Compact archive August 15, 2008

Destination Unknown Prague, Czech Republic

I have now made my way to the Prague Castle. This is the most visited sight in the whole Prague and it is easy to see why. The Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world. Constructed in the 9th century the castle has transformed itself from an old fortress into an imposing sight that it is today.

Virtual walk is the most safe, cheap, and comfy way of travelling. If you want to have a look, how does it look like in Prague, just click the video below. In this journey, you are going to visit one of the most well-preserved historical cities.


Unique Documentary of August 68 Russian Invasion to Prague

Photographs of Josef Koudelka are exhibited at the Old Town Square City Hall until 13th September. Most of the yet not published photographs are possible to see at the exhibition Invaze 68 (68 Invasion) or in a book of the same name.

Arrival of Soviet army is depicted in his photographs from its very beginning. The pictures Koudelka made during the day weren’t immediately developed, he only look after new material to photo at. As he wasn’t employed as a journalist, he didn’t have to leave the place to hand in the photographs, which contributed to fascinating coherence of the whole evidence. Also, it probably saved them.

Kouldelka’s photographs appeared first time one year later in many foreign magazines. Koudelka couldn’t have been signed under them, otherwise he would have threatened him and his family.


R.E.M. This Sunday in Prague

The legendary American group with the frontman Michael Stip comes to present their album Accelerate. They sai it was created from the feeling of anger, the career of R.E.M. wastes away. The outcom is fourteenth album, which returns to punkrock roots of the group and its form of the 80’s. It has paid off – after the last commercially unsucessful tape Around The Sun it returned R.E.M back to the top places in wold charts.

The concert starts at 20:00 and continues until 22:00, so the performance of R.E.M. should take maximally 2 hours. The guittarist Petr Buck said: “The new song Supernaural Superserious is known by almost everybody, so it already belongs to our biggest hits.” but what the fans hope for are the very old hits, like Drive, Man On the Moon or Electrolite, which could have been heard also on the present tour.

R.E.M concert – 17th August 2008, Their last visit was three yers ago. They aim to the footbal stadium SK Slavia Praha Stadion Eden


Pankrac Skyscrapers are going to be there

Not even the recommendation of UNESCO is going to change the plans of the future highest building in Prague, MF Dnes informed. “In the case of both buildings, the verdict of Ministry of Culture from the last years speaks clearly- it supports the Prague Town Council, which licenses the building.”

Monuments preservation in Prague was on program of the recent UNESCO conference in Quebec, the result – it shouldn’t be build larger than 60-70 metres. The plans, however, counts with the higher twin having 104 metres.

The Arnika association, protesting against the planned post-modern dominant was quite ignored by Czech offices, so they have chosen to contact UNESCO. They decided in their favor, however the ECM company who builds it have the contract for the area, and also, they have already sold 150 flats in advance.

The situation reminds of the case of the Blob library, but this time, the protester is not the president, so the V twins are probably going to be build as planned.


Jean Michel Jarre concert in Prague

Legend, the French composer Jean Michel Jarre, the pioneer of electronic music, comes on 13rd November to the Czech Republic. He celebrates an important anniversary – it has been thirty years, since he published his legendary album Oxygene and its live show. The famous French comes accompanied by three musicians and 50 analog synthesizers.

The Albub oxygene was made in 1977 and inspired whole generations of musicians. Jarre is well-known by his concerts for hundreds of thousands, even a million. The celebration of Oxygene will be more chamber, so he can “…be close to to the music and the audience” Tickets could be bought from Wednesday, varying from 990-1590 czk. The 30th anniversary of Jean Michel Jarre in Prague O2 Arena.