Compact archive September 29, 2008

James Blunt in Prague Concert

The British singer and songster James Blunt comes to Prague after two years. The first time he completely sold out the space of Lumbeho Zahrada at Prague Castle, this time he comes for his second concert during his European tour, introducing his second album „All The Lost Souls“ which was published in 2007 and which contains songs such as „1973“, „I Really Want You“, „Same Mistake“ or „Annie“. According to Blunt’s web pages, he cannot wait for his concert here.

James Blunt belongs to the most successful and most popular world performers of the present. He made crowds of keen fans on his concerts, by his songs, charisma and seductive voice. Since his first album was published three years ago, he gained two MTV awards and two Brit Awards.

The singer and guitarist Teddy Thompson is performs before James Blunt on the show in Prague. Thompson’s music style is distinguished by strong melodies based on guitar and excellent singing, spiced by gentle black humor.

James Blunt in Prague @ Arena HC Sparta Praha (Letna), Prague, Czech Republic, tickets at Ticketpro for 1.500 – 740,- czk


Czech Freestyle Footballer goes to World Finals

Freestyle football is a sport combining football, breakdance and acrobacy. There weren’t any official tournaments in the Czech Republic, but that all changed last weekend in Prague Industrial palace. Contestants from the Czech and Slovak Republic have fought for an advance to World championship.

The finals are clear – two semi-finalist stand opposite each other in the circle, and the freestyle battle can start. The players have 20 seconds in turns to show what they can do.

The Czech contestants were mostly below 20 years of age, and the one who ruled the show this time was Jan Klepl. He is going to represent the Czech Republic in Brazilian Sao Paulo, among the top freestyle footballers from 47 countries of the World.

Vaclav Havel defends USA radar in CR

The Czech ex-president defended the project of the US Radar base in the Czech Republic. Reasons? An ally bond of the CR to its allies. Vaclav Havel expressed his stance to the anti-rocket defence during a forum in London. In the British Library, Havel discussed the topic over the English edition of his book Prosim, Strucne – Briefly, Please. The ex-president belongs to the long-term supporters of the base, he also says Czechs should be grateful to the USA.

“We owe to the USA for many things, for the very existence of our state, and when they want something small, once, something by which we cold repay them a little bit, we are reluctant. That is morally and psychologically very unsympathetic.” said Havel.

At the basis of opinion pools, the opposers of radar still outbalance those in favour. Moscow did its part by financing anti-radar motions. Even when the radar negotiations are on a good way, the time works against it – the elections will be soon and the main supporting political party will probably lose this time.


Prague Zoo celebrated by Japanese day

The Zoo in Prague celebrated its 77th birthday in Japanese style. At the same time, the giraffe male Vaclav had his first birthday going on as well. The garden have also introduced plans for more support for the “frogs sound a warning” programme, which should support help for the most endangered species of amphibian.

The celebrations were in Japanese style, initiated by Petr Fejk blowing Japanese flute shakuhachi. Those who came dressed as a a character from a manga movie, or in any other traditional Japanese dress, had free entry. The visitors could try calligraphy, learn origami of animals, or try Japanese tea.

A part of the day belonged to signing of new partner contract with Mercedes-Benz, and exposal of borrowed cars, with also one veteran car of the label.


Schwarzenberg criticized Russia

The Czech Foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg has criticized Russian actions at Georgia – namely the military invasion. During his speech at the United Nations General Assembly in New York he compared practices of Moscow to manners of colonial powers. At the same time he called for sending an international mission to Georgia.

The world public have, according to Schwarzenberg, witnessed “systematic provocations and finally the military aggression of a powerful country, a member of the United Nations Security Council, towards its small neighbour.” With the aim to split it and to make its parts dependant on Moscow. “empires act this way” minister noted. Source:LN