of course criticize the step as well.


Biedermeier Arts and Culture in the Bohemian Lands

This exhibition will be the first ever to present the wealth of art made in the Bohemian Lands in the first half of the nineteenth century. In this period, middle-class society created its own distinctive style of art and way of life. Reflecting the timeless values of temperance, practicality, and simplicity the style came to be called “Biedermeier” here and elsewhere in the Austrian Empire.

Nascent civil society sought inspiration in the traditional milieux of homeland, family, town, and nature. And the ideals emerged that were dear to Modern man –prosperity and personal responsibility. This impressive exhibition is an opportunity to provide a well-rounded picture of Biedermeier and to demonstrate its contribution to art, which is comparable to those of other great periods already presented at Prague Castle.

The exhibition is being organized by Prague Castle Administration and the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. 28th May 2008 – 28th September 2008. Venue: The Riding School of Prague Castle, U Prasneho mostu 3.


Expensive fuel will make bus travelling more expensive

Fees for longer trips within the CR are getting more expensive, and payments are expected to increase more, up to 15 percent. The record-breaking prices of oil logically reflect in prices of transport as a whole. Since the beginning of the year, when most of the forwarding agents increased charges, a litre of oil raised in price of 3 czk.

Expensive oil raises also the price, at which trucks transport companies work. According to their representatives, costs raised at least 10%. Which brings another negative effect – increase of transport prices is directly proportional with increase of prices of goods.

Joe Satriani – Rock Virtuoso in Prague

The concert of the American virtuoso of electrical guitar draws nearer.

Why is Joe Satriani so famous? Not only has he given legendary guitarists like Kirk Hammett of Metallica and Charlie Hunter lessons in mastering the guitar, but he has also released many albums, the latest of which is Strange Beautiful Music.

The man that has toured with Mick Jagger, Deep Purple and launched the legendary G3 movement, showcasing talented players like Eric Johnson and Steve Vai, is stepping up to the plate again and the audience is eagerly listening…

He has not only been a prodigious teacher, but he has also let his craft do the wailing on extreme albums like Surfing With The Alien, Flying in a Blue Dream and The Extremist. Never one to rest on his laurels, “Satch” set on a new journey on his Grammy nominated Engines of Creation, an electronic offering that was markedly different from his rock staples.

Jo Satriani in Prague – a concert on 3rd June 2008 in Arena HC Sparta Prague. Tickets at Ticketpro, 690 – 590,- czk


Eurovision contest: is is about singing?

Russian Dima Bilan, the lucky winner The Eurovision contest 2008 ended according to expectations. For the Czech Republic, and for Russia. The Eurovision contest is no longer a competition of talent, it is a political competition, where the votes of countries go to countries they like, and people from the ex-soviethean countries vote for Russia. This is, of course, not the case of the Czechs, who never vote for Russia. The fact that Kerndlova of the CR will have to go back from singing to a catwalk was quite clear, but what surprises me is the distribution of international solidarity.

Russia won thanks largely to loyal voting from former Soviet republics. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus and Armenia all awarded it the maximum 12 points. Ukraine came second, helped by Russia, which awarded it eight points.

Others, such as the Nordic countries, also stuck together. Denmark was the most loyal, giving eight points to Sweden, 10 to Norway and 12 to Iceland. Iceland repaid the compliment, awarding Denmark 12 points and Norway 10.

Andorra faithfully gave Spain 12 points and Portugal 10. Spain gave eight to Portugal.

The UK picked up only 14 points – eight from Ireland, six from San Marino. The UK gave 12 points to Greece, 10 to Latvia, eight to Turkey – but none to Russia.


Vaclav Klaus loses a trial

The supreme court didn’t support Vaclav Klaus in his opinion about judges.

The whole matter started two years ago – the Czech president nominates judges, and Klaus decided not to nominate about a dozen of new judges, because he “ … feel they are too young”. Meanwhile most of them didn’t comment, and they are judges already, those who dared to oppose and started a lawsuit still can’t work as judges. The only one who continued to resist president’s will is Petr Langer – and the Supreme Court ruled out Klaus cannot base such important matters solely on his feelings.

Czech laws set the minimum age for judges at 25. Even when all the would-be judges were 30+, Klaus simply decided not to nominate them, and repeatedly didn’t want to explain why he doesn’t want to do it in wider context. But according to Supreme Judges, the president is neither above the law, nor outside of its control. Klaus so has to let Petr Langer be a judge, or explain why not properly.


And that's why ... you don't sleep with the first guy you meet in Prague

I work as a Pragensis journalist, which means my writing job is focused mostly on Prague. I have seen many web pages about Prague, but sometimes I stumble across such a pearl, I feel I have to share it.

Last time, When I wrote about a video of German students piling beer bottles in a Prague hotel room, I didn’t have an idea of this one, which I feel obliged to share, because it gave me a really good laugh.

It is a video by, called Romance in Prague and it is really bad ;)


Prague Beer Days this Week Already

Prague is again hosting this typical Czech event, connected to testing thirty kinds of Czech Beer. Quality of the golden drink is going to be traditionally guaranteed by supervisors of breweries present. The areal will once again host up to 10t visitors, who will walk there with glasses of bear, tasting labels they have never even seen.

A part of the festival will be also musical performances of various groups and singers. The artists will be at small stages, as well as on the main stage, which will provide well-known Czech musicians everyday 18 – 20. For example today there will be Bara Basikova, on Wednesday there will be Laura a jeji tygri.

The festival is very good for families, as there are Matejska pout rides nearby. Also, the last day of the festival, 1st June, will be devoted to children. The festival takes place 26th May – 1st June 2008. It is on Prague Vystaviste, alias Prague Exhibition Ground.


Tramways of Prague in North Korea

old prague tram - typical picture will appear in north korea Cars of New York subway go to the bottom of the ocean, where they become a first class fish houses, multiplying numbers of species in the area. Prague Public Transport company doesn’t have such opportunities, so to ecologically liquidate old cars may be a problem. Usually they are sold somewhere to the east, but this time, the tramways made in communist Czechoslovakia go to other communist country – the NK.

The Capital Pchjongjang will soon have twenty Prague tramways. They have paid 26t € per one. Compared to the costs of scraping, which are about 4t € per one, this sees a good deal. The Prague Transport company would like to sell other old tramways, too, as they are being replaced by the new cars Skoda 14 Porshe, together with the very new ForCity, or Skoda 15T.
(By Petr Svec)


Czech Anti-smoking Law – new chapters

The anti-smoking law is one of the hot topics of this years lawmakers’ season. The laws are debated over and over, as they often return back because of their bad law enforceability and uncertainty. Last time, it was the problem of smoking ban at tram and bus stations, which nobody took seriously. The seriousness of passive smoking is the main topic of the another proposal of this year.

There may be of smoking ban in Restaurants, with one exception – when the owner accommodates smokers in a smoking room, which would be air-conditioned separately, with no service in the room, so the smokers would have to go for their drinks by themselves.

The smoking law varies from liberal to very strict rules. The definite final version may take longer than expected; e.g. last month the team came with a hard version, banning smoking almost everywhere, last week, there were ideas to unban smoking at some public places. We will see, which compromise will win.


African Jimmi Hendrix Bassekou Kouyate concert in Prague

The African Jimmi Hendrix plays the ngoni. The ngoni is an ancient traditional lute found throughout West Africa and Kouyate introduces it to Western audiences, making it internationally popular.

Bassekou was born in a village in the remote countryside on the banks of the Niger river. He was raised in a traditional musical environment, his mother a praise singer and his father and brothers exceptional ngoni players.

