Compact archive September 25, 2008

Vanessa Mae plays again for Prague

The popular violinist performs on a charitable concert at O2 arena tonight. The admired but also rejected violinist has concerted a few times in the Czech Republic, but this time it will be the first time she performs on an action, which profits goes to charity.

Tickets for this concert weren’t on sale freely. The organizers Central Group have offered them in exchange for a donation into an endowment fund for children health. Its purpose is to support science in the area of gynaecology and midwifery.

Mae comes from Asia, but grown up in London. “Hard to tell where my home is. I spend a lot of time in London, but I can’t tell I have a home there. I consider myself a musician, who is still on the road.”

Vanessa Mae, Prague Concert in O2 Arena, Tonight from 20:00.


BIS: Russian secret agents led campaign against the US radar

The Czech agency BIS (Czech FBI) found out Russian secret agents aimed to manipulate Czech Politicians and media in order to increase aversion against the US Radar base in the Czech Republic. BIS informed Russian communities have been trying to contact media and politicians in their long-term campaign aiming to destabilise the integrity of the European Union and NATO.

Russian intelligences tried to secretly gain influence in state and political structures, they also tried to get into civil associations. Russian secret agencies have also, according to the BIS 2007 report, actively tried to make an impression, Europe under NATO lead started to rehabilitate Nazism, denying Soviet role in WWII.

On the Czech territory the intelligences also focused on collecting economical information and supporting of Russian financial interests. Source: HN


STB Interrogation Presentation to the EU Chairmanship

How are going the Czechs advertise their chairmanship of the EU? By a controversial art project and bizarre trip to the recent communist past.

The project of various artists, with Cerny in their lines which is going to embellish the main debating building in Brussels. The top-secret project leaks a little, so we know what the setting is; “What is the future of the Earth”. It is said that in their visions, the Netherlands are under the sea, from which, only the tops of mosques peer.

The artist group Spolecnost Opona prepares a project the Circus of Totality, with which the participants are going to go through the whole totalitarian Europe. A part of the drive simulator is going to be Trenazer Toatality (The Totalitarian Simulator), which is a space devoted to totalitarian procedures and tactics.


Czech Journalist have gained prestigious Emmy award

etzler transmitting from mount everest For a journalist, the Emmy award is of a similar significance as Oscar for actors. Now, a first Czech can show off; the TV reporter Tomas Etzler. The co-worker of the CNN and the Czech TV have gained award for contribution of modern technology development.

Etzker is the only Czech who worked for the CNN and as the first person in the world he used a special satellite modem, which enables transmitting from any place on the Earth. And that is also the reason why he got appreciated.

What used to be a fully equipped news van, is now, in Etzler’s case, only one suitcase. He comments the changes: “In a similar way, in which video used to change films in television, today the digital units change video.”

He first used this system in China. For that, he got the appreciation for “contributing to developing new technologies”.


Czech Railways – Tickets in grocery shop

The project is now being tested in Ricany close to Prague. The ticket office is closed, tickets are possible to buy in the local Pont shop. They have the machine Ticket Pont Centrum.

The idea is simple: Are you in a hurry, need to buy a ticket, something to eat and read, and have time to stand in only one queue? The point is that it is good for business, and good for the Czech Railways (CD), because they don’t have to pay a ticket seller.

The CD have found inspiration for the project in Switzerland and Scandinavia. If the Ticket Pont Centrum function will be satisfactory, it may spread and be seen all around the republic, so prepare for it.