Compact archive October 2008

Respect is not going to apologize to Kundera. The writer considers to sue.

The Respect magazine is not going to apologize to Kundera for the article “Kundera informer” Kundera’s representative in the Czech Republic Jiri Srstka announced Respect wrote him very briefly, they are not going to apologise for anything. Kundera is now considering his next steps, the legal proceedings for personality protection against Respect is not excluded.

Respect published the article about alleged Kundera’s informing in the middle of October. At the basis of the document, which a historian found in the office for totalitarian regimes study they claim the famous writer alleged an anti-communist fighter Miroslav Dvoracek, who than spend 14 years in a communist prison.

Kundera said the article is an “attempt on a writer’s life”. And a few personalities stand by him, e.g. literary historian Zdenek Pesat, who claims the informer was Miroslav Dlask.

When do I need Winter Tires in the Czech Republic?

The Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic came with the public notice for 2008 – Since this November, Winter Tires are necessary when there is -5 Celsius, on the D1 motorway. Originally, you didn’t have to use Winter Tyres from ht law, but when there was an accident, the one with regular tyres was always in truble.

So carefully, when the termometer shows less than -5, and you are going from Prague to Brno, and you see the traffic sign, you can get fined for summer ones. It is also possible to continue with snow chains on. Placement of the sign on other roads is now in jurisdiction of districts themselves. The Sign is valid from November to the end of March.


Bronze babies at Kampa

baby on zizkov tower One of the unofficial Prague symbols, the black babies which climb the Zizkov television tower and bring back to memory that to make innovative art means to fight the system, like their author, David Cerny. His babies at Kampa are, as opposed to those black at Zizkov, bronze-coloured.

The sculptor, whose art is placed in many public spaces of Prague, co-produces the face of Prague, whether we like it or not. Even when the Bronze Babies are at Kampa legally, for example during the August anniversary of USSR occupation of Czechoslovakia he wanted to put a pink occupation tank again on the street, however the government had strongly opposed. Cerny didn’t waste time, found a sponsor, and put a torso of an occupation tank on the square by himself again..

He didn’t get in confrontation with the law this time. So Kampa park in Prague is now in token of giant statues.


The station Narodni trida in Prague will be only closed for 8 months

The initiative against the construction of the new business centre at Prague Narodni Trida have managed an achievement for those travelling to Prague centre – the station will be probably closed ‘only’ for eight months instead of incredible sixteen. This is the length which announced the Prague Public Transport company as needed for building of the centre above and interrelated reconstruction of the metro station itself.

Those 5000, who signed the petition, aren’t, however, going to get rid of the station closure. According to the councilman Steiner the reconstruction is necessary to be done anyways. The station has been, since it was build in 1985, in permanent service without any repairs for 23 years. He also adds, that when stations at line A were reconstructed, it appeared the minimum time necessary is one year. We will see.


The tunnel under Vysehrad is going to be closed.

Prague expect troubles in traffic due to Vysehrad tunnel, where the tramlines need repair. The reconstruction starts this Monday, it will last a month and will bring a few changes in tramlines. The substitute traffic around the tunnel will also be done by ferries and buses. The travellers can use substitute boats X-21 going from Vyton to Podolska Vodarna, or the bus line X-17.

The tramway track which supports very used lines like 17 and 3 hasn’t been repaired for 26 years. The 300 m section Vyton – Podolska a complete renewal. The reason is executable: emergency state of the track. The rock in which the tunnel will be reconstructed can’t be blown away, because there are remains of one of the oldest Prague buildings atop of it.


First 2008 snow, Czech weather

The winter reports for duty once again. On the Krusne hory mountain top Klinovec lie, after whole-day snowing, about ten centimetres of snow. The meteorologists warn, that the eastern part of the country, especially Jeseniky and Beskydy will be having strong winds all week – the 100 km/h drift arrived to Lysa hora and in to Beskydy yesterday. Warning before the strong wind applies especially for Olomoucky, Moravskoslezky and Pardubicky districts.

This summer was normally hot, with all the marks of cold winter ahead, the meteorologists foretell this winter will have freezing temperatures, probably snow. The autumn looks according to it – now Prague is rainy, foggy and cold.


Czech Radar Matter Put Simply: Russia or USA?

The whole debate around the radar can be indeed put that simply: To which area of power want the CR to belong? Fools, irresponsible pacifists and people linked to Russia will say: we do not want to belong to any groupement of power. This answer guarantee to Russia they have a chance of returning one day. This is the way our world works, there are no neutral paradises, and for small countries, especially for those ‘in the middle of the road’ will always be necessary to unite with a strong country.

Those people who protest so vehemently against the radar should ask themselves: Which radar do I want? To protest against the US is easy, when we live in a country which is democratic thanks mostly to the USA. When there will be the Russian radar build, there will be no protests, as the protesters will be locked up, or worse.

The arguments, which country is better are clear to everyone, and still, the opposition CSSD which won the election, now want to close the radar negotiations, a few steps from the approval. But they may make a real mistake – their government will be there for four years, but the question, where the country goes is much more important and long term. If they say they do not want the radar, they should say openly: I don’t want the Radar, I like the way of government Russia has. And behave according to it.


The Czech Crown has Strengthened Again

For many Czechs, who still enjoy lower prices of most of consume goods outside of the Czech Republic, it is a positive development, for many businesses it is a tragedy. The Czech Crown has strengthened again, returning under 24 czk/Euro yesterday. Returning to the price from the middle of September, before the news about bankrupting banks in the USA and stock markets bankrupts, after which the czk lost a lot from its value, almost to 26 czk/€.

If the yesterday course lasted, it would mean a trouble for Czech businesses. Many of them are already in crisis, some very important ones have already closed some of their factories, like the glass-works Czech Crystal.

Stock prices have grown rapidly, bringing along optimism for the financiers in the stock markets. But the main reason for strengthening of czk was different – the main reason was the Hungary save loan of 20 billions Euro, which helped to calm those, who were afraid of financial crisis in the middle Europe.

Horace Andy from Jamaica in Roxy

Club Roxy will be shined through by the atmosphere of fragrant Jamaica. On Tuesday, one of the most significant and most popular vocalist of the Caribbean Horace Andy. It was his specific voice that made him famous. He was born in 51 in the capital of Reggae Kingston. He has put his energy into reggae for a few tens of years, his recordings from the 70s are among the very best from Jamaica.

Horace made many successful and breakthrough hits, and even when he is not as famous as Bob Marley, he belongs to the big names of the genre. Europeans, however, probably know him more as the host on the records of triphop icons from Bristol Massive Attack. Horace Andy is going to perform in Roxy with his support band Dub Asante Band.

Horace Andy in Roxy Dlouha street on 4th November 2008. Tickets in the pre-sale of TicketPro.


The Industrial Palace will revive. By Erotic Exhibition this weekend.

Since today to Sunday, the Industrial Palace at Prague Exhibition grounds, which suffered from fire and lost its left wing, is going to host the Erotica Sex 2008 exhibition. This time, it will have to squeeze into the main building and its right wing.

What is the exhibition about? Firstly, it is possible to buy here ‘usable things of erotic character’. There are going to be meetings with porn actors, and presentations of ‘thematic movies’. Beside of it there will be 45 exhibitors, offering ‘erotic clothes’ and ‘job in the field’.

The Zlata Hvezda awards (Golden Star) 2008 are to be given away, for the best actors in the field, also some of them will perform live there. The organizers also promise there will be ‘free entertainment’ whatever that means. The tickets are 299 czk.


Paroubek's party murderer: a normal quarrell

Police investigation of Vaclav Kocka murder is going to its finale. According to the police the motive of shooting at the Paroubek’s book was not a payback of two mafia groups, but a ‘normal’ pub quarrell. If those two, who were clearly highly positioned persons of Prague underworld, wanted to settle accounts, they probably wouldn’t do it on Paroubek’s book party. If they weren’t drunk.

If the court finds Duricko guilty, he can get 10-15 years. The murder got media coverage as a consequence the victim was a famous son of the Matejska pout renter, also because the shooting took place at the party of CSSD, right before the regional elections. The funeral ceremony was massive. Both the shooter and the victims are members of Social Democracy.

Queen want to Rock the world in Prague

The music pact Queen + Paul Rodgers lasts and goes around the globe for the second time. Songs from the new album The Cosmos Rock and older hits they they want to rock if not the universe, so at least the fans in O2 Arena in Prague. The concert starts on Friday 31st October at 20:00.

To join the half of Queen (guitarist Brian May and a drummer Roger Taylor, the bass-guitarist Jophn Deacon refused to participate on the comeback) with the singer Paul Rodgers, two words collapsed. The shining theatre of Queen with earthy Blues-rock of Paul Rodgers appealed somehow unfit for some fans, for the others it was somehow more honest, than if the rest of Queen only found Freddie’s doubler and acted like nothing happened.

Not many people expected this would work for more than one tour. But it happened and in September a new studio album called The Cosmos Rock was published.


Bem to became the new leader of ODS?

After the Civic Democrats sustained the crushing defeat in regional and senate elections, the party is looking for a new leader. Even when Pavel Bem lately resisted many speculations he should be the leader of ODS with reasoning he really enjoys being the Mayor of Prague, the time has changed and beside Evzen Tosenovsky, there is no other person so popular in the party.

Bem officially accepted his nomination yesterday and in six weeks, at the December meeting he is going to face Mirek Topolanek. Bem has a powerful ally – the president Vaclav Klaus, who agrees with him being the new leader of the ODS.

Evzen Tosenovsky, on the other hand, has the reputation of a non-conflict person, also he doesn’t played his part on the debacle of ODS, like Bem did as the vice-chairman. One question remains – even when the party finds the lamb in Topolanek, is it going to change anything in the parliamentary elections in 2010?


The Civic Democrats (ODS) have probably last chance to accredit the radar

The citizens have expressed in these elections clearly what they do not want: no reformation of health service and no ‘American’ radar. The regional and senate elections were more a referendum against the Topolanek’s government. That’s why, in getting to senate, succeeded the significant antagonists of the Radar. It is very probable the matter is going to be discussed at an early date.

The plan of ODS, which in its old compound still has the absolute majority, should be as following: to authorise the radar contract today, than to list it on the tomorrow senate negotiation and authorise it as well. The vice-chairman of the parliament Lubomir Zaoralek has admitted this chance is real. The Radar negotiation was one of the main international activities of the Government and it wants to finish it successfully.