Taj Mahal describes him as a genius, a living proof that the blues comes from the region of Segu. Bassekou Kouyate is one of Malis best-known Ngoniplayers. He has collaborated with many important traditional musicians of his country as well as international such as Carlos Santana, U2 among many many others.

Bassekou Kouyate approaches music making in a beautifully relaxed manner, letting notes drift out, one ngoni dancing across another, weaving subtle patterns of strings, while male and female voices echo one another and then merge at choruses.

Bassekou Kouyate form Mali, 1st June 2008, in Prague Palac Acropolis, Kubelikova 27


Tom Waits – His First Prague Concert

Tom Waits comes to the Czech Republic for the first time, within his Glitter and Doom tour. The last album the owner of two Grammys published, is a three-volume called Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards.

In the album, each disc has it’s own distinctive feel. Brawlers sports fiery bar-fight songs in which Waits snarls as if he’s about to bite someone’s jugular, Bawlers is a collection of cry-your-eyes-out numbers in which he sounds like he’s going to do just that, and Bastards is an experimental collage of unused, avant-garde pieces where he sounds like he’s having a whole lot of fun. The whole album is solid, but Bawlers is the jewel in the crown, with some of the most beautiful and affecting songs to come out in quite some time. Of course, this is largely due to Waits’ gravelly old barfly voice, which was famously described by Gary Graff as sounding “like it was soaked in a vat of bourbon, left hanging in the smokehouse for a few months and then taken outside and run over with a car.” While it’s certainly not conventional and definitely not pretty, there’s a world-weary charm to be heard in that raspy growl, which makes Tom Waits more than just a singer/songwriter. The pop stars can belt the ballads at the top of their beautifully smooth voices, and in that regard they will always seem alien to us, but Waits seems like he’s singing in a dingy bar just down the street. But his voice doesn’t stand on it’s own; rather it accentuates his evocative, sophisticated lyrics and lovely melodies. Indeed, there’s something quite hypnotic about such a harsh voice singing such pretty songs, and the result is delightful.

His concerts are on 21st and 22nd July in Prague Congress Centre. The prices of tickets will be known on Monday, they will be on sale from 30th May 2008


Eurosong: Czechs Out

kerndlova before the competition The expected development of the evening was that Czech Martina Kerndlova won’t go on to the finals, and such was the conclusion. Those who heard her sing know it – her music might work as a dance background at a small disco, but she is not a real singer. Since the competition is based on life performance, and since Kerndlova is not able to sing the simplest melody clear, the outcome was known before the competition even started.

The thing, her manager and husband probably tries not to think about is that to show large part of one’s body on the stage is not value added, but a standard. To have a short skirt matching with underwear can be kinky, but all the pop singers do it, so nothing special. So we have an average disco song + really bad singing + go go dancing = loss in Eurosong. On the other hand, nobody probably minds, because the Eurosong was full of similar creatures, one like another singing karaoke.

The only one whom I pity is Kerndlova’s father – the famous jazz multi-instrumentalist and an owner of absolute pitch must have suffered hard when listening to her out-of-tune singing. I expect not many other musically educated people went through watching the contest – averages in music and style was the leitmotif or the evening, and most of contestants showed no talent and/or innovation.


Serbia calls its embassador off Prague

Serbia decided to call their embassador back as a protest against recent recognition of Kosovo by the Czech government. The embassador Vladimir Veres announced he will leave on Sunday.

The Czech side have expressed a wish he would come back after consultations. The Czech foreign ministry speaker Zuzana Opletalova stated they are not planning to recall the Czech embassador from Serbia.

Serbia have called back their embassadors from all the countries, that have accepted Kosovo, the Czech government have decided to accept Kosovo during this wednesday meeting. There were dissaproving reactions from the opposite side immediately.


Kosovo recognised by the Czech Republic

A quarter a year ago, Kosovo announced independence on Serbia, the new European state was finally recognised by the Czech government. The cabinet of Mirek Topolanek decided, the CR will establish diplomatic connections, so we may see Czech embassy in Pristina quite soon.

Against the recognition anyway voted the KDU-CSL, who joined sceptics of this step, who are afraid of worsening of the situation between the Czech Republic and Serbia.

The foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg, who brought the proposal to the parliament, says the Czech Republic has no other choice than to recognise Kosovo. “The development was so, the Kosovo is a free state now. We have to take it as a fact and accept the reality as it is. Especially when we have 500 of our people there.”


Case of Prague Traffic Lights: Art Prize Abroad, Penalty in CR

The the beginning of this bizarre story is almost fifty Prague traffic lights – semaphores for pedestrians. They all have those common figures on, one red, one green. An artist with pseudonym Tyc decided that they are boring and that something must be done. He went to the factory where the semaphores are made, bought the original normalized glasses, and got to work. Suddenly, one day morning the figures were drinking, walking their dogs, peeing or simply sitting.

This wasn’t the first time Tyc changed reality; he is a member of Ztohoven Art Group, who also broadcasted a fictive nuclear bomb explosion on the national television. Not only Prague people liked it – it got the audience at the prestigious Vienna festival sidewalk CINEMA, and they awarded his project by the Audience Award.

Although the public evaluated his acts positively, he wasn’t so excepted by officers. They sued him for compensation of the expenses needed for putting of the traffic lights to the original state, which cost 82t czk, and they won the trial yesterday.


Bible of Racism among Czech Bestsellers

The book Turner Diaries, depicting a war against all other races than the white one, the book reasonably considered to be the Bible of the Neo-nazi, sells very well. After a few weeks, it got among bestsellers. However, according to booksellers it is bought by curious fellows first, by extremists second.

The Police investigates, how dangerous are the thoughts written there, if they find it a racist book, it may get to a ban. Similar situation was a few years ago with Mein Kampf publishing, it finished by end of the book sale.

The book was published in five thousand copies, more than a half was already sold. The publishing house Kosmas defends, the effect of this book can give a warning. “…it is worth reading despite of its monstrosity” The person who came with the original idea, Lukas Jirotka, plans to publish a second book – this time about Apartheid in Southern Africa.


Kerndlova fights for the finals of Eurovision

The crucial three minutes on the stage of Belgrade arena awaits Tereza Kerndlova, the Czech representative in the international Eurovision Song Contest. At 9 pm at the capital city of Serbia the second semifinal round starts of the 53rs volume; in the Czech Republic, CT1 television is going to broadcast it live. If Kerndlova will succeed, she moves on to the Saturday finals. The first semi-finals took place on Thursday. The future fate of Kerndlova in the competition will be decided by TV viewers of the whole Europe – voting starts at the last 15 minutes of the live broadcast.

Kerndlova’s number, where you can cast your votes is 906 09 09 for sms, it is possible to call, at number 906 09 50 22, both the sms and phone call cost 9 czk. Kerndlova’s greatest rivals are Ani Lorak from Ukraine and Charlotte Perelli from Sweden. She is expected to score high, as she won Eurovision in 1999 already.


In the Czech Republic, diesel oil is more expensive than gasoline

A litre of sold diesel oil at Czech petrol stations has beaten all the records. The price has got as high as 34,03 (1,3 €) czk /l in average. Meantime, a litre of the most sold Natural 95 gasoline sells for 32,14 czk (1,24 €).

The fears of analytics, that the prices of fuel will rise into astral heights so became true. This fierce mark up is caused mainly by non-stop growing prices of oil at world markets. A barrel of American oil costs more than 135 dollars on Thursday.

The question remains – how it is possible diesel costs more than gasoline? Because there is higher demand.


Vaclav Havel Play Odchazeni Premiere Tomorrow

The most expected theatre event is here. Tomorrow, the premiere of Vaclav Havel’s play Odchazeni (Leaving) in Prague theatre Divadlo Archa takes place. The directing job was done by David Radok, which is one of ours best directors.

