Compact archive October 27, 2008

Eurokey toilets for disabled; in Prague slowly, but steadily grow

The idea came from Germany twenty years ago, when they wanted to help the disabled and handicapped to ease the access to toilets. Nowadays, hundreds of thousands of people in various countries use it. In Prague, when those on wheelchair want to use a special toilet when going sightseeing need to look it up a bit, but at least the number is increasing.

If someone wants to get the Eurokey, he/she has to be disabled, and fill a simple form at the Disabled union. With intention to help the disabled mobility in Prague were made these toilets:

Slovansky Dum passage
BB Centrum – C Building
Brumlovka bridge – lifts
Regional authority of Middle Bohemia District
Botanical Garden in Troja
Oil Station Lukoil, Prague 9
Shopping centre Hostivar Park
Kotva Shopping Mall
Some Trainstations

Barman show competition in Prague

The original non-alcoholic cocktails, which basis is mineral water, were mixed by two groups of barmans from 19 countries of the world this weekend in Prague. During the competition Mattoni Grand Drink in the InterContinental hotel vegetable and fruit juices were mixed with whipped cream and other unexpected materials.

The bonus of 200t czk was in the end given to Bulgarian Vasil Kolev for his cocktail Grapatonni from mango, grapefruit and pineapple. “I just invented the recipe, tried to make it, and it tasted good. So it tried my luck again on the competition and it worked.”

The exclusive innovation on the competition was the cocktail night, during which have battled sixteen best Prague bars from Friday evening to Saturday morning.


Czech Etymologist escaped from India custody

Darjeeling, city at the traditional border of India and Nepal
Emil Kucera went through a movie-like adventure at his escape from India. He, together with Petr Svacha were seized for collecting of beetles in India national park. They however claim they have never entered the park. The whole case was full of obscurities, the outcome only underlined its absurdity, as one of them was discharged, the second one got three years.

Kucera gave an interview for the CT, so we know how it was – his appeal which should have taken a week ago didn’t take place – simply nobody came there, so Kucera knew the Indian authorities are not going to give him righteous case. He wrote his girlfriend, who send him his second passport and money for the trip. Than, he moved to Darjeeling, and as he knows very well the area, about 2 hours walk was enough to get to Nepal. From there, he flew back to the Czech Republic.

The escaping etymologist has send e-mails to Czech embassies, apologizing for his actions.

And now the cherry on the cake – Petr Svacha who should have been home a month ago, stays, thanks to inability of Indian offices, still in India.


Klaus wants to get rid of Topolanek

It all started by one exposed SMS message, where in 2002 Vaclav Klaus writes about the freshly elected leader of ODS: “Empty and false Topol” showing his attitude to Mirek Topolanek. After that, Topolanek helped Klaus to be elected president twice, but Klaus became to be even more criticizing. Their antipathy was clearly visible during the Russian-Georgian conflict. Topolanek saw the Russian aggression, for Klaus the guilty one was Georgia. When they found out the President and Prime minister has different opinions, Topolanek checked: “It is true the president represents the country, but the unpleasant thing is he doesn’t have support in his own government.”

After the regional and senate elections Klaus said that “… one political party was erased from the political map.” Topolanek has refused that: “… outcome of parliamentary elections is still valid, and the political map won’t be changed in that sense.”

Senate elections in CR – Again, CSSD won

The voters came, voted and decided they want change. Again, the elections ended by a crushing win of the Social Democrats (CSSD) in the whole republic, except for Prague. CSSD won in 23 from the total 26 districts, it total they will have 29 senators. ODS won in 3 Prague districts, it lost six chairs, altogether it will have 35 senators. KDU-CSL has seven, KSCM 3, SZ 1, the rest parties have 5.

And meanwhile the Social Democrats spend the weekend celebrating and looking for the best word for describing their success (the most taken was ‘epochal’) the Civic Democrats debated about separating the function of the ODS leader and the Prime minister. In other words – how to make Mirek Topolanek leave the lead of ODS. But if he wasn’t the Prime Minister, the government wouldn’t probably last.