90 years since Czechoslovakia foundation: military parade in Prague

Prague saw the elite of Czech armed forces. The first military parade after the Velvet Revolution have seen tens of thousands in the metropolis. At the 90th anniversary of origin of independent Czechoslovakia, the Evropska trida in Prague saw marching of more than 2100 persons and the audience also saw 196 pieces of military hardware.

It wasn’t a demonstration of power, but a presentation of top military units and members of the integrated lifeguard system. Such as the yesterday parade, one couldn’t have seen for long 23 years here. During the time, the Czech military have essentially changed. The national service was abandoned and the country has developed a professional army. Even more important was we have became a member of NATO.

Our soldiers have proven many times we belong to the NATO alliance, as we have really time-proven top units. But the fact we really need the army was shown a few years ago the most, when our country was stricken with devastating floods. We still remember, how the army with firemen were helping for many days non-stop.

Eurokey toilets for disabled; in Prague slowly, but steadily grow

The idea came from Germany twenty years ago, when they wanted to help the disabled and handicapped to ease the access to toilets. Nowadays, hundreds of thousands of people in various countries use it. In Prague, when those on wheelchair want to use a special toilet when going sightseeing need to look it up a bit, but at least the number is increasing.

If someone wants to get the Eurokey, he/she has to be disabled, and fill a simple form at the Disabled union. With intention to help the disabled mobility in Prague were made these toilets:

Slovansky Dum passage
BB Centrum – C Building
Brumlovka bridge – lifts
Regional authority of Middle Bohemia District
Botanical Garden in Troja
Oil Station Lukoil, Prague 9
Shopping centre Hostivar Park
Kotva Shopping Mall
Some Trainstations

Barman show competition in Prague

The original non-alcoholic cocktails, which basis is mineral water, were mixed by two groups of barmans from 19 countries of the world this weekend in Prague. During the competition Mattoni Grand Drink in the InterContinental hotel vegetable and fruit juices were mixed with whipped cream and other unexpected materials.

The bonus of 200t czk was in the end given to Bulgarian Vasil Kolev for his cocktail Grapatonni from mango, grapefruit and pineapple. “I just invented the recipe, tried to make it, and it tasted good. So it tried my luck again on the competition and it worked.”

The exclusive innovation on the competition was the cocktail night, during which have battled sixteen best Prague bars from Friday evening to Saturday morning.


Czech Etymologist escaped from India custody

Darjeeling, city at the traditional border of India and Nepal
Emil Kucera went through a movie-like adventure at his escape from India. He, together with Petr Svacha were seized for collecting of beetles in India national park. They however claim they have never entered the park. The whole case was full of obscurities, the outcome only underlined its absurdity, as one of them was discharged, the second one got three years.

Kucera gave an interview for the CT, so we know how it was – his appeal which should have taken a week ago didn’t take place – simply nobody came there, so Kucera knew the Indian authorities are not going to give him righteous case. He wrote his girlfriend, who send him his second passport and money for the trip. Than, he moved to Darjeeling, and as he knows very well the area, about 2 hours walk was enough to get to Nepal. From there, he flew back to the Czech Republic.

The escaping etymologist has send e-mails to Czech embassies, apologizing for his actions.

And now the cherry on the cake – Petr Svacha who should have been home a month ago, stays, thanks to inability of Indian offices, still in India.


Klaus wants to get rid of Topolanek

It all started by one exposed SMS message, where in 2002 Vaclav Klaus writes about the freshly elected leader of ODS: “Empty and false Topol” showing his attitude to Mirek Topolanek. After that, Topolanek helped Klaus to be elected president twice, but Klaus became to be even more criticizing. Their antipathy was clearly visible during the Russian-Georgian conflict. Topolanek saw the Russian aggression, for Klaus the guilty one was Georgia. When they found out the President and Prime minister has different opinions, Topolanek checked: “It is true the president represents the country, but the unpleasant thing is he doesn’t have support in his own government.”

After the regional and senate elections Klaus said that “… one political party was erased from the political map.” Topolanek has refused that: “… outcome of parliamentary elections is still valid, and the political map won’t be changed in that sense.”

Senate elections in CR – Again, CSSD won

The voters came, voted and decided they want change. Again, the elections ended by a crushing win of the Social Democrats (CSSD) in the whole republic, except for Prague. CSSD won in 23 from the total 26 districts, it total they will have 29 senators. ODS won in 3 Prague districts, it lost six chairs, altogether it will have 35 senators. KDU-CSL has seven, KSCM 3, SZ 1, the rest parties have 5.

And meanwhile the Social Democrats spend the weekend celebrating and looking for the best word for describing their success (the most taken was ‘epochal’) the Civic Democrats debated about separating the function of the ODS leader and the Prime minister. In other words – how to make Mirek Topolanek leave the lead of ODS. But if he wasn’t the Prime Minister, the government wouldn’t probably last.


Legendary Indian Gold in Prague Exhibition

The legendary Indian gold, which is a part of the Peruvian national treasure, arrived yesterday evening to Prague. In the seven massive chests were packed 90 golden items of uncountable historical value. Before the treasure was stored in the show-cases of the Highest Burgrave of the Prague Castle, it was throughfully checked by two Peruvian curators with the director of the Peruvian National Museum director. Only these can touch the treasure.

The complete exposition will present golden cups, death masks, ritual knives and jewels, but also gloves made of gold or long past Inca epilator. The pieces are wonderful, illustrating goldsmithing abilities of Andean culture before the country was seized by the Europeans. They will be unpacked and presented in following days, so they could be presented to the public from 1st November to 29th May 2009.

The Organizers expect that the exhibition is going to attract visitors from Europe, not just form the Czech republic, as it was when it became a hit in Germany, becoming a worthy spend time for 160 thousand people. It is opened daily 10:00-18:00. Adults 220, students/seniors 160 czk.


Prague Firemen did Good job, Industrial Palace can be reconstructed.

The insurance companies Uniqua nad Ceska podnikatelska pojistovan are going to give Incheba company the policy money for the Industrial palace renewal. The Industrial Palace in Prague was stricken by fire last week and it lost its left wing. Even when Prague firemen were on the place in a few minutes, the fire which started from spray explosion was too extensive to save the left wink. They worked hard the whole night in order to stop the fire from jumping over to the main building, using the technique called ‘water wall’. This week, they were awarded by medals, for saving at least the rest.

The city is going to urge the works so the wing would be back at its place in 2010. Accordign to speakers of Uniqua, Incheba only needs to bring the conception of using the policy, effective use is going to be accredited and the rebulkldation can start.

The Pope to Czech state: Return St. Vituch Church to the Church

The Czech republic has been suing for fifteen years with the Catholic church about the most important Czech religious cultural monument, the St. Vitus Cathedral. Recently, the pope Benedict XVI. entered the discussion and strongly recommended the Czech Republic to ‘return’ the property to the Church. As a matter of fact, the building was made half and half by the Church and the state, financed from both sources. The communists taken the church into complete possession of the state, now the Church want the complete possession to be transferred to them.

The Czech government doesn’t want to transfer the President’s office into the hands of the Church, they have in mind a compensation, on which basis they could both benefit. On the last try, they wanted to return to the church a third of their possessions, the rest should be compensated by a financial amount, the last idea was to give 83 billions czk. The compromise was however crossed by Vlastimil Tlusty and others, who voted against it. The solution is far away.

James Blunt returns to Prague

…after two years. The British musician James Blunt introduces his latest album All the Lost Souls this Monday in Tesla Arena. The first time the songster Blunt sold out the space of Lumbeho garden at the Prague Castle in 2006. This time he goes directly to the Arena with some new songs. His début Back to Bedlam, published tree years ago, sold more than eleven millions copies, which put Blunt among the most selling world artists of the present.

He gained two prestigious Brit Awards, he was also nominated for Grammy. His fresh song All the Lost Souls became golden after after the first week and the single 1973 meant his first international number one on both sides of the Atlantic. James Blunt dated Czech top model Petra Nemcova, they met in December 2005 and started dating the following year. They were together until February 2008.

James Blunt in Prague @ Tesla Arena, Czech Republic, tickets at Ticketpro for 1.500 – 740,- czk


Arnost Lustig was Awarded

The well-known writer of Czech origin Arnost Lustig gained from the hand of Pavel Bem the Prize of Franz Kafka. The annual giver of the prize is the Franz Kafka Society. Their intention is to highlight those important personalities of world literature, who have merit in values of democracy, tolerance and humanism. The prize is given with a reward of 10 000 dollars. “If you would get 10 000 dollars, you would be happy too” the fresh laureate commented his feelings.

Arnost Lustig is the author whose main inspiration is primarily his own life experience. The horrors of holocaust have became the main topic of his short stories, later novels. The most known books are Demanty noci (Diamonds in the night), Modlidba pro Kateřinu Horovitzovou (A Prayer for Katarina Horovitzova) or Dita Saxova. A few of his novels were filmed, in 2003 his novel Krasne Zelene oci (Lovely Green Eyes) was nominated for Pulitzer prize in prosaic category.


Prague Exhibition Ground going to be renewed

the front building stayed, its left wing is no more The Incheba company agrees with the endeavour of Prague of fast renewal of the left wing of the Industrial Exhibition Palace, which was destroyed by fire. They stated it in a reaction to the Prague city addition to the contract. According to the addition the Incheba would pledge to use the money from policy to rebuild the left wing of industrial palace, and the rest eventually pay from their budget.

In the case the invested part would be lower than the policy, Incheba would transfer the the rest of money to the city of Prague. Incheba informed, they have insured the area of the Exhibition ground with 2,5 billions czk. Both sides now negotiate the contract addition.

The historical palace from 19th century caught fire from spray explosion. The sprays, intended as a cleaning means for teeth drill were stored at a stance of Pragodent company.

Czech Military parade on 28th October

On Thursday 28th October, on 90th anniversary of independent Czechoslovakia foundation, must everything be perfect. There will be 1 692 participants and almost 200 pieces of military hardware on the 2 hour parade. The organizers promise that it will be different from that pompous marches, as we remember them form the communist age. It is also going to be the first real military parade after the Velvet Revolution. There was one in 2003, but it was a parade in historical uniforms.

The parade is going to take place in Prague, Everopska street, the start is planned on 1 pm. In the front of the units is going to go 16 originals of historical standards from the First and Second WW, and which once belonged to Czechoslovak Units in the Great Britain, USSR and in Africa. Those pieces of fabric probably survived communism by a miracle.