Havel himself thinks, “… The play will be more a social event, than a scrape or a blast, which may have happened as well. Because it is quite strange. I was worried, how the audience will accept the play. It is a very pedant and specific play, which was also going along with problems from the very beginning. The way to the premiere was probably more tiring for me than the writing itself.” (He stated for Lidove Noviny)

The set was made in complicated financial situation, and if it wasn’t for gifts of private sponsors, it would have never been carried out, commented the director of Divadlo Archa yesterday. The choice of actors was, according to him, a miracle, it changed all the time, some roles were not taken until the first rehearsal took place. The way to what is now in Archa, was incredible and absurd.


Klaus: Don't pretend the Olympics will be profitable

The Czech Republic won’t gain profit on possible Olympic games organizing. The president Vaclav Klaus repeated again his opinion about Olympics: “I am a lifelong sportsman, but I watch preparation for Olympics with dilemma.” He stated in Hradec Kralove debate. He continued, that figures speaking of the Czech Republic possible profits of tens or hundreds of millions czk provoke him. “We definitely won’t profit from the Olympics, on the contrary, we will have to pay a lot of money.” According to him, the real costs should be mentioned.

His word probably weren’t very pleasant for the Prague mayor Bem, who is in the same political party, but at the same time a big propagator of the Games in the capital, an he always says the Olympic Games can be a profitable event. Whether or not Prague will get the chance to organize the Olympics in 2016 will be decided on the beginning of June.


Tourism of the first quarter of the year – quite good, actually

Thanks to mild winter with at least some snow on the mountains, the first quarter of 2008 brought more than 10% tourists than the last year. Accommodation facilities hosted over 2,6 million tourists. Snowing attracted outdoor tourists, no drastic frosts attracted urban tourists. The other factor contributing was the fact this years’ Easter were in March already.

According to statistics, the number of tourists, who use better accommodation facilities. The highest increase of guests – 16,3% noted 3-star hotels. Those 5-star and 4-star hotels didn’t get left behind, as they were used by 15,3 and 12,8% percent more than in the last year.


Eurovision Song Contest Started

czech martina kerndlova has a pretty body, her singing is not so great The 53rd year Eurovision Song Contest in Serbia started yesterday. 43 contestants of various European countries is a very high number, so this year there will be two semi-final evenings for the first time.

The newcomers are Azerbaijan and San Marino. Every evening, there will be 19th participants, from which 10 will go to the finals. The sms messages will be the voting device, the rule, that fans cannot vote for the country they are from stays the same.

Ireland surprised by taking the show light-heartily and sending a children-show puppet of Dustin the Turkey. The other joke-contestants are for example the Spanish, who have a TV comedian, acting like a singer with a plastic guitar on his neck. And in my opinion – if anyone heard Martina Kerndlova to sing, the one must agree her singing is bad karaoke. The main weapon she has is her sex-appeal, which might not be enough even to get to the finals.


Czech Anti-smoking law too strong, proposals of softening

smokers may hope for re-establishment of smoking trains Economic commission of the Czech House of the Parliament is now solving the proposal of the anti-smoking law. But the proposals, collected nowadays, would paradoxically mean less strict rules, compared to nowadays. “If the proposals, that were heard in the committee, would be voted for, the norm should be rather called the smoking protection law.” Boris Stastny from ODS stated.

One of the points is, at the tram and bus stops, the ban would be lifted for the outside of shelters (now it is forbidden to smoke at stops as a whole). Another ideas bring into consideration obligatory smoking vogons in trains, which would mean they would have their little comeback.

The Parliament returns the anti-smoking law back to discussion because of its bad law enforceability and uncertainty.


Czechs and Eurosong 08 - it all starts this week

“Maybe getting naked would help.“ Such were the words of Kabat’s frontman Vojtek, when they gained the last place possible last years’ season of Eurovision Song Contest. The truth is, the competition is still somewhat doubted if it reflects music reality, sometimes the countries send very obscure performances. This years opponents for the Czech songress Tereza Kerndlova are for example Pirates of The Sea from Latvia. Whom I personally expect to end up as Kabat last year.

What are the weapons of Kerndlova? Clean voice, dancing, and the main weapon: sex appeal. The Czech Republic may get quite far with the well-known truth that sex sells, but we will see. She is not the most famous nor the most quality songress we have had, but at least she looks hot and like a model. The 22-yo daughter of jazz and swing singer Ladislav Kerndl won this year national finals. She didn’t get naked, though, but at least she had a huge fan under her feet, so at least she showed something. The first round is this Thursday.


Odchazeni: the new play by Vaclav Havel premiere soon

The long expected premiere of Havel’s play Odchazeni comes nearer. Even when there are always some new peripetia, three premiere performances takes place in Archa Theatre from 22th to 24th May, The owner of the theatre Ondrej Hrab announced.

The most discussed recent news connected to Odchazeni was that Vaclav Havel’s wife, actress Dagmar Havlova decided not to participate on the play, even when she already went through the script at half of the rehearsals. She denies that her leave from the theatre would have any other than health reasons.

Hrab underlines she participated very actively: “David Radok is a very demanding director and rehearsing was so intensive, the health state of Dagmar Havlova disallow her to continue. But I have to add, that her attitude, before she announced she has to stop, was very professional.”


Critics lambast Prague Fashion TV Advertisement

dinner on bridge? in the ad ok, in reality unworkable The new advertisement has been off in the air for about a week, and there are hardly any positive critics, if any at all. The ad lasts thirty seconds, it cost 8 and a half million czk and it should attract solvent western clients. Prague was depicted as the place where are beautiful blonde women, historical sights and luxurious restaurants.

Petr Dudek wrote for MF Dnes that the advertisement just piles one cliche on another. The typical sign of advertisements trying to attract tourists is to show sexy women, surrounded by alcohol “But you can drink champagne in the middle of a desert, and you can find a blonde everywhere, on Mount Everest if you transport her there.” According to him, Prague is more than this, there is architecture, history, and also some recent developments.

The other frequently criticised part of the ad is the music. To choose A Little Night Music by Mozart for a clip about Prague is really an unfortunate decision, as we have our own composers, known worldwide – Bedrich Smetana and Antonin Dvorak, for instance. And a cherry on the cake – the initiator of the ad was Milan Richter, Prague councilman, and guess who is his girlfriend? Tatana Kucharova, one of the models who acts in the ad.


Jezek to Bem: Solve the Blob matter Already

The director of the National library Vlastimil Jezek appealed on the Prague Mayor, Pavel Bem, Prague should finally sell the grounds, on which the Blob was supposed to stand, on Prague Letna. Jezek refers to two years old decree of the deputies, where Prague pledges to sell acres worth 31,5 milion czk to the Library. However, it is all conditioned the Library will submit building licence.

Due to continuing and increasing obstructions, that are put to the way of the Blob, the Library cannot gain the licence, and Jezek appeals for prolonging of the deadline to 2011. “Time is our enemy” he reasons the appeal; “Without new spaces, the library is going to collapse after 2015.”

What will happen is still obscure. The contest was, according to various institution regular. According to Jezek, there are no factual problems, the only obstacles are some influential politicians, trying to prevent the new library from being build. Source:


Ladislav Zivr – One of the most remarkable Czech cultures of the 20th century

He got to the history of modern art especially by being the only potter in the famous Group 42. He was heavily influenced by the art of Otto Gurfeund and from the beginning of the 1930’s he created typically shaped cubist sculptures. The portrait production represents a continuous line from the early to late works – the most significant exhibits are present at the exhibition.

Ladislav Zívr / 1909–1980 Letohrádek královny Anny or Belvedere, Royal or Queen Anne’s Summer Palace at the Prague Castle. The exhibition starts 4th may and continues until 19th August. Tickets: 100 czk.


