Compact archive September 15, 2008

Autumn Mighty Sounds in Prague

Ska – Reggae – Punk-Rock explosion in Lucerna Music Bar.

Bring the black horse of this years’ Mighty Sounds, who by his sound totally had all the present, add a star of world calibre, and accompany them by the best Czech ska groups

The group which songs are the hot aspirants for ska anthems come to Prague – The Aggrolites from the USA come to show their best, their performance is something the fans of the genre mustn’t miss.

The Aggrolites have debuted with the record Dirty Reggae. The explosive mix of reggae, funky and soul with the power of trinitrotoluene clearly expressed there is something big coming.

This year’s season of Mighty Sounds open air introduced Kitchenettes, an unknown group somewhere from Switzerland. But in the moment the three ladies appeared on the stage, looking like a combo from the 60’s, all the present fell into dance come, evoked by their northern soul.

Autumn Mighty Sounds: The Aggrolites (USA), Basement Bros. feat the Kitchenettes (SUI), Prague Ska Conspiracy (CZ), Afrodisiak (CZ). Venue: Lucerna Music Bar, Vodickova 36. Tickets: CZK 289.00 at Ticketstream


Topolanek criticizes Klaus

Klaus’ strange opinions brought anther dispute towards his home party, the ODS. After the prime minister Topolanek disavowed Klaus’ defence of Russian invasion to Georgia, the new problem of ODS at Czech political scene labeled as a heritage of Klaus’ fault.

Klaus started by stating that the Morava – Tlusty blackmail case is a proof of emptying of the politics. Topolanek objected for Hospodarske noviny: “It is not true that present politics lacks themes and idea, that characterized times of ‘opposition treaty‘” which was in 1998 a product of heads of ODS and CSSD, Milos Zeman and Vaclav Klaus.

“At that time, uncontrollable connection of politics, big business and organized crime begun” Topolanek very strongly objected to Klaus’ politics.

Barbora Spotakova holds the World Record!

Barbora Spotakova is the world champion of javelin. The new world record is 72,28 metres. She managed to achieve that at the World Finals in Stuttgart, by the first throw. The record of Cuban Osleidys Mendez was beaten by half a metre.

“It is a wonderful feeling. I can’t compare it with the Olympic win though. That was even better.” Spotakova rejoiced. The Czech Republic so holds, thanks to her and Jan Zelezny, the world record in both categories of javelin.

Spotakova gained a sweet bonus of 100t dollar, another 30t for her victory. “we want to build a house with my boyfriend, with this bonus it will be much easier” she stated.