The programme starts by a flyover of air forces. On the standard carriers connect the marching units of the army, police, firemen and police officers, in the complete length of 850. Their march will last for 11 minutes. The longest part of about 30 minutes belongs t the hardware, among which are tanks, helicopters and even snow scooter.


Milan Kundera wants an apologize for his allegations

The writer Milan Kundera wants an apologize from the Respect Magazine, which printed the article about Kundera reputedly informing against Miroslav Dvoracek in 1950, who was later sentenced to many years in prison.

Kundera described, which should be the formulation of the apology. In the case Respect is not going to do it, he is going to sue the magazine.

Respect published the article a week ago. It is called Udání Milana Kundery. According to it, the former western agent Miroslav Dvoracek returned from western Germany to Prague, where he accidentally met his friend. He let a briefcase at her apartment at college, where Kundera allegedly saw him and rushed to lodge information against him to the communist police.

Kundera denied he would inform against anyone, he doesn’t know how his name got to the report. Publishing of the information, with visible anti-Kundera coloring and with no other basis than the one paper got criticized by many historians. Hradilek (the author) also didn’t discuss it with the writer. On Tuesday, the Academy of Sciences had openly spoke in support of Kundera.

Skoda cars getting cheaper first time in the history

It is hard to find a better proof of automobile industry crisis in the Czech Republic than this. First time in the history of the label the cars got cheaper, some of the models up to 100 000 czk. “We have get to the decision at the basis of increasing competition pressure and the ongoing economic crisis.” Jana Skocdopolova from Skoda Auto stated.

new skoda octavia The car company brought their new price list yesterday, 22th October. Prices of all the models dropped, for example Skoda Superb without equipment dropped of 50 thousands czk, the best equipped model of about 100t czk. The model Roomster is now available for less than 300t czk.

Skoda Auto now fight, like the most of European car companies, with great recession in car sale. Because of it, the whole next week is going to go with constructing of new cars.

Czech Government Survived Vote of no confidence

Paroubek doesn’t have enough votes to invalidate the government, which also agreed on the state budget. However, the prime minister Topolanek doesn’t have parliamentary majority anymore. Topolanek must feel double stimulated now. When his position is weakened after the debacle in regional elections. It appears CSSD don’t have the 101 necessary votes in the parliament.

Jiri Paroubek labelled it as a ‘terrible moral strike for the coalition’. According to him it is not possible that a government with such a weak mandate would organize the EU chairmanship. And Topolanek? He says that they are in front of a fundamental discussion about what they are going to make in the rest of their functional period, and where they made the mistake.

The prime minister denied Paroubek’s appeal for his resignation with the comment, that “If the chairman of CSSD should lay down every time he loses an elections, he would still owe me a few of them” hinting at the fact this was the first CSSD victory.

Best European Documentary of 2008: From Czech Republic

The Czech director Helena Trestikova gained the price for the best European documentary movie. It is the first Czech movie, which has been appreciated by the academy during its existence, a sucess which the moderate woman didn’t expect at all. Prizes of the European film academy Prix Arte are considered to be the European Oscars. The prize for the best documentary movie went to Helena Trestikova and her movie Rene. The author seemed really surprised: “I absolutely didn’t expect it. Just the nomination was something I considered the top one can achieve.”

The Trestikova bets on relationships and social problematics, she made about fifty short documentary movies, picturing young delinquents, necromaniacs or prostitutes. Her specialization is the time-collecting method, where the film protagonists are watched and filmed by her for tens of years. This way, she created the Marital Etudes, which was a stunning success in Czech Television. One of the etudes was developed into the documentary film Rene (he is a recidivist who even robbed her house), which won the festival.


American Visa Abolished for Czechs. Now What?

The American President George W. Bush has announced Czechs do not need visas anymore, starting probably on 17th November 2008, the exact date wasn’t released yet. Still, there is a necessity for Czechs to fill the Internet form, where are going to be similar questions as were given in the past visas meetings at the US embassy. Basically, those questions are aimed for sorting out those who could be dangerous for the US.

The registration is free and stay valid for two years. Those who want to go there need a digital passport where is saved a photo and finger-prints. The controls at the US airports continue in the same way as before. Those who have the visas do not need to make a new ones. Those, who received a negative answer after filling the electronic form have to go to the Embassy for a second shot.


Alicia Keys in Prague Video shortly before concert

Alicia’s first concert in Prague took place on 14th October 2008. Pikant magazin wrote about it: “… an impressive music programme accompanied by magnificent show. Literary breath-taking were her songs when she played the grand piano during her singing. She proved how much tameless energy she has. “

About the video: Alicia Keys going to sing at HC Sparta Arena, going to the stage, the crowds are going mad up there, Alicia comes to the stage wearing (prolly artificial) fur coat… “ I’m in Prague, feeling good … also, we are at some fricking hockey ring!” She also learned a sentence in Czech. What sentence? Find out in the video….

Kocka's burial: 3 pairs of horses

One thousand five hundred of funeral guests, five hundred cars, three pairs of horses, who are going to carry the body of Vaclav Kocka jr. into the newly build family tomb at Brevnov. It starts today at 11 am. Drivers going through the metropolis can expect a lot of traffic limitations.

The mourning parade is going to stop at Brevnovsky Klaster church. So be prepared to meet some heavy traffic at the area. Kocka died at a celebration of Jiri Paroubek, where he was shoot. The police haven’t still negated theories that the death and fire of Prague Exhibition Palace, which is connected to Kocka family, has the same vendetta behind.


The Left Wing of Industrial Palace must be Rebuild in Two Years

The capital city of Prague came with a solution of the Industrial Palace fire with an addition to the contract with Incheba company, who hires the palace. City councilmen have agreed that Incheba is going to build a replica of the Industrial Palace left wing until 30th September 2010 the latest. If Incheba won’t accede to the convention, the city is going to withdraw from the lease contract.

Incheba is the insurer of the Prague Exhibition Ground, so to rebuild the palace should be financed from the policy. If the amount won’t be enough, they will pay the rest. If they won’t agree with it, they can still pass the works to the city. Incheba company has not commented the proposal yet, but there may be even a law-suit, as Incheba has the palace rented from 2001 to 2061.

Vaclav Havel doesn't believe that Kundera would inform against anyone

Last week magazine Respect brought an article informing about Kundera’s alleged informing for the STB communist police. This week, the ex-president Vaclav Havel defends him – according to Havel Milan Kundera is innocent.

“I have a lot of reasons for thinking Kundera didn’t rushed to the station of the State Police to report that there is a spy going for a suitcase with information. I think that it didn’t happen so stupidly and that it wouldn’t.” Havel wrote.

Vaclav Havel also send word to ‘the young historians’ by which he probably thought Adam Hradilek, from whom it started – saying they shouldn’t behave the way their communist predecessors did.

The happenings from the 50’s, when the artificial political processes culminated and people were send for anything to prison, some even to a place of execution, are necessary to be percepted in their historical context, says Havel.

The Prague Industrial Palace caught fire from sprays

the front building stayed, its left wing is no more The fire which burned the left wing of the Industrial Palace in Prague to the ashes started to spread from one stance. According to the Police, the reason was a few highly flammable sprays in combination with a technical malfunction.

The sprays were made for cleaning a dental plate, made by Pragodent and stored at their stance, close to the wooden lower ceiling. After the fire started a shop widow broke, which brought sudden air and contributed to intensity of the fire.

Investigation of the case still continues, but the fact there were exploded sprays at the base explains a lot – the person who called the fire brigade said that he herd an explosion. The speed by which the fire spread was indeed surprising. The fire brigade, even when they were there in 15 minutes, were happy to save the main building and the right wing.

Reasons why ODS lost the regional elections

1.Topolanek’s governmend got important votes from the turn-coats. This behaviour, which also helped re-election of Klaus, the court labelled as political corruption.

2.The Radar matter was never effectively explained, thanks to propaganda of also Russian secret service the public hate it now, but ODS never took care about it.

3.Political scandals – corruption, abusing of state money, also not able to deal with scandals within the ODS.

4.Delaying of Euro – thanks to it and strong crown have thousands of companies existential troubles.

5.Payments for health service – were introduced withut differences for everyone, again without communicating it effectively

6.Less money for families with kids, less money for the sick. Higher taxes.

7.Topolanek’s public behaviour – even when a good prime minister, he behaves completely arrogant to the public.
Source: denik


Topolanek taking Fire

He gets criticized by the country marshals who lost their positions. CSSD won crushingly in regional elections by 13:0. Topolanek got from the unshakable position into being taken to go to hell. He is being blamed for the debacle in the regional elections, now also Vaclav Klaus has indirectly kicked him, too. Klaus said: “The voters wanted a change. But I have a bad feeling from the victims of this wish have became the country marshals, who had been doing a good job.”

Topolanek has objected, the country marshals have their piece of responsibility, because they have put through their project of no central campaign, and in the case of many there was hardly any campaign at all.

Beside Topolanek, the most criticized person was Julinek with his health reform. Even when everybody know we do not live in socialism and free health care is utopia, he wasn’t able to communicate it to the people in the way they could accept it, and his arrogance cost ODS a lot.


Kaplicky Refused State Prize, Disgusted by Two-Face Politics

The Architect Jan Kaplicky, the creator of the winning design of the new Czech National library, refused to accept the prestigious prize for contribution to Decorative Art. The prize-giver is the Ministry of Culture, the very same ministry that blocked him from building his winning design. “I consider the prize from the office that inhibits me to fulfill unacceptable.” Kaplicky reasoned his decision to the Culture Minister.

Kaplicky so became the first artist, who refused the significant state prize for an outstanding piece of architecture, by which he brought fame to the architecture in the CR. The reward for Kaplicky, 300 000 czk, the ministry gives to art activities.

Jan Kaplicky has won in the international architectonic contest for the new library, last year in spring. Still, it is not clear whether it will be build at all. The director of the National Library and a supporter of Kaplicky’s design Vlastimil Jezek was called off his position a month ago.


Industrial Palace in Prague – the week after fire

the front building stayed, its left wing is no more To sue the Incheba company, which take care about the Industrial palace at Prague Exhibition Ground considers the Pragodent company, which had equipment worth tens of millions czk in the left wing, which burned to ashes this weekend. They still wait with the legal proceedings, until the police investigation finishes.

The Incheba company also announced that they are going to initiate and organize restoration of the destroyed wing. The Exhibition Ground returns to business as usual – since Saturday, Incheba arena, swimming pool, Krizikova fontana, Sea World, Maroldovo panorama, and all the gastronomic facilities opened again.

Demolition of what remains from the left wing started yesterday. The substitute hall should be there soon, to see the wing rebuild is going to take a while.