Josh Wink - the DJ legend in Prague

The DJ legend – Josh Wink comes to Prague! Wink became one of the first DJ-producers to translate his hard work into mainstream success, when he unleashed a string of classics, including “Don’t Laugh“¸ “I’m Ready” and “Higher State of Consciousness” that topped charts worldwide.

On his 1998 album “Here hear” Wink pushed boundaries even further to contribute to a far-reaching disc that ran the gamut of electronic music styles, from ambient and trip-hop to drum n bass, as well as the trademark mix of house and techno on which Wink has built his international reputation.

Over the past year Josh has released another two dance floor anthems, “How’s Your Evening So Far” and most recently “Superfreak”, meanwhile, Josh continues to tour the globe, keeping close to his rave culture roots, spinning at clubs, parties and festivals in every continent, and putting smiles on faces wherever he goes.

You don’t want to miss this party! Friday 20th June 2008, in Prague Club Mecca, the unique concert of Josh Wink!


Starbucks Fights for Copyrights in Czech Republic

Starbacks opened its first café in Prague in June 2008, and they already have to sue a Czech company for the second time. The dispute raised over the use of Starbucks logo. Attack Media was allowed by Czech authorities to register the Starbucks Hand Crafted Collection trademark.

Attack Media originally intended wide use of the brand name, however the Industrial Property Office disapproved of any other uses than horse-riding and smoking equipment. This didn’t change matters for Starbucks – the approval of the trademark for lighters or cigar tips is harmful to the good name of the company, its deputies said.

The company promotes healthy lifestyle, sponsors an environment protection programme and takes part in other charitable events. That means, to link tobacco products and Starbucks name is unacceptable. The supreme court of administration has ruled in favour of Starbucks and ordered the municipal court in Prague to reopen the dispute. The Czech Republic is the first country in central Europe in which Starbucks has opened its cafés.


Terezin Memorial Meeting influenced by 'Bronze Names Theft'

About one thousands visitors have gathered at the National cemetery at Terezin, to commemorate all the victims, who went through Terezin ghetto and the local Gestapo prison. Terezin memorial meeting took place for the 61th time. This year was different, though; at many graves, there are those small bronze plates with names on missing.

The sculpturer and restorer Oldrich Hejtamnek makes new plates for free. The employees of Terezin memorial have glued the first new 115 tags from resin. Compared to the traditional bronze ones they shouldn’t attract metal thieves. The whole memorial should be in good order probably after as much as summer vacations.


Slavia celebrates title after 12 years of waiting

slavia fotbal logo The season of dreams of Slavia Praha ended on Saturday. Something like this wasn’t possible to see for 12 years. Until Saturday evening, when 20 thousand people rushed out from the full Slavia Stadium Eden to the streets. Slavia won the football league for the fifth time in the history.

Slavia must feel like dreaming – they played in the Masters Football League for the first time, they built their superb new stadium, and they also gained the trophy for the best team.

30th round confirmed, what a crazy year it was for football. Slavia was in the lead of the most of the season, but they didn’t keep up their pace. They ended in April. Sparta immediately took the lead, but they collapsed as well, as they gained only one point in four matches.

Slavia didn’t win either, but the draw 2:2 was enough the players could celebrate their first title at the new stadium.

The Czech Republic in Danger of Floods

The Czech Republic is going to be hit by extreme rainfalls in comming days. According to meteorologists, some regions should prepare to high degree of flood. The strongest rainfalls are expected in the Jeseniky region. In Olomouc and Moravskoslezky regions the Czech hydro-meteorological office have already announced flood thread.

The rivers that could overflow the banks are especially those at Ceskomoravska vrchovina. At some locations, 100 mm of rain would be possible to fall.

In Vysocina, meteorologists warned of flood possibility as well, in Pradubice and Kralovohradecky region there is flood alert. Nowadays storms can be accompanied by hails. So, to sum it up – watch the weather news, avoid activities connected to watercourses, drive slowly in storms.


Prague Baroque Jewel to Open for People

Today, the first time in the history, Velka Fürstenberska Zahrada (The Great Fürstenberg Garden) will be opened to the general public.

Palace gardens, situated on the slopes under the Prague Castle towards Mala Strana (Lesser Quarter) will grow of more territories. To the complex of Five Castle Gardens (all belong to the state), will accede Velka Fürstenberska Zahrada, which extensive reconstruction finished by the Capital City of Prague. The plan is to connect all the Castle gardens together, so tourists and Prague citizens could go freely from one to another.

To revive and repair the garden took about a year and a half. During that time the sightseeing pavilion was repaired, planned to become a social facility and a restaurant. Gardeners planted a few thousand flowers, trees and over two thousands roses. The entrance to the garden is from its higher part, from the Old Castle stairs.

The complete info on Velka Fürstenberska Zahrada here


Albrecht von Wallenstein Exhibition Awarded

The never-ending processions were standing in the first May days in front of the gate to Valdstejnska Jizdarna of the Prague Castle. Even when the exhibition was prolonged. It was so awarded by the public, and than the exhibition about the famous leader of Thirty-years war was also awarded by museum experts themselves – it gained the special prize of the International Committee of museums ICOM, the prestigious competition musaealis, given by the Association of museum and galleries, together with the ministry of culture of the CR.

The preparations took 20 months, before the exhibition was ready. Curators of a few institutions – The military historic institute, National museum and Czech Senate. They managed to put together a unique set of one thousand two hundred items, connected to famous Valdstein. During the three months it welcomed 150 000 visitors.


The Bible of Neo-Nazi published in the CR

Another rather extreme book published. After Hitler’s Main Kampf, published in 2000, an another title connected to Nazism and Racism. The Book Turner Diaries was written by a Neo-nazi William Luther Piece.

The Czech Republic is probably the only country, selling Turner Diaries. The book was officially published in the United States only, it is forbidden to even have a copy in Germany. The novel fiction describes a riot, after which the white race takes over the USA government, and than the world. According to the polimetrician Zdenek Zboril, the book is based on strong white racism and anti-semitism, with huge admiration for Nazism. The most dangerous is that it targets the system as a whole.

Turner Diaries was published by the Kontingent Press company, which opened, according to its deputy, just because they wanted to publish the book. He denies, though, he would like to propagate neo-nazism. Quite on the contrary, he states he wants to alert the society to dangers, coming from radicals. William Luther Pierce founded the main Nazi organization National Alliance in the USA in 1974, and led it until his death in 2002.


The Blob Library has many foundation stones already.

It resembles the times of ‘the Czech National Renaissance’; at the corridors of Prague Klementinum, the present seat of the National Library, are foundation stones everywhere. This time, though, they are not intended for the National Theatre, but for the Blob library building.

Another stone arrived a few days ago – it was given to the Library by the Czech Esperanto society, and it has a sign in Czech and Esperanto as well. A stone from Rip or from Blanik hill is not missing. But there are also unusual stones coming; a basket of eggs (a reminder eggs were used for building of the Charles Bridge) there are also Stoneage fling or a unique Baroque brick, coming from Berlin print work.

The first stones came to the library in 2006, and they have been coming ever since. Klementinum will so soon have to solve the problem, where to put them, as they already have problems with space. They need Blob especially because lack of space. Source: MF Dnes


Toll in Prague inevitable, Probably to start in 2009

The report of Deloitte company expects the toll could be established starting December of the next year. From the analysis it is also clear the most useful system is the camera one, and that toll will be applied, in the first phase, at 8,5 square kilometre.

Toll should be, according to Deloitte, collected approximately from Smichov to the expressway, it should than be extended to other areas, too. In 2012, the drivers could pay in area of 50 square kilometers. The company has also worked out a harmonogram of dispositions, the pilot program would be initiated in the last month of the next year.

