Compact archive October 21, 2008

Vaclav Havel doesn't believe that Kundera would inform against anyone

Last week magazine Respect brought an article informing about Kundera’s alleged informing for the STB communist police. This week, the ex-president Vaclav Havel defends him – according to Havel Milan Kundera is innocent.

“I have a lot of reasons for thinking Kundera didn’t rushed to the station of the State Police to report that there is a spy going for a suitcase with information. I think that it didn’t happen so stupidly and that it wouldn’t.” Havel wrote.

Vaclav Havel also send word to ‘the young historians’ by which he probably thought Adam Hradilek, from whom it started – saying they shouldn’t behave the way their communist predecessors did.

The happenings from the 50’s, when the artificial political processes culminated and people were send for anything to prison, some even to a place of execution, are necessary to be percepted in their historical context, says Havel.

The Prague Industrial Palace caught fire from sprays

the front building stayed, its left wing is no more The fire which burned the left wing of the Industrial Palace in Prague to the ashes started to spread from one stance. According to the Police, the reason was a few highly flammable sprays in combination with a technical malfunction.

The sprays were made for cleaning a dental plate, made by Pragodent and stored at their stance, close to the wooden lower ceiling. After the fire started a shop widow broke, which brought sudden air and contributed to intensity of the fire.

Investigation of the case still continues, but the fact there were exploded sprays at the base explains a lot – the person who called the fire brigade said that he herd an explosion. The speed by which the fire spread was indeed surprising. The fire brigade, even when they were there in 15 minutes, were happy to save the main building and the right wing.

Reasons why ODS lost the regional elections

1.Topolanek’s governmend got important votes from the turn-coats. This behaviour, which also helped re-election of Klaus, the court labelled as political corruption.

2.The Radar matter was never effectively explained, thanks to propaganda of also Russian secret service the public hate it now, but ODS never took care about it.

3.Political scandals – corruption, abusing of state money, also not able to deal with scandals within the ODS.

4.Delaying of Euro – thanks to it and strong crown have thousands of companies existential troubles.

5.Payments for health service – were introduced withut differences for everyone, again without communicating it effectively

6.Less money for families with kids, less money for the sick. Higher taxes.

7.Topolanek’s public behaviour – even when a good prime minister, he behaves completely arrogant to the public.
Source: denik


Topolanek taking Fire

He gets criticized by the country marshals who lost their positions. CSSD won crushingly in regional elections by 13:0. Topolanek got from the unshakable position into being taken to go to hell. He is being blamed for the debacle in the regional elections, now also Vaclav Klaus has indirectly kicked him, too. Klaus said: “The voters wanted a change. But I have a bad feeling from the victims of this wish have became the country marshals, who had been doing a good job.”

Topolanek has objected, the country marshals have their piece of responsibility, because they have put through their project of no central campaign, and in the case of many there was hardly any campaign at all.

Beside Topolanek, the most criticized person was Julinek with his health reform. Even when everybody know we do not live in socialism and free health care is utopia, he wasn’t able to communicate it to the people in the way they could accept it, and his arrogance cost ODS a lot.


Kaplicky Refused State Prize, Disgusted by Two-Face Politics

The Architect Jan Kaplicky, the creator of the winning design of the new Czech National library, refused to accept the prestigious prize for contribution to Decorative Art. The prize-giver is the Ministry of Culture, the very same ministry that blocked him from building his winning design. “I consider the prize from the office that inhibits me to fulfill unacceptable.” Kaplicky reasoned his decision to the Culture Minister.

Kaplicky so became the first artist, who refused the significant state prize for an outstanding piece of architecture, by which he brought fame to the architecture in the CR. The reward for Kaplicky, 300 000 czk, the ministry gives to art activities.

Jan Kaplicky has won in the international architectonic contest for the new library, last year in spring. Still, it is not clear whether it will be build at all. The director of the National Library and a supporter of Kaplicky’s design Vlastimil Jezek was called off his position a month ago.