The metropolis still weakened by Hepatitis A

During the last week, another 73 people got infected by Hepatitis A in Prague. At least the number is smaller than the week before, when it 95 got the infection. Now the Prague hygienic station files 584 cases in Prague, which means about 750 people in the whole country. The capital of course continues with anti-epidemic actions. One of them is for example vacations, which were applied to 4000 people so far, according to Prague councilman Pesak.

The infectious wards of Prague hospitals Na Bulovce and Faculty Thomayerova hospital are packed with the infected, the epidemics started at the end of holidays and the sickness still spread. It is still a small epidemic, though, compared to the one in 1985, when there were thousands of infected, at that time from Polish ice-cream. This time, the starters were Russian drug addicts.

Neo-nazis - Gipsies fight averted by police

The march of right-wing extremists in Litvinov has grown up into a conflict. Two people got hurt in the extreme action, Litvinov during the Saturday afternoon resembled a warzone. Quite a rough encounter of the radicals with the police produced two wounded.

About three hundred extremists gathered at a square, expressing their disagreement with the present political system. The crowd was shouting slogans like “Czechs to Czechs” or “Stop the black racism”. Than the mayor of Litvinov stand out, banned the gathering and ordered them to break up, as the demonstration wasn’t officially authorized.

The situation developed in a predictable way. The neo-nazi groups started to fight the police, broke their cordon and rushed Litvinov to gypsy quarters in smaller packs. Some of them made it there, where a group of gypsys, anti-fascists and left-hand radicals waited for them with clubs and baseball bats. The battle of these groups didn’t take place as the police forces stood between them.

The outcome is one hurt policemen and one hurt extremist.

Is Bem going to Big league politics?

Prague is the only district, which kept their ODS at lead. The crushing loss which ODS achieved in these regional elections bring the old question back – Is Bem going to work as the Prague Mayor as long as possible, or is he going to change it for the highest Czech politics?

ODS really got a piece of voter’s mind this time. How to get out of the trouble before the parliamentary elections? One solution is clearly visible: to replace Mirek Topolanek in the lead by Pavel Bem.

Meanwhile Prague ODS discuss silently about promoting Bem, Bem himself doesn’t want to talk about it, he has never wanted to. But it is very imaginable that if he challenged Topolanek, at the upcoming ODS meeting, he could get enough votes. Than, the new Prague Mayor would be probably Blazek, with Bem as the ODS leader.


CSSD Crushing win in Regional Elections

CSSD smashed ODS in regional elections by the 13:1 rate. The only region where ODS vindicated their position is Prague, the rest is led by the Social Democrats now. The weekend elections confirmed what we knew for a few months – the reforms ODS initiated, the radar matter and in recent weeks the Tlusty-Morava case, the ODS founder president Klaus shouting nonsenses every time he has a chance made their part – ODS have dropped record-breakingly.

On the other hand, CSSD under the iron-fist leading of Paroubek is united as it has never been before. Jiri Paroubek can celebrate his big triumph. They are going openly against the unpopular health charges, and they openly disagree with Klaus. They seem as a party that care more about people needs, than the needs of the country as a whole, so there will be increasing of state benefits and National debt.


Kundera Case – Dirty Work of One Journalist

It all started from one article in Respect magazine. A ‘young explorer’ Adam Hradilek claims, the world famous writer and dramatist Milan Kundera lodged information against his university colleague to the communists. To write such an article about a famous person should be well backed by proofs. The only document Hradilek had was one police form. A form made by the STB, the communist secret police, an organization rotten to the roof. Instead of focusing on getting those STB agents to jail, the person decided to launch the article about Kundera. The article, which was clear it will instantly bring world reaction, and for some people, especially those who are eager to judge anyone the worst way, it will be finally a tool to lynch one of our best writers.

What is now going to happen? Quite probably, now there will be a battle for the truth. Whom are we going to trust? The testimony of historian Pesat, claiming that the informer was Dlask not Kundera, at the basis of discrepancies at the document proving there are large mistakes inside and his research of the matter? Or we are going to believe a document written by the communist police about Kundera being an informer? The second one satisfies the worse instincts, so for most it is satisfying. But they, who happily shout: lets get Kundera now! Are those who at the basis of old injustices make new ones, Kundera is the one who helped the whole nation to get a little more light.


Bush is going to announce when visa for Czechs stop

The President of the United states is going to announce in the White House today, for how long are the visas going to be necessary for Czechs going to the USA. It was announced by the foreign ministry of the USA yesterday.

That USA visas are going to be abandoned is a result of long-term goal of Czech negotiations. Czech politicians have indicated that the visa could be abandoned at the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution on 17th November.

Bush now agrees with the term, so 17th November is with high probability the day when we finally won’t need visas for travelling to the USA. Beside the CR, the list of 27 countries dispensing with visas would grow bigger of CR, SR, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, maybe even Malta and South Korea.


Killing Shooter at Paroubek's Book Party

In the Monach restaurant in the centre of Prague, the son of the keeper of Matejska Fair, the businessman Vaclav Kocka jr. was murdered on 9th October. It happened only a few hours after the leader of CSSD Jiri Paroubek baptized his new book, which translated title would be Czech Republic, Europe and the world by the Eyes of a Social Democrat.

When Paroubek left, the guests continued to party. The shooter Bohumir Duricko sat and drink a few drinks with Kocka. Afterwards, they started to quarrel, witnesses stated it was reportedly about who had more money with him at the moment. What happened after? Duricko claims Kocka attacked him, trying to punch him. As a consequence, he pulled out a weapon and shoot him three times. He would shoot him four times, but the projectile stayed blocked in the breech.

The family of Kocka was heart-broken, the father and keeper of Matejska Fair had to be transported to the hospital. Duricko later said he is afraid of vendetta. At least we know what people are among Paroubek’s friends. Paroubek later tries to disavow from the shooter, but its no use – he financed some CSSD campaigns.


Industrial palace stricken by fire

the front building stayed, its left wing is no more The massive fire which raged in the left wing of Industrial palace at Prague Exhibition Ground have left a wreckage behind, the part of the palace has collapsed in less than hour, leaving only heavily damaged remains of walls. The cause of fire is not known yet.

The large fire started yesterday at about 7 pm. Even when professional police units were at the place in a moment, and firefighter units from various cities surrounding Prague in a few moments later, however they only achieved the fire didn’t spread to the main building, the left wing was down at 8 pm.

In the burned down left wing of the palace had, according to some information, rented spaces a company, which belongs to Jan Kocka, brother of the murdered Vaclav Kocka jr. He was killed last Thursday after baptising ceremony of Jiri Paroubek’s new book. That is another big stroke for Kocka family.

We may ask, how it is possible the hall started to burn that fast, that in 15 minutes there were flames going out of every window. Was the fire set on? Or just an accident?

Kanye West cancelled his Prague concert

The American rapper Kanye West aborted his 24th November Prague concert, which should have taken place in O2 Arena. The first home performance of the denary owner of Grammy price was moved from production reasons. Barbora Vokata from the organizing WTF agency said they are negotiating the new term.

West dominated this year Grammy prizes. He won four of eight categories he was nominated in. According to the expectations he got price in the category of the best rap album with his record Graduation and the prize for the best rap artist.

The tickets you bough in the distribution net stay valid for the new date of his concert, whenever it is going to be, or it is possible to get cash back at any Sazka terminal.


The Real McKenzies in Prague

Although the Real McKenzies are a punk group from Canadian Vancouver, they are strongly rooted in their Scottish heritage. The music of these ‘new-age Celtic singers’ is possible to define like a fusion of Sex Pistols and Scottish folk legend Robbie Burns.

The founding member of the group – front man Paul McKenzie, who formed the group in 1994, says his motivation for Scottish group is: “… when I was young, my parents used to dress me up in a kilt and made me dance and sing traditional Scottish music. To make a Scottish punk group is my way of paying back.’

The Real Mckenzies have vagrancy in their hearts. They are filled by greedy appetite for punk show and Scottish whiskey, they still develop their style to present it to millions of fans. Their newest enterprise, the ‘Of the Leash’ album embodies the spirit of wild energy and cheer.

4th November 2008, Tickets 250 czk in the pre-sale, 320 at the spot. Prague classic Rock Club Rock Café


Tutankhamun – Huge exhibition at Brno started

Visitors of the monstrous exhibition Tutankhamun – jeho hrob a poklady (his tomb and treasures) are going to see a real rarity of Egyptian exhibitions – a realistic copy of the hugest archaeologist discovery of the past century.

The scientific team which created the exhibition have worked on it for five years, gathering over 1200 perfect copies Tutankhamun’s treasure. Those copies were made directly in Egypt. Beside gypsum, wood, irons and plastics real gold was used. To exhibit the originals is not possible since the 80’s Egyptian laws.

The exhibition has its screenplay – the idea is to slowly unwrap the treasures for better impression. First, it is necessary to see two short films, the first about Tutankhamun’s family, the second about his finder, Howard Carter, which ends shortly before the unique discovery and the visitor enters the first burial room.

The perfect illusion is said to be breath-taking. Czech city Brno is the second European city where the exhibition went, the next city is Munich.


Representatives of no-close-narodni-metro-station petition met politicians.

The new building construction on Narodni Trida violates the law? Representatives of about 8000 citizen who subscribed under the petition against blocking of the metro station because of the new house Copa Center, with Maj shopping mall, offices, flats, have met with the Prague part mayor Hejma.

Signers demand a new access would be made from Lazarska street. When the station Narodni was build, there was plan for two vestibules, at the time only one was build. The signers demand building the second one so the station wouldn’t have to close. The investors however know it would prolong the construction for at least a year.

The group around the petition are ready to file an action in the case the station would close for the time of construction, which would be at least two years. They also demand Metrostav company would adhere the law and build a barrier-less entrance during the reconstruction.


Engineering sites under Prague sight-seeing

World unique net of collectors attract more and more tourists. During the first year since opening about 2500 came to see the engineering sites. 90 kilometres of collectors that goes under the city centre of Prague holds almost all engineering nets – from electricity, water and gas to the Internet. There has been about 4,5 km of tunnels made accessible for tourists.

The future visitors have to book for one of the four traces in advance, preferably using the web page, the trips are possible to take on Mondays and Wednesdays. The traces start by a joyride in a little mining train, which transports cables and pipes normally. Price for one person is 300 czk, for that you can see engineering sites which are admired by experts from all around the world.