The camera system is, compared to the microwave or satellite one, much cheaper and effective. Plus the pictures can be also used for recovery of a sum. The locals should pay nothing, or very little.

The New Slavia Stadium Eden Opened

The new era of Slavia Prague at the new stadium in Eden started. Their fans have entered the world of luxury and comfort. For this, the opening of the new Slavia stadium is one of the biggest events of this year.

The Stadium grown up in 19 months, the costs were reputedly 40 mil €. The luxury, which was until now provided only for hockey fans in O2 Arena, is finally possible for football fans too.

If the fans of Slavia spend last years going to impersonal Strahov, this is a similar change like to change a Skoda Favorit from 1990 for a shiny limousine. The Slavia stadium of ‘English’ style is unique in the CR by its philosophy. Openness and Friendliness.

Prague of Many Faces – Photographs exhibition at Prague Castle

Retrospective of photographer Jiri Vsetecka introduces Prague in its various forms. Dreamy corners of Prague, romantic city shades, people and their life, but also positive moments of our metropolis are the main theme of the large-scale photographs of Jiri Vsetecka. The Exhibition called Prazsky ChodecPrague Walker is Placed in Terezian Wing of the Old Royal Palace of the Prague Castle

Jiri Vsetecka is one of the most famous Prague photographers, now having his 70th birthday celebrates, balances his walks with an objective. His walks started in 1958. The beauty of his pictures lies in the unusual atmosphere, which gives to the photographed places some kind of sleepy, dreamy atmosphere.

The photographer himself admits, he likes Prague the most, when the day turns in the night, when the city is in the special light.. Bridges, houses and persons are surrounded by a dreamy mist, which emphasizes its charm and also softens stone contours.

The exhibition lasts until 31st August 2008. If you go to Prague for just a weekend, this is exactly the kind of exhibition you shouldn’t miss.


Jizni Mesto of Prague Street Art Festival

The Death with the Devil, five metres tall, will walk the streets of Prague Jizni Mesto this Friday and Saturday. The giant puppet parade, called Echt Street Puppets will be a part of the Street for Art festival, which live 16th and 17th May whole buildings, areas and athmosphere of the biggest neighbourhood in the Republic.

What will be presented? “Stret art, from parades through screening movies on wall of houses to illegal grafitti.” The organizer Jiri Sulzenko stated. The festival will have theatre performances and various workshops of things like juggling or beatbox.

Prague Street Art Festival NOT in the centre: Jizni Mesto, 16th May – 17th May


Czechs being checked a little too much for Schengen Space in Germany

More and more Czech citizens complain, the police checks by the Czech-German border, which should be random, aren’t random at all. When the Czech Republic entered the Schengen Space, borders were officially abandoned. But now, there are reported quite numerous routine check a few kilometres inland Germany, focused on cars with the Czech sign. The Germans explain it they want to stop criminality from rising.

The increased frequency of checks are regarded useless by the Minster of Interior Ivan Langer, who wants to solve the problem. But the alleged discrimination of Czech Citizens has been already reacted to by the Czech Foreign Ministry. They sent some particular complaints and wait for the answer.


Radar will be traded for prior protection of CR

The radar base treaty gives the country greater safety policy compared to the other EU states. This could be read in the Prague-Washington agreement. The USA will protect the CR in preference, if it will be threatened by an attack, that is written in the very introductory article of the contract that waits for approval.

According to the ministry of foreign affairs the radar agreement could become another pillar, on which the safety of the country stands on. The most important is, of course, our NATO membership. “We can gain better safety, than most of the other European countries.” Smigolova stated.

Similar safety guarantees has in Europe only Denmark and Britain. Prague would have the possibility of programming the anti-rocket defense from the US radar, so the Czech Republic will be always defended by the anti-missiles. Whether or not the contract will be signed in this form is still being negotiated.

Source: MF


Software piracy still popular in CR

The numbers of illegal software in domestic computers stopped increasing, the part of pirated software in Czech computer is about 39 percent, which is 4 percents more than the EU average. The newest Business Software Alliance and IDC report also discovered, the European average of pirated software fall down by 1%.

Czech branch of software dealers losses are approximately 2,9 bil czk, which is of 253 mil more than in the past year. The most illegally spread software is Windows with popular office software packs, than games, anti-viruses and graphical programs.

The most legal software is used in Luxemburg, 21%. The country with highest piracy is Romania and Bulgaria – 68%, Poland has 57%.


United Islands of Prague

United Islands of Prague is the city festival, gaining popularity every year, becoming an important cultural event of the Metropolis. During those three days, you have the unique chance to celebrate with us – to welcome summer in, celebrate the end of the schooolyear, and especially paricipy at the music feast in the historical centre of Prague.

The festival tradidionally takes place on the islands, Janackovo Nabrezi and in various clubs of Prague. The Ceremonial initation and the afterparty takes place on Smichov and in the centre of contemporary art, Meet Factory. Most of the festival will, of course, take place on Prague islands. The event is: Entry Free.

To participate have promised Spanish project La Shica with the singress and rapper Elsa Rovayo, the rising star of the world music. Jazz stage at Kampa will host No Jazz from France. Also, there will be the Hungarian Quimby, which sells out the biggest clubs with their alternative rock music. Of course, the Blues magicians J.J. Band cannot miss this event.

United Islands of Prague 19th – 21st June 2008


Gucci finally opens in Prague

In the context of opening of the retrospective exhibition of Czech 60’s design, which ended because of the USSR occupation in 1968, opening of the first Czech Gucci store symbolically demonstrates the good times are back – the sole presence of a Gucci store in a country reflects there is enough richness in the nation, to support the most demanding, luxurious and quality mode of the world.

Gucci, Channel, Armani, Prada. All these have now a shop in Prague. One shirt 5t czk, a blouse for 13t czk or tops wort 20t+ czk. But the boss of Gucci, Mark Lee doesn’t have doubts there are people living in the Czech Republic willing to spend 10t+ czk on one bag. He even says there were numerous Czechs shopping in shops abroad. If you want to go for your Gucci, the shop is in the Prague Boutique Boulevard: Parizska ulice.

Bruselsky Sen – Dream of Brussels Exhibition

The colors were all yellow, purple and blue, architecture was dynamic, shapes round, pictures of irregular geometrical shapes and shapes of Sputniks and rockets. Such was the Brussels style, the phenomena of the first half of the 60s of the past century. It influenced arts, industry, fashion and lifestyle in the former Czechoslovakia, and it inspires on.

Starting today, the new exhibition in Prague reveals a huge retrospective exhibition Bruselsky sen / Dream of Brussels in the Prague City Gallery of the Municipal Library.

The organizers managed to gather over 600 exhibits from Czech and Moravian museums and personal collections. The Exhibitions demonstrates, what have under the influence of phenomenal success started to change in a wave of interest for a new, modern lifestyle, furniture, arts and culture. Various critics are praising the exhibition, it is definitely worth seeing.

Source: kla, LN


Mecca presents Phatzoo

In Music and DJ Bon Finix have put together another special edition of Musica. The nationalities represented will be : one representative of the Swedish dance scene, a guest from Slovakia and, of course, our Cypriot resident Bon Finix. The headliner of the third edition of Musica will be DJ and producer Phatzoo. Stefan Engblom, the man behind the Phatzoo guise and one-half of Dada Life and his project “Phasio” and the album “Just One More Day”, with three singles climbing the Swedish Top 10 at the same time.

