Compact archive September 5, 2008

Congress of the Czech Greens started

Today, the special congress of the Greens, where they will vote for the new chairman, have started. Who are the sides? On one side Martin Bursik, who got the party to the parliament, and who shook hand with Dali Lama. On the other side there is Dana Kuchtova, the leader of South Bohemian Mothers, the person who unsuccessfully tried to be the education minister for a few months.

Who is going to be the next leader? Bursik have left nothing to chance, and gained one important advantage in advance; he travelled the Czech Republic and founded about 50 base groups of the Greens. Those 50 new groups have a chance to influence voting by sending their deputy to the elections.

In those cases, I like to look at betting offices and their betting rates. They are usually the easiest source, if you want to know the future. And they bet at Bursik.


Kanye West going to perform in Prague for the first time

Concert Cancelled

The hip-hop event of the year comes nearer, as 25th November 2008 welcomes the rapper Kanye West in Prague. Kayne is on his world tour “Glow In The Dark Tour”, supporting the last year album tour Graduation, but surely playing songs form Droupout and Late Registration. Prague audiences so get enough hip-hop to satisfy them, as Snoop Dogg concert takes place on 8th September.

Kanye West is known for his witty, off-the-wall lyrics like “She’s got a light-skinned friend look like Michael Jackson/Got a dark-skinned friend look like Michael Jackson” which are funny and smart at the same time, entertaining. They may not elaborately rhyme, but that doesn’t matter… or does it?

Kanye West Prague Show, 25th November 2008, Start: 20.00, Venue: O2 Arena, previously Sazka Arena, Prague Tickets: 890 – 1 200 czk


Tesla Arena: The New Name of T-Mobile arena

The hockey hall at the Prague Exhibition Ground changed its name again. Ten years ago the Arena HC Sparta, than T-Mobile Arena is now called Tesla Arena. The sponsoring contract was signed for three years.

Viliam Slivek, the president of HC Sparta Paha commendes he “… is glad our Arena will bear the name of the Czech brand, which historical roots date back to the same period, when our club originated.”

Tesla Arena opened in 1962 as Sportovní hala and can hold up to 12,950 people. The first concert to cebrate the newly renamed arena will be the show of the rapper Snoop Dogg on 8th September.


'We will make it sweet for Europe' Video for Czech EU chairmanship

Under the slogan We will make it sweet for Europe was launched the Czech government information campaign related the Czech EU chairmanship. The personalities acting in the movie are well-known characters of Czech culture in he world. As Topolanek commented, there is also one new character introduced – a sugar cube, which is a Czech invention.

The video begins with Jaromir Jagr, aiming and than shooting an sugar cube to Petr Cech, who catches it and makes a face. Then the prima ballerina Daria Klimentova spins her cube a little. The scientist Antonin Holy makes a little experiment. The famous architect Eva Jiricna builds a structure from the cubes. The super-model Tereza Maxova can’t resist and eats one. The conductor Libor Pesek closes the spot.

About in the half of November, the government will introduce the logo. The CR chairmanship start in the first half of the next year.


Prague OpenCard Scores

The Universal card of a Prague citizen OpenCard became a total hit accompanied by long queues at all the distributing places in Prague. The sales are gliding, and so the Town Council decided to prolong the 10% price off until 20th September.

What is OpenCard for? The functions are going to expand, at the present moment its main use is possibly for the pre-pay rides. Until 2010, when the paper pre-paid tickets are going to disappear, being gradually replaced by the OpenCard. Right now, the main benefit is to get those 10% off a year ticket price,

Anyway the card can be used also as an id to the Municipal libraries, and as a means of payment for parking. The upgraded version ables to use it for electronic signature.