Czech National Building in New York re-opens

The Czech National Building in New York was build in 1896 in neo-renaissance style according to the design of the German architect William C. Frohne. The Czech centre is placed in the Yorkville district, in the residential Upper East Side at 73rd street. The original building was financed by collected money of local Czechs.

The building fell into decay in the last years, so the Czech government decided to buy it and reconstruct it. Now, it will be re-opened ceremonially on 30th October with presence of representatives of the Czech government. And what does the house do?

The Czech National building in NY aim is mostly to present the Czech Republic and its culture. For example there will be exhibitions made in cooperation with Leica Gallery, for example Lenka K. Galerioni or Petr Ulrych, but also concerts with music of Antonin Dvorak and various congresses.


Pool: Who wants € in Czech Republic?

The message of people under 30, university students, businessman and those, who generally earn more money is: we want to use Euros as fast as possible. That came out of the pool ordered by LN for the GfK agency.

The elder part of the CR and those with lower incomes have quite opposite opinion – they wouldn’t rush to accepting the European currency. Some of them even deprecate Euro, they underline Czech crown strengthening.

Representatives of GfK confirm respondents with lower income and lower social standards are rather afraid of Euro. They are afraid converting to Euro would raise prices. They don’t realise prices in crowns are already higher.

A big influence is also the Czech government, with Vaclav Klaus as the big euro sceptic. The minister of finance Kalousek commented they will reveal the plan for Euro exception no sooner than the next year. So the year 2010 is probably very soon.

AC/DC in Prague

After long waiting for the decision of the legend of the Australian rock to finally come to Prague it is finally here. During their long-expected world tour they visit, among other cities, Prague. The concert takes place next year, though, so anything can happen, but lets be optimistic.

The concert should take place on 17th March 2009 at the famous O2 Arena. The concert will be the third stop of AC/DC in the Czech Republic and the group is going to introduce songs from their new album Black Ice, which will be released on 20th October.

AC/DC were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March 2003. During the ceremony the band performed “Highway to Hell” and “You Shook Me All Night Long”. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith described the band’s power chords as “the thunder from down under that gives you the second-most-powerful surge that can flow through your body.”


Paukerovo Lahudkarstvi – Pauker's Delicatessen in Prague - snack paradise

Delicacies from all around the world, but also well-tried recipes, which during the First Republic attracted such stars as Hugo Haas and Adina Mandlova. The newly reconstructed delicacies shop of Jan Paukert. The history of the famous shop goes back to 1916, when it was founded by Jan and Stepanka Paukert. The son of the founders came back and participated on the opening. The son of the most famous delicacy shop in Prague has already celebrated his 90th birthday.

The renewed enterprise wants to attract its customers mainly by traditional pieces of the Czech delicacies; sandwiches, salads, quality Czech smoked dishes or handmade kremrole – cream rolls. Beside reintroducing old Czech recipes the shop also offers top European delicacies like Italian salamis and hams, French cheese or foie gras. Read the whole article

Eggs were really used when building the Charles Bridge!!! Certified.

Denik Metropole presented the outcome of latest scientific research, which had the aim to finally find out the truth about eggs in Charles Bridge mortar. According to the legend, Charles IV ordered to add egg yolks to make it more hard. We don’t have to say according to the legend anymore – it was proven he really ordered to put eggs to the Charles Bridge.

The scientists deeply scanned the calcic mortar from 14th century, found out there are egg proteins. The detailed analysis information are going to be red by the mayor Mayor Bem at the opening ceremony of the new Charles Bridge museum. At Krizovnicke namesti in Prague. Its exposition has one pearl – a new, unique model of Charles Bridge building, depicting all the phrases and 350 workers.

Borders of Prague to have more green

If you have ever travelled to Prague by car, you know the concrete wall that you drive past by quite well. Long kilometres of construction halls, massive warehouses and factories are not positive feelings distributors. But – the borders of the metropolis are going to be green. More precisely, he borders should be made by a green wall of forests and parks, bikelines and sport fields. The city intentions can be, however, be complexified by buyout of the parcels.

The office of city development stated the continuing green fields will be about 1777 hectares. One third of the area, is a property of the city, the rest is under the middle-bohemian region or in corporal possession. In any way, the green belt is not a question of months, rather a question of tens of years.


The exhibition in Prague maps concentration camps

Until the 28th November it is possible to come and see the exhibition that takes place in the Office of the city city part 2 at Namesti Miru. The exhibition title is Places of suffering, death and bravery. Alltogether 27 panels map the origin, development and events in concentration camps during the WWII, the murder of millions of concentration camp inmates. The exhibition, which is organized by the second city part together with the Historical Group Osvetim and the Terezin memorial.

The exhibition consisting of photographs, comments, letters and authentic documents is opened for public every monday and wednesday from 8 to 17:30, every tuesday and thursday from 8 – 16 and every friday 8 – 13:30.


Park Vysehrad hosts Acapella festival Prague

The second year of the festival called A Capella Festival takes place this Friday in the romantic park Vysehrad in Prague, at the Old Burgrave building (Stare purkrabstvi). The concert would be not just for the Christians, all good folks are welcome. The evening moderates Ester Kocickova, a very sensitive soul person.

The performing groups are: Yellow Sisters – ll-women vocal group – acapella, who travels through genres with easiness – soul, funky, r’n‘b, world music, jazz and reggae. They are musical illusionists, experimenting with voice and looking for originally ways of expressing melodies and rhythm.

Others are Vokalni skupina VOSK, vocal group who sing various very old religious and folk songs, Kackala, a group of girls bringing angry words of wisdom, freedom, and some mobilities as a bonus. Ridina Ahmedova uses the technique which Bobby mcFerrin used for his song don’t worry be happy.

17th November from 19:00 tickets: 200 czk, park Vysehrad dressed in autumn colors.


Road-toll in the centre of Prague will be 50-100 czk

To get rid of those terrible jams in Prague 1 is one of the main points of the Prague City hall. What is a better tool than a toll? To enter the historical centre in a vehicle will be paid for. The representatives have already decided they are going to invest 55 millions czk into preparation phase. Bem himself said “…toll is a means for controlling the car traffic in the center of the city.”

When is the toll going to be established? Probably not in the next year, the most optimistic estimations speak about 2008/2009 turn. The Prague City Hall in present time evaluates what the price of entering the centre should be, but they agree it should move between 50-100 czk, 1,8-3,7 €. Which compared to toll in London which is 8 pounds a day, quite nice.


28 Gambling rooms are going to disappear from Prague

From Prague district of Zizkov and Vinohrady are going to disappear about twenty eight game enterprises. When the Prague City hall agrees with the list of the most problem premises, they will disappear to January 2009. Those playrooms were put on the list because they somehow break the rules, set by the new city public notices, which are set for improving the quality of life in Prague. Among the other points were e.g. ban of public drinking which cleaned notorious places off the strange individuals, and also more limitations of prostitutes movement in Prague streets.

Prague got swarmed with game rooms after the revolution, some of them at prestigious places where a quality restaurant or a club could be, and the new public notice is very aware of it. The first twenty premised didn’t have licence for gaming machines, one was opposite school. The number of gambling rooms at Prague 3 is 131, so there is still quite a lot of them.

Personalities of world culture and politics are in Prague

In Prague Zofin Palace, the first work part of the conference Forum 2000. That takes place in the metropolis under the auspices of the ex-president, dramatic Vaclav Havel, it has been held for twenty times already. The topic of this year is “openness and fundamentalism in 21st century”. A few dozens of thinkers, front personalities from the business world and contemporary and former big league politics, came to Prague to discuss about problems of democracy, culture, human rights and also potential treads.

On the meeting, which hosts, beside Zofin, also Laterna Magika or Goethe Institut, also appears the chess genius and Russia opposition politician Garri Kasparov or an economist Jan Svejnar. Other welcomed person is our foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg and French philosopher André Glucksmann. Today conference is going to be finished by Vaclav Havel’s speech today afternoon.


Prague Wenceslas Square exhibition

The place where the tourists always headPrague Wenceslas Square where you can smell sausages, tourists meet among luxurious shops and prostitutes, diggers and construction barriers. This most famous Czech square has always been mirroring the age in which Czechs lived, adjusting itself according to the atmosphere.

Changes of Wenceslas square were being pictured for forty years by a Prace paper photographer Vilem Kropp, who walked through it every day and his black-and-white nostalgic photographs able us to see the Square as it lived in 40s and 80s, at the exhibition which is placed directly in the lower part of the square.

The pictures depict the square in the days of loneliness as well as filled with crowds during important history dates. The exhibition also looks to the future, with the bright project which should start in 2014. The exhibition ends this Friday 17th October 2008.


Czech Television Broadcasts Drastic Clips about Road Safety

The authors of the emotive campaign, which warns drivers against dangerous behaviour at the streets are skilled film makers, with the director Filip Renc by the camera it became the most drastic, but also the most expensive TV campaign in Czech history.

The videos which Renc made need to be broadcast after 10 pm for opened naturalism going to brutality. The Czech TV puts them on for free, so you don’t know when they appear exactly, but you can be sure there will be blood and people dying.

The most expensive was the clip called Embryo, which illustrates what happens to it when there is a car accident. If you dare, you can have a look at these here:
Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3
The original idea was to lower the number of mortal accidents in the Czech Republic by about 70.


Alicia Keys concert tomorrow

Alicia Keys is an American R&B, soul, and neo soul singer-songwriter, pianist, cellist, and actress, who sold over thirty million albums worldwide and has won numerous awards, including eleven Grammy Awards, seventeen Billboard Music Awards, and three American Music Awards.

Alicia has managed to unite a wide range of public and critics in her favour. Even when she sings passionately like Arethy Franklin, she is able to connect it with musician’s exactness pointing to classical music roots.

The beauty of Jamaican-Italian-Irish origin Alicia J. Augello-Cook (b. 1981) written her first song Butterflyz at the age of fourteen, which wouldn’t be unusual if she hasn’t played it until now. On her début she already acts like a fully – grown interpreter.

Talented and universal Alicia Keys, performs tomorrow 14th October 2008 at Prague Exhibition Ground.


Techno Carnival Parade in Prague

About two thousand people in Prague participated on a protest carnival march against infringement of personal liberty. The event called Freedom not Fear started and ended at Prague Stvanice, the participants danced a circle through city. The event was a carnival, so there were various masked folks and decorated cars.

The organizers wanted to alert on the increasing activities of cities and states when monitoring the citizens, which the state and local governments exercise. “The number of camera system in every European city grows without limits out of control. If anyone in power want to monitor someone, it became very easy, also thanks to no limits for tapping”.