Stefan started the group Dada Life together with his buddy Dibaba. With their motto “Big tunes, no frills” they have taken the dance floors by storm. Their tunes are supported by Eric Prydz, David Guetta, Marco V, Mylo and others. Apart from the big success and the constant touring with Dada Life, Stefan also finds time to work on his new solo project Phatzoo. His tracks get released on Marco V’s imprint In Charge and are hammered by every top DJ out there. Phatzoo will present his production in the Czech Republic for the very first time at the Musica party. Musica’s second guest, Eddie Sender, hails from neighbouring Slovakia.

Entry: 350 czk, start 22:00, Fri 27/06 Mecca presents Phatzoo, Prague Club Mecca


Judges against parental physical punishments ban

The union of judges said no to the proposal of Dzamila Stehlikova to ban physical punishment. Such a law would be unnecessary and interfere with privacy.

“Instead of proposals of banning slaps of a child’s hand or other part of body we should focus more on using of present possibilities” the head of Judges Union Jirsa stated.

The Psychologist Petr Smolka points out, the possible ban would take one important eduction means away from the parents. “I have heard there wouldn’t have to be any sanctions in the law though, but then it doesn’t make sense. I can even imagine a situation. When an adolescent would threaten his parents he would inform against them at the social service, if they didn’t let him to a disco.”

Based on


Dancehall Queen CZ Contest

The evening programme of the show is to find the Queen of dancehall! For the heat-up there are prepared Dub in Da Trip starting 19.00, the contest starts 20.30, you can look forward to Selectrors and Swamp Safari Sound System.

This years dancing competition takes the form of an all-night party. The speciality is any dancer girl can compete in the dancehall rhythm, and to show which rhythm they have inside. Of course there will be professionals too, the information you want can be found at

The Event takes place on Friday 16th May 2008 in Rock Café, Narodni 20, Prague 1


Chelsea to give Cech new salary: 112t € a week

The agent of the famous Czech goalkeeper Petr Cech wanted to start negotiations about the new contract, the club came first with the offer. It now seems Petr Cech will enter ‘the best paid football goalkeepers of the world’ club. Chelsea plans to negotiate in summer, but the news of how much the club will be willing to spend show up already.

According to the Evening Standard Czech will be offered, whether he agrees with sale increase to 90t pounds (2,8 mil czk) a week. The Czech football representative has a contract until 2010, but now he is going to negotiate new conditions of the contract. Chelsea is so prepared to increase Cech’s salary of about 20.000 pounds a week.


The Marionette Festival Prague

The Marionette Festival presents puppet theatres from tents of countries. The 20th annual year of the festival is organized under the lead and patronage of the city of Prague and the city part of Prague 1. The International Institute of Marionette of Art Mgr. Todor Ristic, President of Festival

hurvinek - probably the most famous czech puppet Among more than three tens of puppet companies, there will be puppeteers from Thailand, China, the Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil and Iran. Many of their representative institutions have provided patronage for the project.

The performances will be initiated in the Mestska Knihovna (City Library) by a puppet show from Bangkok, also supplemented by screenings of puppet films (from the Czech Republic it will be Jiri Trnka fairy-tales.

The performances (up to seven a day) will be taking place in Kinsky Palace on the Old Town Square, where the institute resides, and also in Divadelko Karlova 44.

Shorter pieces will be possible to see directly on the Old Town Square.


Buddhist Temple to grow in Prague

Small, hidden it a small villa in the North of the country, in Varnsdorf, there lies the first Buddhist temple in the Czech Republic. There are plans to build a new one in Prague, which hosts a numerous Vietnamese community, who would pay for their house of workship.

Vietnamese community will have its religious center in Prague. Where exactly it will be, is still held a secret.

According to the report of MFDnes, those professing Buddhism recruit from Czech lines increasingly more often, right now it is the sixth most expanded religion in the Czech Republic. Why would Czechs practice Buddhism? There are benefits, regardless of a nation – through honestly practicing meditation, one can achieve calmness, patience, sensitivity, clear critical realization of oneself.

Prague Spring Starts

Prague Spring (Czech: Mezinárodní hudební festival Pražké jaro) is a significant music event held under the patronage of the President of the Czech Republic and in association with the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. Outstanding artists, symphony orchestras and chamber music ensembles has been performing at Prague Spring since 1946.

The international music festival Prague Spring introduces five prestigious international symphonic orchestras, as well as front Czech orchestras. Among the greatest ones of this season are the Petersburg philharmony, Symphonic orchestra of the BBC and the Budapest festival orchestra, whose tickets have been sold out for weeks.

The first ensemble from abroad to play is the oldest British symphonic orchestra – Halle Orchestra from Manchester, celebrating their 150th year of existence. The Smetana’s Hall as the main venue will hear not just Dvorak’s Scherzo capricciosa, there will be British music as well – e.g. Edward Elgar’s Symphony no. 1.


Marijuana supporters demonstrated for legalization in Prague

A few hundreds participated on the parade in the Streets of Prague on the demonstration for support of legalization, or at least decriminalisation of marijuana in the Czech Republic.

The Favorite event, that grows bigger every year it takes place, was so upgraded to a ‘real’ demonstration. In the past years it was a matter of a music festival only. The demonstrants were carrying banners like ‘It smells nice’ or ‘legalize now’.

The parade went from Prague centre to Parukarka at Zizkov, following a sound-system van, growing in numbers. Groups like Apple Juice, Gang ala Basta, Unity and Prague Ska Conspiracy and many DJs than played for a few thousand people there.

This year was the 11th volume, within the world event Global Marijuana March, which took place in 239 cities of the world. The situation with marijuana in the liberal Czech Republic could be defined like that: ‘don’t sell to kids, don’t count your ganja in kilos, and you should be fine’. But it is still illegal, and the users are afraid of law abuse.

Kylie Minogue in Prague 2 Night

The famous Australian songstress and the sex-idol of the 90’s – Kylie Minogue will perform today in O2 Arena, starting 21:00. As there were added seats, there are three kinds of ticket available: standing for 1300czk, standing by the stage: 1800, sitting firstt category: 2000, sitting second category: 1600, sitting third category: 1300 czk. Tickets sold also online

She brings a spectacular show with lights, lasers, mists, gushers and confetti. Kylie also promises the music will be more electro-style than usual. She brings a spectacular show with lights, lasers, mists, gushers and confetti. Kylie also promises the music will be more electro-style than usual. Kylie Minogue arrived to Prague on the night from 10 to 11 May, and will stay in Prague until 14th. The singer’s planned stay is quite lengthy, and also, the concert starts at 21:00, but her concerts in other European cities start at eight.


Five Thousand Contestants Participe Prague Marathon

At more than sixty places in the metropolis, the traffic needed to be stopped, because of the 14th annual year of Prague International Marathon. There were five thousands participants of the Marathon run and related events.

In various, also joke competitions the people could obtain tickets to Skybar, hanging from one crane. From there, they could watch the races, for example the in-line, 6,5 or 3 km race. There was also a small Brazilian carnival with samba and dancers.

Some contestants didn’t prepare for such a hot day, some needed to be taken care of by the prepared medical teams. In the emergency truck at the Old Town Square they welcomed 26 of them, dehydrated and exhausted.


Selectro Battle Edition Round 3 Electro Beats in Prague

battling djs Selectro “Battle Edition: Round 3” – After the success of the first two Selectro tournaments, we’re ready for the challenge of Round 3. Be prepared for yet another fierce match-down. Tonight the main stage will host six DJs fighting it out in three rounds. With the opening bell, a back-to-back set featuring two young talented DJs Mark Airman a Mata C known as the Matamar project will get underway.

Stepping into the ring for the second duel will be both SElectro resident DJs Bon Finix and ScarCoke. The fierceful electro blows these two will be exchanging are not a sight for the faint hearted. The final match will involve two fighters from Brno, who are currently performing across the Czech Republic during the Creamfileds Central Europe warm-up tour. In the right corner Louis Elio against Shala in the left corner.

Expect an exciting event from beginning till end. Let’s just hope for a clean fight. If you feel the need to get away from the action, stop by the lounge. DJ Lazyphunk will take care of you. He won’t provide you with a towel and a bucket, but you are guaranteed a feast of some of the best “happy house” tunes. 3, 2, 1 – fight!

Sat 07/06, Entry: 190 czk, Start 22:00, Club Mecca, Prague, U Pruhonu street 3


Irglova with Hansard in June in Prague

Prague will host the Oscar duo Marketa Irglova and Glen Hansard for the first time since the February Oscar awards. Czech songress will perform with her Irish partner 8th June in the Archa theatre.

Irglova and Hansard have chosen Irish musicians from Hansard’s music group to accompany them at their concert. During the evening there should also be heard songs from the older album Swell Season, not just the well-known soundtrack to the film Once. Irish Liam Ó Maonlaí will play before them.

At the present moment, these two are touring the USA, their concerts are usually sold out. Than they move to Europe. They will play for the Germans, Spanish or British. In the half of June, they are coming back to the states, just before the holidays, they want to perform at British Glastonbury Festival.


Czech business not happy with Slovak Euro adoption

Meanwhile businessmen in Slovakia celebrate, Czech exporters expect losses because of strong crown to Euro exchange rates. Slovaks can pay in Euro from the next year on. European commission and European central bank didn’t put Slovaks down and gave the green light for Euro adoption. But meanwhile traders are happy, ¾ of Slovaks do not like it very much.

Strengthening of Czech Crown makes troubles for Czech exporters already; Slovakia is the second country we export the most, just behind Germany. Especially automobile factories fear losses of profits. Skoda cars worth 1,8 bil. Czk were exported last year only. The relations manager of Skoda Auto says “every time czk strengthens of 1 czk to Euro, we lose one billion.


To go by train will be more expensive in the CR since 2009

According to the speaker of the Czech Railways (CD) the reason for ticket price increase are ever increasing price of electricity and especially of oil. The prices willl be levelled up at the end of the year 2008.

Those who will be affected the most are those who use kilometric banks. The little book containing coupons for 2000 km rises its price every year, now the price of 1 kilometre rises to almost 1czk. Anyway the prices of regular tickets will be increased, too: I.e. the ticket which ables to use all the train connections will cost 440 czk, 50 czk more than now.

A number of various advantageous tarifs wil be simply abandoned. The CD speaker Kabala commented on it, that such a growth wasn’t possible to expect, as the last week the oil went to unrecorded 32,30 czk/l. The machines that don’t run on electricity run on oil.

Topolanek's unexpected visit to Afghanistan

The Czech Prime minister went on the mission, so common for the American President George Bush; to show up unexpected at a military base somewhere at the middle east, and to express deep concerns with his troops.

Topolanek decided to set up for his trip because of events of the last week, when an improvised explosive device killed one Czech solider and left others wounded. The Prime minister’s first stop was at the field hospital and chemical unit ISAF, which works in 4th contingent of Czech and Slovak army at the airport in Kabul. Than he moved to Logar province on the American base Shank, the home of Provincial reconstruction team of the Czech Republic.

There are approx. 100 soldiers of the Czech Army in Kabul, about 200 are in Logar.

Dinosaur Jr. + Awesome Color in Prague Acropolis

Dinosaur Jr. myth exploded in a hail of flaming toads in the spring of 1989, when the band’s original trio line-up burst like a ripe sac of pus.

At its best, the trio’s music (its guts) was like a version of the Stooges that didn’t have Iggy – just one of the Ashetons mumbling vocals while they all slugged the crap out of their instruments. Dino Jr’s sound was actually a roiling sea of emotion and rage and a sense of aggro that had been forged into a bizarre metal-punk-pop-whatsis by obsessive listening to Sabbath, the Birthday Party, The Cure, Blitz and Neil Young.

Touring continued into ’06 and the band’s strengths were constantly increasing. When their equipment van was swiped a couple days before the Osheaga Festival in Montreal, it didn’t faze them. “No big deal,” J says. “That show was amazing,” Kim Gordon says. “It was almost like they’d been reborn as a hardcore band.”

Dinosaur’s early shows and recordings represented the first (or, at least, first best) example of a new rock-qua-rock music arising from the germ of hardcore punk.

(Sat) 24th 05 2008 start 19:30 DINOSAUR JR. /US, AWESOME COLOR /US, Palac Akropolis, Kubelikova 27


Dan Marciano - fashion party DJ exclusive party

dan marciano with niki belucci Dan Marciano will perform at Mecca again! The sweetheart of all women, the partymachine of the biggest fashion parties, one of the best French DJs. Dan Marciano is a resident of well-known Parisian club – The Queen. He performs live on the French biggest dance music radio – Radio FG a he also plays for Fashion TV. You can hear him at Bali, Italy, Thailand, Belgium, Israel, Morocco, Tunisia, and also Prague.

In 2002 he released his first single at Happy music and a year later a new one ‘ Gotta get on’ on Escape records that was played by Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1. He reportedly likes Prague, as he comes back every year. Alongside Dan Marciano will perform the truly Czech house legend – DJ Loutka. The young and talented DJ Looky will support the sets of those two stars.

Sat 24th June 2008, Entry: 290 czk (10€), start 22:00. Pre-sale, Club Mecca, Prague, U Pruhonu street 3


Plan to limit football violence: Judges at stadium

illustration photo The Ministry of Internal Affairs introduced the new project, which should bring fast solution, or at least limit football hooliganism. The first time this method will be tested is this Saturday match of Sparta Prague with Banik Ostrava.

The procedure seems simple – if policemen seize a hooligan, he will get his judgement summons directly at the stadium with the present state’s attorney, who will decide, whether he will go ahead to a judge. The judge will than pass the sentence.

The project came as a conclusion to the out-of-control situation which took place at the last match of ‘The Two Prague S’. The yet not seen vandalism cost the Letna Stadium 0,5 million czk, ant that nobody was seriously hurt is a miracle.


Will The Old Town City Hall ever be Completed?

Old town square town hall - how it looked like Prague stands before another architectonic contest. The original Old Town City Hall was severely damaged at the end of WWII, after it became a target of the German occupation army during the Prague Uprising in May 1945. It was set on fire and had to be taken down. Since then, plans for a new building were in motion.

Now the city has decided the case should be solved at last. The reasons are obvious. The City Hall at the Old Town Square is apparently a torso and the park that covers the space today doesn’t make much sense, it creates sort of a square- within- a square. A new, tenth competition is supposed to take place this year and it is likely it will be international.


Pioneer of Modern Design, Christopher Dresser, Exhibition in Prague

Christopher-Dresser-Teapot-1879 The Exhibition in The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague presents the choice of work of Christopher Dresser, the very important persona of design history. This man is often considered as the first significant designer at all. In the second half of the 19th century, there was a broad movement, which aimed to raise the aesthetic standard of objects that surround people in their everyday life. Those aesthetic standards were considered to be low, mainly because of the industrial production. That is why many participants of this movement tried to return to handiwork and old style of manufactures.

On the other hand, Christopher Dresser fully accepted the industrial devices and modern manufacturing methods and he was designing objects that were then manufactured in modern ways. That is why is considered as a “pioneer of modern design” as says the subtitle of the exhibition. His significant designs of metal teapots, soup tureens, toasts racks and other objects became very famous and his “handwrite” is easy to be recognized here. But he did not design only metal objects, but also pottery as well as furniture or wallpapers.