The carnivals were invented by international initiative, which took place in more than 20 cities of various countries. The Prague City Hall originally banned it on its intended track, the organizers had to choose an alternative one. Vaclav Sroub of the group entered a lawsuit with the City Hall as a consequence.


Local Government Election in CR: Even

October elections to regional councils are going to be a dramatic one. Both the biggest parties, the government ODS and opposite CSSD would gain, according to the Centre for opinion pool research, the very same number of votes – 28,8%.

KSCM would get votes from 16 percent of voters, the People’s party 8% and the Greens 7%. From those who can, about 54% would come to vote.

The pools related to the local governments differ from the parliamentary election. There is CSSD in the lead, it has been there for about a year.

The local government elections take place together with the first round of the senate elections on Friday 17th and on Saturday 18th October.


PENDULUM Australian DnB in Prague

The Australian project originated in 2002, when producers and djs with experiences from metal groups united to lately achieve something no one outside the GB did before – capture the trone of DnB scene.

Their first singles like The Valut or Back To You made by their massive sound a revolution on the DnB scene, and we hear them even today at almost every broken beat party.
Their monumental first album Hold your Colour sold over 250 000 pieces and their remix of legendary track Voodoo People caught attention of the last ignorants.

Pendulum come to Prague first time in the complete set-up.

“We want our music to be an adventurous escape from the reality. Technologies improve, production and recording techniques improve, but something is missing – the original feel of escape from the reality and opening to new adventures, that energy which brought us to electronic music.”

Pendulum say: Turn on the radio and you will hear a dozen of tracks which are either about what everyone encounters every day, or about how you should shake it on the dance floor. It sounds professional, but there is usually nothing behind it, no value added. We would like to hear something new and refreshing, some music taking you to the another galaxy.

The price for the concert is quite higher than usual, but don’t you think to hear Pendulum is worth those 850 in pre-sale and 1000 at the spot? They come to Roxy in Prague … what else to add?


How Vaclav Havel teared STB tapping microphone

The ex-president described to Mf Dnes the tapping issue.

MF Dnes published an article about tapping of the ex-president Havel, at the time promising dramatist of the Na Zabradli Theatre. The secret communist police STB defined him: “He comes from bourgeois family. His father was during the first republic an owner of big restaurants in Prague”

They started to tap him in 60’s, because Havel was surrounded by young artists disagreeing with the regime. They were meeting in Havel’s flat near to Vltava (It is the yellow house right beside the Dancing house) so the STB decided to put microphones to his flat.

Havel now gave MF Dnes the story – the occupation of Czechoslovakia has changed opinions about Russia of many, including those at the STB. One of them phoned Havel: “Be careful, you have a sniffer at your flat” Havel didn’t know how to get rid of it and not reveal his source, so he made up a trick. He invited an electric technician to put a new chandelier, during installing which they ‘accidentally’ found it.

Havel acted surprised, and called the police. They advised him to tie the microphone, so it couldn’t be pulled out. But the STB officer tried to pull it anyway so hard, a wire with it fell on the floor. Havel with a friend run up the stairs, but the agent was gone – he run away on the roof.

This more or less entertaining story was only a mild display of what horrors awaited Havel in the 70’s. But that is another story.

Orient Express Now in Prague

There is probably no train more famous than this one. The luxury on track, the train set Orient Express has arrived to Smichovske nadrazi in Prague yesterday. It arrived from Venice and Vienna. It is going to sty in Prague until Saturday, when it heads to Paris.

The train was developed by Belgian businessman Georges Nagelmackers and made its first journey in 1883. The first journey took passengers from Paris to Varna (Bulgaria) and were then ferried by steamship across the Black Sea to Constantinople.

The train set has seventeen cars altogether, among which three restaurant cars, with French cooks and Italian waiters, one bar car with a piano and a pianist and two service and baggage cars. The rest is sleeping cars. How much is such a trip? About 1 830 €.


Seaworld at letna finally denited!

After eight years of debates, the plan of building a huge seaworld with sea creatures at the place where giant Stalin statue used to stand, ends. It lost suppot of the Prague City Hall. Resons are mainly aversion of Prague citizens, political parties, and individuals; for example Vaclav Havel stood at the side of citizens. Prague City hall has declared they stopped the project this week.

The petition, under which about 7 thousand people signed, was initiated by the Greens. They celebrate now: “A seaworld in the centre of a city is an absurd project” the semi-chief of the Greens stated. Letna is a place where constructions fail, like in the case of Blob. Most probably it is going to stay the way it is – a peaceful zone of relax. The surrounding area of the Stalin’s place is a training ground for street skaters, a very good one.


YouTube now in Czech version

The USA giant Google strengthens its position on the tiny Czech Internet. The most visited video server of the world YouTube was provided with navigation in Czech yesterday. According to the Mediaresearch, about 62,4% of adults visit YouTube monthly, so it probably pays off. Youtube offers information about Czechs as well as for Czechs, many cult Czech shows are there.

YouTube was invented in 2005 by three Americans, as a server for uploading home-made videos. Today, it is one of the most visited places on the web, where users of all around the world upload 13 hours of video every minute.

YouTube fought battles because of copyrights at its beginning, now finally the authors understand that if they upload the video by themselves with credits, it serves also as an advertisement for the actual product. For example dj’s use YouTube for playing the records they intend to buy.


Slayer in Prague !

Finally, an agency brave enough to invited the legendary giants of metal, Slayer, to the Czech Republic. The Agency Obscure Promotion had the guts to try it. The concert takes place during their tour Unholy Alliance III. Slayer also bring their support groups like Mastodont, Amon Amarth, Trivium and others.

The synonym of trash in its pure form come to raise some hell. Slayer, the group which in 1983 moved by the record “Show No Mercy” the borders of general perception of extreme in heavy metal music. The quality guarantee and merciless metal orthodoxy. The group which became salt in eyes of many, for many the way of life.

Slayer comes to Prague on the national holiday of 17th November 2008 since 17th in the Sport hall at the Prague Exhibition ground. Tickets only 690,- czk plus charges at Ticketportal, Ticketpro and Ticketstream.


Numbers of the Sick with Hepatitis A in Prague are on the decrease

In the capital city, the number of people infected with Hepatitis A has, the first time since the epidemic started at the end of the summer, started to drop. Meanwhile in the week before last about 95 people infected acceded, last week it was 74. The Prague hygienist Zdenka Jagrova comments “We haven’t won yet” but at least it is an improvement.

About 600 people got infected until now. The most newly infected were registered last week. The most affected demographic groups are adults among 20-45 years, because the epidemic started among Prague drug addicts, more specifically Russian drug addicts. The advice stays the same – wash your hands before meal, every time you touch something outside your flat.

Artist to broadcast Morse code from Petrin lookout Tower

Since Thursday to Sunday the Prague Lookout Tower is going to broadcast light and sound signals. The Project called Ne – tajné signály (no-secret signals), which author is the Italian artist Stefano Cagol, is a part of the international festival of contemporary art Tina B.

The sound and light signals broadcasted in Morse code will liven up the Lookout Tower for a few minutes at 7, 8 and 9 pm.

The art light in metropolis takes place because of the Tina B. festival since 25 September to 15th October, introducing various forms of committed art. About seven tens of artists participate. It is in Laterna Magika, Galerie Kritiku in Adria palace and Italian cultural institute in Dukelskych hrdinu street.


CSA strengthening lines to Germany

Czech airlines CSA intend to focus their Boings especially on traffic to Germany and to the Balkan. More planes than the last year head for Stuttgart, Hamburg, Istanbul, Skopje or Belgrade, stated the speaker of CSA Daniela Hupakova. Together, the CSA machines to 129 destinations, 21 more than the last year.

According to Hupakova, the airlines want to satisfy German and all western businessman, who can use the wide net of CSA in southern and eastern Europe. With that is related setting of bigger airplanes to the main German transition station Frankfurt. The in-country flights expect a boost as well, for example the flight from Prague to Brno.

The Prague Airport also plans to reduce some lines. The long-distance flights to New York are reduced from 7 to 5 a week.


Bronze paving stones – little Jew monuments in Prague

Anyone, who, starting toady, goes through the Jewish quarter, can bow to the victims of holocaust. Representatives of Jewish Youth Union (the Union) put ten bronze memorial stones to honour those who died in a concentration camp or in a ghetto. Placed gently in pavement they are in front of the houses, where the deported people lived. They are not pompous – the adjective for them would be ordinary.

The Union put ten stones in nine streets. The first stone was laid by the art author Gunter Demnig in Jachymova street. The other ones are in Parizska, Kozi, Tynska or in the street Politickych veznu. The Union count with much more in the future. The whole project was inspired by the similar one in Germany, the idea is the stones should commemorate ordinary folk, not anyone famous or specific.


The Metropolis and 90th anniversary of the Republic foundation

The spectacular exhibition was prepared by the Prague Castle, Czechoslovakia was founded exactly 90 years ago and the Castle is exactly the place where the exhibition should be. Those who like music and/or military history and modern art are welcome. The first of the events is the exhibition of Czechoslovak legions in Russia.

The exhibition is made accessible on 10th October in the Old Royal palace. A small part of the photographic collection and documents stored in the central military archive in Prague and in Russian state military archive in Moscow is to be displayed. The material from the military archives will be complemented by samples of hardware used by the legions.

How big the exhibition is? About 800 exhibits, from which is four hundred unique photographs, but also historic weapons and authentic objects.

Czechoslovak legions in Russia 1914-1920
Exhibition at Old Terezian Wing 10 October – 18 January


New Space Lagoon in Prague Seaworld

The Sea World in Holesovice opened a new giant transparent pool. Together with it, the public was introduced to the unique project of mental relaxation called Vesmirna Laguna – The Space Lagoon, which author is an artist and a psychologist Zdenek Hajny. Both the novelties were ceremonially introduced during the sixth Morsky Svet (Sea World) opening anniversary.

The Sea world in Prague is not as huge as the Californian ones, but still 4,5 thousand aquatics in 1200 square meters of specially adjusted ocean water is creditable. The exhibition has even its own mechanism that simulates the movement of the Moon and its phases during the night. Every year, the Seaworld is visited by about 80 thousand visitors.


Beh Kancelarskych Krys - Pencil Pusher Race in Prague

The unorthodox spectacle opens again! The visitors of the Prague 1 centre will be able to see clerks in suits, with a mobile phone and a folder in their hand, the fifth volume of the Kancelarskych krys run takes place!

The race is not only a sporting event, but a social event too. Representatives of different companies and institutions compete in file and folder-throwing, slalom on office chairs, and rope-climbing in a spirit of fun, giving a chance for stressed out office workers to relax.

The participants run in their traditional work clothes – men in business suits (jackets and ties) and women in dresses and skirts. With the only exeptin – sport shoes. Even the mayor of Prague, Pavel Bem, is going to compete there.

Ceremonies oversee the races and competitions from a stage situated at Fruit Market (Ovocny trh). From where the moderator calls the runners on their mobile phones and let it go from the speakers, forming favourite part of the event.


Afterpiece of Prague Taxi Demonstration

The strike of Prague taxi drivers, who have blocked the access road to Prague Ruzyne Terminal 1 las week, didn’t end by their success. The drivers demonstrated against monopoly of some taxi services at Prague Airport, they were against contract of the Airport with AAA taxi cars, which is the only taxi agency that has access there.

Now it seems, the debates are going to move from the streets to discussion tables. Can the Taxi Union succeed by a calmer form? They have debated directly with the general manager of Ruzyne Airport keeping, to whom they presented their solution proposal, how to systematically solve the problem.

Both sides have agreed the main debates will start at the end of October. Until now, no blockades nor strikes are going to take place.


Carps being netted – traditional christmas preparation

More than thousand quints of carps and hundred quints of other white fish are being fished out during three days, by fishers from Rybarstvi Trebon, of their one hundred forty hectare breeding pond Ponedrazsky by Lomnice nad Luznici. Yesterday so the biggest fishery in the Republic symbolically initiated the autumn fishing of the big ponds.

Prague also has its fishing ponds; Hamersky, Hloubetin, Pocernice, Reporyje or Liboc. Not only carps ended in the nets – also tenches, amurs, pikes, eels or catfish. All these will be moved into the care of cooks, tho only spared from the ponds are their mascots – albino catfish, which are sometimes kept for good luck. You can’t fight it. Christmas are coming to Prague again.

Kanye West Prague concert tickets already on sale

Concert cancelled
The day is Friday 24th November, the venue O2 arena and the interpreter Kanye West – what else needs to be said? What better is to do on an early Friday evening?

Kanye Omari west was born in 1977 in Atlanta and grown up in Chicago, where he lives until today. During his studies on the Chicago Academy of Art he produced for local musicians, lately he became famous as the producer of well-known artists such as Alicia Keys, Jay-Z or Janet Jackson.

Kanye brings some quality guests to this concert – he is accompanied by the New-York charismatic singer Santogold, who has published a great debut album and the London musician ans singer Mr. Hudson.

The albums that brought international attention to Kanye were The College Dropout, also the cooperation on the album The Diary of Alicia Keys got him points. So far, he sold over 8,5 million records.


Comics master of underground perversion Crumb in Prague

the favorite Crumb's motive - this time with clothes Robert Crumb comes to the Festival of writers 2009. He is one of the most open artists of the 20th century and what he started to create in 1960’s still has problems with people not accepting it. (With today tendencies for political correctness even maybe more ppl than in 60’s)

Crumb in 60’s came with a genial idea how to get tabooed themes to public – because everything coming out of official distribution was auto-censored, they founded their own distribution net including shops. Crumb himself made the cult comics Zap, and put the base theme in: do whatever you want.

The other guests of the writer’s festival Praha 2009 are the French poet of Syria origin writing under pseudonym Adonis and an important Danish poet Inger Christensen. They are both being discussed as possible gainers of the Nobel prize.

The literary festival takes place in Prague from 7 – 11 June. Discussion forum are going to focus especially on literature of the old worlds of Arabia and China with the leitmotiv :”the art of the story”


Prague Statues at Klementinum

Kelly's statue Joker The outdoor exhibition started already last week, but don’t worry, it won’t disappear easily from our eyes – the statues are now in possession of the capital city of Prague, so when their outdoor exhibition in front of the Klementinum complex ends, they will spread to the streets of Prague. Klementinum is famous for experimental and quite unique sculptures which they place in front of its main entrance to the study body.

The theme of the statues is ‘the long gone citizens and ghosts of Prague’, the author is a sculpturer Igor Kitzberger. Among the long gone and found again characters are Magister Kelly, three-head dog, Powerful Golem, Doctor Faust and many other well known and unknown ones. When the statues leave Klementinum after some time, they are going to be installed at places they are historically bound to.


Czech Army Speak in support of Dingo cars, its drivers not

Dingo drivers criticize it quite a lot. According to the ministry of defense, the problem of Dingo is not the design, but crappy Afghani fuel. They reacted to the LN yesterday article criticizing Dingos for their low performance. The Ministry of defence took Afghani oil samples for tests, only after they do or not find proofs of their claims,plan to take action.

If they find out Dingo’s problem is really in bad fuel, the logistically most complicated solution would be to ensure supply of quality fuel specially for Czech Dingos. If there would be problem with the car itself, it would probably slower the other purchase order, where the Czech Army wants to buy another 15 Dingos. The Drivers complain the US Army with Humvees don’t have the same problem.


The USA to abolish Visas for Czechs?

Many Czechs have waited a long time for that – to go the USA without visa is like music to the ear. The contract of relations dispensing with visas is going to be signed by the American minister of interior security Michael Chertoff. He should appear in Prague in October, the visa abolishment should start to be valid on 17th November. The date was selected as symbolic, so the visa requirement of visa will go down on the 19th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, which meant fall of Communist regime.

What is visa abolishment going to mean for Czechs? No more humiliating waiting in queue in front of the American Embassy for many hours and days, and no more paying of the fee of about 2 227 czk. Instead of that, only one online form will need to be filled in. The USA authorities are going to check it and respond in three days.

After Canada abolished visa requirement, this would be another powerful country sealing our cooperation by trust.


Czech Press Photo: Attractive Accident

The best Czech journalist photo of 2007? The massive collision on D1 from Prague to Brno by David W. Černý, Reuters. The mass accident was caused by inadequate speed of drivers. At that time in March, over two hundreds of vehicles crashed into each other, forming the biggest Czech car accident. It was a miracle nobody died there.

Back to the photo; the international commission selected the one from 4300 sent photographs by almost 400 authors. The selected winner impressed by symbolizing danger of mankind, hidden in automobiles. The couple on the photo is surrounded by carcass and they realize in shock, they survived completely by accident. They hug under blue blanket, and blue is the color of hope. The photography shows one of the biggest dangers of our lives. The winning photo is here

Designblok in Prague

Designblok celebrates it’s 10th Birthday, introduces over 200 authors. What is Designblok? An annual action showing newest trends in the area of design, design of past years and inspiration from the present; a kind of design chart.

77 best shops with design, interior and mode, 37 mode designers and hundred of design studios, designers, schools – you can meet all these in this year’s Designblok, taking place from 7th to 12th October. The total number of Designblok participants is really record-breaking, it presents 202 of them.

The centres of supporting programme are Superstudio Corso and Superstudio Dox, located in old industrial quarters of of Holesovice and Karlin, which, step by step from the floods in 2001, slowly become a favorite location for art and design.

If you are interested in the history of design or present trends, Designblok is the event, which you don’t want to miss.


Road-toll in Prague silently coming nearer

tiny old town Nobody doubts the road-toll introduction in Prague center will be introduced. In one year the pilot project, where the councillors establish a few streets in the centre as testing ones, starts. Few months later, they start to collect in the area of large part of Prague 1.

The Prague Mayor Bem stated from the beginning that it is a tool for disabling the drivers to thicken the traffic. With the same arguments he defends the sum of 55 millions czk, which the Prague citizens pay for the devices and others. But the money will soon return – the road-toll system is expected to bring significant profits as well.

The toll is primary for preservation of the historical core of Old Prague, which was build for pedestrians 500 years ago and it suffers heavily by everyday traffic jams.


Stock theft worth 300 millions

It is the second biggest theft in the history of the very Czech Republic. Thieves have stolen from hotel Olympic a strongbox with stocks of Hotel Olympik in total value over 300 millions czk. In addition, they took cash in various currencies worth over 1 million czk.

“The stocks are not digitally coded, they are only in its paper form” the leader of the company Sos described for MF Dnes. According to him the funds are worthless for thieves. Sos also appealed to to the potential investors not to buy the stolen stocks.

The thieves got into the hotel at about 10 o’clock. Opened the doors of the manager’s office and took the strongbox, and carried it out in a blanket or a sheet. The employees took notice of them and even seize d one of them. The police took information from his ID, but because he wasn’t carrying anything they released him.

They quite probably didn’t know about the stocks, and the theft wasn’t anything like the Czech theft of the century, where they took 564 Millions CZK (20,14 millions €) cash, leaving no track.


Czech Logistic problems in Afghanistan

The main car used in Afghanistan by the Czech Army is Dingo. The German armored vehicle with a machine gun on its roof costs 1,1 million € and has problems with going up a hill. The official name of the machine is Dingo 2 CZ 4×4 LOV and it should provide Czech soldiers in Afghanistan higher security. But until now, it only makes them angry, or it can even put them in danger.

Lidove noviny informed about the problems the army live through every day – the Dingo struggles with low performance, plus it is hard for it to keep up in a convoy going 60 km/h. Everyone, who work with Dingos, either complain about its low performance or high sensibility at oil kinds.

Put simply, Dingos have problem with going on the diesel which is available on the base, and which is normally used by the US army and on which the Humvee cars, South African RG-31 or Cougar cars go.

The Czech ministry of defence have ordered tests, whether the Dingos need more quality oil to run. In that case it would be much complicated than to take oil from the Americans.


NHL 2008

nhlpraguelogo Tomorrow in Prague and Stockholm starts the new NHL season. The Czech fan will have to get used to two missing Czech legends – Jaromir Jagr moved to Russia and Dominik Hasek retired and returned home. The question is, which of their fellow countryman will attract the most attention? Elias, Hemsky, Sykora, Plekanec, or somebody else? Let’s get surprised.

The battle of Stanley Cup starts once again. The battle, where you can watch Sidney Crosby to again play up to the words about new Gretzky. You can watch Alexander Oveckin shoot one goal after another. Who may become the new Jagr? Maybe Patrik Elias? Or possibly, if in good health, Martin Havlat? It can also be be Ales Hemsky, about whom Joe Sakic said he has more tricks than Jager up his sleeve?

The drama is at O2 Arena in Prague.