Read the whole article


Prague Advertisement at Fashion TV

girlfriend of james blunt - petra nemcova It lasts thirty seconds, it cost 8 and a half million czk and it should attract solvent western clients. The channel of Fashion TV is, for four months, going to broadcast the brand new video that introduces Prague as the capital of beautiful women, historical sights and luxurious restaurants.

Until 18th August, those who watch Fashion TV will be seeing the 30-seconds video, where the super-model Petra Nemcova and the Miss World Tatana Kucharova drink champagne on the Charles Bridge, accompanied by Mozart’s ‘A Little Night Music’

Prague wants to improve its image of a beer destination. According to Milan Richter it is aimed at rich young population: “we want to attract young, single people, or young couples, who like to travel and are used to pay for luxurious services.”

New Metro Stations in Prague to finally Open

Since Thursday 8th May 2008, at about 4pm, the first metro with passangers will stop at the brand new stations on the Metro trace C, going to Letnany. The trains will go in shorter intervals than now, that means every 115 seconds compared to present two minutes. Some bus lines will be abandoned.

The new trace on C involves three new stations – Strizkov, Prosek and Letnany. Every one of them has its original design made by the architect Patrik Kotas. To make the new 4,6 kilometre long track cost 15,5 billion czk (620 mil €) and it will make travelling to and from the suburbs easier.


Exhibition chain in the Old Town Hall, Old Town Square

the old city hall Husty provoz (Dense Traffic) tries to close to the alternative art scene, where are many significant curator characters present, those who managed to hold our interest by their projects, often realized on the DIY basis (do-it-yourself), without financial support, advertisement or sponsorship. Their artistic activities reflect one of the characteristic trends of the present – interdisciplinarity.

The first we would like to present you is the Guma Guar project. It is an art-activist group based in Prague. Since their foundation in 2003 they deal with critique of the system and ironizing of the media world. They produce artpieces, experimental electronic music, they participate at freeparties, create streetart realizations.

The Exhibition takes place until 6th June. The non-conformist, free young art exhibition takes place in Prague, Old City hall at the Old Town Square.


Czech Vodafone will sell iPhone this Fall

The mobile provider Vodafone officially announced the multi-million contract with Apple was signed. Vodafone will be so the owner of iPhone licence in ten countries of the world, including the Czech Republic. The news was officially confirmed 6th May 2008.

Vodafone originally claimed, iPhone was not interesting for them and they excluded the possibility of selling it. A change in strategy probably coheres with competitors fight, as T-Mobile CR announced they are going to distribute iPhone at the end of this year.

The authors of Congress Centre don't like Knizak's idea

The main four authors of the Congress Centre do not agree with the idea of rebuilding the Congress Centre into the new National Library. They state to change the function would be very expensive, and that Milan Knizak has never consulted the idea with them.

Milan Knizak came with the idea a few weeks ago. After a year of useless debates passed from the international contest, which set Kaplicky’s Blob as the winner of the National Library design, he offered an idea of how to solve the situation.

Knizak claims the reconstruction would be simple and inexpensive, according to the original engineers, to reconstruct the Congress Centre in this way would mean the exact opposite. More importantly, the Centre is, according to them, very important for Prague, and for events like the International Monetary Fund meeting there is not many other possibilities of placement.



Present Communist Exhibition Destroyed by Sprayers

A group of masked individuals broke into the Prague Gallery in the Old Town Square Town Hall, where they used black paint sprays on the exhibition Meze Tolerance (The Limits of Tolerance). The artists were exhibiting propaganda materials of the Czech Communist Youth Union.

The exhibits were sprayed with the number 242. Symbolism? The speaker of the gallery Irena Tyslova explains that “… it can be a reference to the number of people executed by the communist regime” The exhibition is over, the violators are looked for by the police.

Rehab + Hustler = Fashion, Sexuality and House Music

The acclaimed fashion brand of the cult magazine and living legend Larry Flynt will fuse with the stylish resident night Rehab to present its latest collection. Your doctor for the night will be resident and Rehab co-founder DJ Nesquik, whose skills have healed clubbers all over the country and abroad. He will be assisted by Olomouc based DJ Mark Tongue (Wolscha), co-founder of Bubbles, one of Moravia’s most attended nights.

House veteran Sly Antro from Manchester will bring his overdose of dirty house. The popular Platinum Soul project led by DJs Omar a Abdul52 will rule the RnB a Hip-Hop stage dropping nothing but bombs. There hold several residencies and radio shows and are the founders of the country’s first and only official Hip-Hop a RnB chart. A night fuelled by sex and quality music will be, as always, a guarantee for a successful therapy.

Fri 16/05 REHAB presents HUSTLER – The pulse of the city. Party takes place in Prague Mecca. Entry: Girls free before 23:00, boys 190 czk / VIP 490 czk


Rock For People 2008

offspring logo The Main star of this year Rock for People festival in the Czech Republic will be The Offspring, whom the organizers were trying to get a few years now. This year their efforts were finally successful and the ex-airport at Hradec Kralove. The Rock for People takes place on 3th to 5th June, it is the 14th year of the festival already.

The Offspring, who get around music scene for more than twenty years, and who should publish a new record in June, are the elders, but there will be also freshmen; British Kaiser Chiefs, who scored last year with Yours Truly, Angry Mob and the Ruby hit. Other invited groups are Enter Shikari, Black Mountain, Donots, H2O and others.


1st May and Neo-nazi gathering

The Extreme right-wing booked Jiriho z Podebrad Square. About six hundred members and fans of the Delnicka strana (Worker’s party) and Narodni odpor (National resistance). Their speeches dealt mostly with critique of the government because of its reforms, but they also criticised origin of Karel Schwarzenberg and Dzamila Stehlikova. They also directed some critique to Israel.

A part of the right-wing extremists came in black masks and hoods, carrying black flags or paper shields with the Delnicka strana sign. Their banners had signs like: No multi-culti, Wake up, Europe! Or Nationalism instead of globalism.

The Nationalists were cleaning toys off the steps in front of the church at Jiriho z Podebrad, which were left by Young Social Democrats at their morning meeting, organized with the motto: More toys for deprived Neo-nazis. They wanted the right-wing extremists to know, that it will be better, if ‘they will play with something less dangerous than are baseball bats.


1st May in Prague Was Non-violent

Prague was full of radicals of various motions, however the day passed without conflicts among groups. A few thousand people came to Prague, the biggest crowd came to support the communists and the right-wing extremists. The opposers in ideas have however avoided each other, so there was no need of a police strike. Five thousands of police officers didn’t have to arrest anyone, except for one neo-nazi, with racist signs on his clothes.

The biggest gathering, the one of the communists on Letna, combined political and entertaining programme. The entrance to their meeting point was guarded by the Nationalists, who prepared a ‘corridor of shame’ for them, distributing materials and decorating the entrance with information, that communism and Bolshevism killed more people than Nazism. Large group of Nacionalists demonstrated on Jiriho z Podebrad Square

About 150 anarchists gathered at Strelecky Ostrov, to demonstrate ‘the present government is spying on us and prohibits various ideas’.


Minogue adds more tickets for Prague concert

One of the most expected concerts of this year draws nearer and the organizers have released more tickets. More place was gained thanks to adjustment of the stage. The news of her preparing a big surprise added publicity to the already very intensely watched event. The tickets were sold out very soon, now there is a second round – second possibility for those who would like to see her live.

In a week, the world-famous Australian pop-songstress and sex-idol comes to Prague. She brings a spectacular show with lights, lasers, mists, gushers and confetti. Kylie also promises the music will be more electro-style than usual.

The new album KylieX will surely form a part of her repertoire, according to her words there won’t be missing old songs and cover-versions in new arranges too. Costumes is a chapter for itself. Prague O2 Arena hosts Kylie on 12th May 2008.