Dox, the new center of ART in Prague

jose-maria-cano-bullfight In Prague Holesovice, one of the three biggest private galleries in the Czech Republic opens. The exhibition space is three thousand cubic metres.

“Course” of the Czech visual arts significantly hardens. In Prague Holesovice close to Orten’s square, a new, ambitious centre of art opens, lining up to the two most extensive Czech private Galleries. Its name sounds international : DOX.

Those three thousand cubic metres will be to disposition to Czech and foreign artists according to selection of renowned curators. The first of them is Spanish José Maria Cano, who belonged to the pop idols in Spanish-speaking countries twenty years ago. He moved to London, and his paintings sell for a few tens thousands euro.

The Czech visitors will learn about the multi-significance of his paintings in Dox gallery from 19th October. The set Welcome in Capitalism depicts tens of portraits of powerful politicians, bankers and other men of property, who “govern the world”

The Dox gallery also changes into Superstudio of the biggest Czech design fest. Designblok takes place 7 – 12 October.

Use the Prague Cultural Bus line

This Sturday, the cultural bus starts from its depo again! Its aim? To deliver att the passengers to events for free. This Sunday, the Cool Tour bus starts for the 13th time. By entering the bus, the interested person can comfortably visit the expositions in Lobkowitz palace, the exhibition Krajina v Ceskem Umeni devatenacteho stoleti (Countryside in Czech Art of the 19th century) in Kinsky Palace or the permanent exhibition in the capital building of the National Museum.

Those who carry the Cool tour pass which is available at the cash desks of all the exhibitions will have a bonus; cheaper tickets. The special cultural line will go in twenty minutes intervals in the trace Staromestska – Malostranske Square – Prague Castle – Florenc – Staromestska from 9:40 to 17:30

Zizkov Tower Upgrade This Monday

enlightened zizkov tower This Monday the show with Zizkov tower starts. Prepare for blockade of surrounding streets and also for unusual sight. The action takes place on Monday 8th and it will be something that could fit into a Hollywood blockbuster, as the new tip of the tower will be brought on the spot by the Russian helicopter Ka-32, with two machines and maximum load of 12 700 kg.

Reasons for such a complicated upgrade? The Czech republic television finally changes to digital broadcasting. That asks for an upgrade of the broadcasting device, in this case the Zizkov Tower, which is not only a postmodern architectonical jewel, but also the source for TV broadcast for whole Prague.

The flying derrick is to replace the antenna during the day, providing there will be weather for it.In the case of wind, the streets surrounding will stay closed also on Tuesday. For those, who wish to watch the antenna replacement: The best places to watch it are Vitkov and Parukarka.


Croatian Rowdies Provoked Sharp Battle in Prague

About three hundreds of Croatian Rowdies have gathered yesterday after the match of Dinamo Zagreb with Sparta Praha, which ended in a draw 3:3. The most aggressive of them have provoked a skirmish with a camera person from the Czech Television. When the special anti-hooligan police tried to calm them down, the ultras started to throw paving stones, bottles and even started to hail, Nazi style.

One of thrown bottles hit a passing man, who had to be transported to a hospital with bleeding head wounds. Shortly before 7 pm the group of Croatian fans arrived at the Old Town Square, where they wanted to continue in violent behaviour. When meeting the special police unit there the hooligans started to battle, after which 150 of them were arrested. Another hundred flee to surrounding streets where they attacked random pedestrians.


Czech National Technical Museum Reconstruction

The National Technical museum at Letna has changed quite a lot by its last reconstruction. The visitors have a lot to look forward to – among others for spaces, which have never been publicly accessible. Levels, which were for many years occupied by interior and defense ministers and cartographers.

The museum has been closed for two years now. The first visitors can come in probably in September 2010 at the 100th anniversary of its opening. The reconstruction worth 600 millions czk aims to return the building its later-functionalist shape, given to it in 30’s by the architect Milan Babuska, and lately changed by the communists.

The museum has over 800 archive funds, wide set of photographs, designs and graphics. The specialized technical library has over 200t volumes of technical literature. The collection jewels are e.g. the Spitfire used by Czech pilots during WWII, and a plane from 1911, with which the first long-distance flight over the Czech land was made.


Cursed Gold at Prague Castle Exhibition

The unique exhibition “Proklete Zlato – 1000 let Zlata Inku” devoted to long-past culture of once powerful Inca nations. Fascinating, over thousand years old golden artifacts, catching description of their use, attractive installation of exhibits in special light showcases as well as description of dramatic history of the cruel age of Spanish invaders coming for gold… the exhibition offers something one don’t see everyday.

‘Cursed Gold’ is a unique opportunity to find out about Inca cultures of Andes. The rarely exhibited pieces form the Gold Museum in Lima, Peru will be presented in the Czech Republic for the first time. Until now, it was possible to see only in Germany, where it became visitors’ hit.

The exhibition opens 1st November in The Supreme Burgrave’s House of the Prague Castle.


Ghost Museum of Prague Opens!

The Ghost Museum of Prague Mysteriae Pragensia has ceremonially opened yesterday. What is its aim? To open the dark beauty of Prague to its citizens and tourists. The authors have conceived it in the way visitors can spend as much time as they want and to learn as much as they want.

The Prague Mayor Pavel Bem said at the opening ceremony: “We walk the everyday Prague, around its walls and we don’t know which stories took place behind them, wee walk streets with our eyes on the paving and often don’t see higher than one meter above the ground. The museum can open, or at least ajar our eyes, so we could precept the mystics and magic which belongs to Prague history.”

Read on about Ghost Museum of Prague


Money for Blob will used for Depository

The situation around the new national library is far from being closed. Even when Klaus and ODS used all their political pressure to prevent it from building, in the present National Library there is no room for new books, the heads try to solve the situation by building at least new depository. The National Library has bought a parcel in Prague Hostivar and had half a billion czk construction money released. That the money go directly from the fund originally intended for Blob is clear; the shadow minister of culture Jan Cieslar stated: “The ministry disposes total of 2,9 billion czk for Library matters” those are the Blob money.

The parliamentarian of CSSD and the ex-minister of culture Jandak is clear the main problem is reluctance of politicians against Blob: “During my work at the ministry, there was 1,9 billions and we count with another four” The depositary is not a substitute. It will help only in short-term horizon. The Blob will have to wait for the ODS to lose elections.


Emmons was pregnant when she won Olympic Gold

The Czech shooter, who won gold medal in the women’s 10 metre air rifle competition at the summer Olympics in Peking has been pregnant during the competition. Why we didn’t knew it? As she says, it shouldn’t be said before the first three months. She also says she is going to come back to shooting, in a year, in a year and a half. But everything will be different.

First, when she comes back, she will be a mother. Second, her coach and father Petr Kůrka is the coach of the Australians. But Katerina says, she is not a little girl anymore and that phone contact should be enough. And the baby? Whether it will be a boy or a girl, she with her husband Matthew Emmons haven’t revealed yet. And whether the little one will be a shooter, like the parents and their parents? “We will leave it on him to decide” The future mother says.

Designblok of this year – focus on Czech mode

Visitors of Designblok 2008 can feast eyes with clothing originals of renowned designers or see fresh trends of beginning artists.

Mode presentations in the world ask for more and more space and it is no different in Prague. More possibilities to present their pieces decided to offer the organizers of the design days Designblok. Under the name of Designblok Fashion Week 7th to 12th October tens of designers introduce their production.

“We perceive mode design in the context of lifestyle. A person interested in house equipment is also interested in what is he/she wearing. That’s our philosophy. We want to provide the visitors with complex view of design” The director of designdays in Prague “Designblok” Jana Zielinski said.

It would be too much to write about all the venues, better to go to their webpage here


International Competition in Acrobatic Rock and Roll, in Prague

Letensky pohar 2008 is an international competition in Acrobatic Rock and Roll. The competition takes place on

The competition Letensky pohar, as every year, takes place annually in the course of September or November. This year, the competition will have been organized for the fifth time. Moreover, as usual, there will be international participation not only within competitors, but also within the jury.

Couples of categories Children, Youth, Juniors, B-Class, A-Class, and Girls Formations of categories Junior and Main Class will take part in the competition.

Location: Sparta hall on Letna, Prague 7, Nad Královskou oborou 51, 18th October 2008 in Prague.


Adolf Born Exhibition in Prague

The exhibition devoted to fifty years of one of the most famous painters in the Czech Republic opens. Hardly any Czech artist is so well known to all the generations like Adolf Born. It is his merry approach to art and life, but also his diligence – he illustrated many books for children and adults alike, he also created models for animated movies – seventy of them(!), the number of books he illustrated is 225.

Born’s production is witty and funny. They deal a lot with the artists passions – literature and travelling. And with the later deals the exhibition in Hollar gallery – the name is “Merry voyage of life (50 years with graphic)”. And you can surely see a honest cut through the artist’s funny-psychedelic-colourful-witty-sexy-creative artwork. Born is the Czech author which legend has settled during his life already.

Hollarova Galerie, Smetanovo nabrezi 6 Prague, Until 19th October everyday exept Monday 10-13 and 14-18.


The Young Gods in Prague

The Young Gods come to Prague! The industrial rockers promised to make two concerts in two days, this Friday and Saturday. With their beginnings back in 1985, The Young Gods created five studio albums and a number of notable hits; you surely recall the track Skinflowers.

The group stands out musically by their live vocals, live drumming and real-time played electronic music, making a fusion of DJs and Rock performance. In that manner they are similar to the Primal Scream, but The Young Gods like to thing about themselves more like innovators searching for new approaches in music – e.g. their last album Knock on Wood is entirely acoustic.

With this tour, like their album, it’s all about the acoustics. This makes the tour special, as you can rely on the next one will be more typical. If you like TYG, don’t miss it. Tickets: 455 czk, via Ticketportal online or at the place Palac Akropolis, Kubelikova 27, Prague 3. 3rd and 4th Otober 2008


Prague Taxi Drivers Demonstrate at Airport

Taxi traffic on Prague Airport has been limited today, as the taxi drivers have blocked the access road to the Prague Airport.They protested against contracts among the airport and taxi companies.

They plan to block the road every day from ten to eighteen hours. The leader of the union has declared they are going to block the airport, until the Prague city hall notice their requirements.

About fifty cars stood before the Terminal 1. “That is sufficient as a blockade, we of course leave a track for ambulance cars and other emergency cases” Said the leader Jelinek. They want to prevent the cars of AAA taxi cars, which have contract with the Airport, from getting to their work.

This week will probably be a little difficult, when you go to or from Prague Airport Ruzyne, prepare for a delay.