Compact archive November 2008

The Royal Route in Prague renowned

Narrow streets in the Old Town are crowded. The pavements are narrow, parked cars and streets take too much of the space, which was originally, hundreds of years ago, designed for pedestrians only. The great crowds of tourists, who go to see the Royal Route, plus number of natives have to squeeze their way through everyday – that should change. The Town Hall of Prague 1 is going to make some changes, starting the Vienna-styling of streets and pavements; the streets are going to be lifted to the level of pavements.

The other visible street change will be the street surface. They are going to be re-paved, the pavements will get new mosaic paving. The current single-shift streets stay on their place, but the speed is going to be more reduced.

The whole area should be came more accessible to pedestrians, which is the main reason for the adjustments. There should be less car traffic and more aesthetics. There will be more front gardens. One square form old times returns, pushing one parking lot away; it makes place for two trees, benches and a drinking fountain.


Klaus indicated departure from the ODS

The president Vaclav Klaus have indicated he may be leave the ODS, which he founded. At the same time, he expressed he would support a new party, which would be right-wing, and euroskeptical (like himself). A month before the ODS congress, which should decide the new direction of the party which suffered crushing loss in regional elections, Klaus said “I am still in ODS for a few days, but we will see”.

Klaus is a critique of the ODS leader Topolanek, and a supporter of Pavel Bem, who is going to fight Topolanek for the post of the party leader.

According to LN, the new right-wing and euro-skeptical party called Libertas could participate in the European parliament elections. The party would closely cooperate with the Libertas motion, founded by the Irish antagonist of the Lisbon treaty, Declan Ganley. Klaus would undoubtedly supported that party.

Prague Airport – Tourists welcomed there by the city placard

Those, who arrive to the Airport in Prague after December 08, are going to get welcomed by large scale placards, depicting things like the Charles Bridge, the Railway Bridge at Vyton, one of the Apostles from the Astronomical Clock, or the sculpture Ctirad a Sarka from Prague Vysehrad. The City Hall has selected winners of the graphical designs, that are going to make propagation of the metropolis.

The winning artist was Peetr Salek, who introduces Prague in its variety, showing the old and modern architecture of Prague, also in-tune with the moder architecture of the Airport. The presentation should show Prague as a friendly, modern metropolis, which keeps the cultural heritage and provides quality services for its visitors.

Only during the first half-year, about six millions passengers passed through the airport, and they should see some presentation of the city they just arrived to. Such practice is common all around the world.


Czech Senate passed the Radar treaty

The senators of the ODS, KDU-CSL and the Club of opened Democracy have preferred the arguments of the government before the votes of the citizens and said ‘ok’ to the radar base in Brdy. The Upper chamber of the parliament have 81 seats; 29 social democrats and 3 communists were against, the rest were for.

The proposals of CSSD to postpone the decision for a year were not answered, mostly because it was clear they would postpone it long enough to get to the government and cancel it together with the communists in the end.

Mirek Topolanek gave the lead of yesterday debates by saying it is absolutely unacceptable to bow before the Russian neo-imperialism, only to get short goodwill of Moscow. Now, the parliament needs to discuss it once again, and if it will be signed by the president, it is good to go.

Klaus said, he is going to sign it, so we may see the structure built after all.


Academism and kitsch combined = Prague exhibition

There is an interesting exhibition you can visit in City Gallery Prague, which is situated in the 4th floor of the main building of the Prague Municipal Library, Marianske Square nr. 1, not far from the Old town Square.

The exhibition is called Bytosti odnikud, in English Beings from nowhere, with a subtitle Metamorphoses of Academic Principles in paintings of the first half of the twentieth century. The title of the exhibition quite appropriately says what it is about. It presents works which were made with aims to present human body, somehow following academic principles of its depictions, set centuries ago. Although those principles were seriously “overcomed“ by avant-garde movements in late 19th and first half of 20th century, there obviously still were authors, who followed old academic principles of realistic depiction of human body, and especially popular depictions of female naked body.

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The best dumplings in Prague

The competition of the best yeast dumpling in the Czech Republic is a favorite and medially attractive event, where front chefs, gourmets and people from public life evaluate quality, taste, conduct and overall impression of this traditional Czech food.

The most delicious yeast dumpling in Prague are made in the hotel Intercontinental. What is interesting – they are not made by the chef, but by one of his apprentices. Karel Schwarzenberg under whose patronage the competition takes place commented there were only two samples of the total 20, which could have been called dumplings, and one of them was the winner.

Also, beside the dumplings competition, there was a competition of the best ‘svickova’, the traditional Czech sauce made from cream with vegetable. The winner was Hotel Monty in Marianske Lazne.


Czech Senate Approving the Radar Treaty

The Radar treaty passed through the parliament, and now it also has to get through the senate, to be approved. The Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg start the meeting by saying: “We have to decide, which message we are going to send to Obama’s America.” when he asked he senators to support the programme.

The senate has to decide, whether they approve, first time since 1989, residence of foreign soldiers on the Czech territory – the radar in Brdy would be operated by Americans.

The Prime minister Topolanek emphasized the base is not aimed against Russia, which protests against it aloud. But he also objected to Russian activities aimed to cancel the plan realization. “For me it is unacceptable to be the Prime Minister who is going to obediently bow and open doors to Russian neo-imperialism. “ by which recalling the 20-years stay of Soviet army at Czech ground.

It depends on, which signal are we going to send to Obama’s USA, Schwarzenberg continued in the theme which Topolanek started. He continued, we are going to show, if we are allies, or whether we need some more time to think.


Christmas in Prague – Selected Events

This year of 2008 brings traditional festivities, which you can enjoy while at Prague Old Town Square.

29th November – 10:00 – The international festival of advent music
18:00-18:15 – Lighting up the Christmas tree

5th December – 13:00 – 16:30 – Prague Advent Choral Meeting.
17:00 – 19:00 – St. Nicholas (Mikulas) show

9th December – Czech Christmas with Baby Jesus (Jezisek) the box for child letters to him is going to installed.

24th December – 21:00 – 22:00 – Czech Christmas Mass

31st December – 15:00 – 18:00 – Baby New Years Eve
18:30 – 00:05 New Years Eve celebration

1st January 2009 – 14:00 – 15:00 – Arias from Czech Operas carried out by the chorale and soloists or the National Theatre and the State opera

If you head to Prague, this little list should give the opportunity to get in some Christmas atmosphere. The best thing is those events are entry-free .


Prague Christmas Markets 08'

During this weekend, the markets begin. According to the organizers, the quality should be higher than all the years before, when the every year annual event occupies the centre. At Saturday, the vending and entertainment centres on the Old Town and Wenceslas Square open. This time, the Christmas markets will are going to be dominated by red colour, by which the roofs of kiosks.

Ceremonial lighting of the tree is going to open the centre of the metropolis to advent time festivities. The tree brought from Janske Lazne is going to be in white and gold color, light animation of 70 thousand LED diodes is going to represent snowing.

On the Old Town Square is going to open about hundred selling places. The kiosks are going to be placed in two directions, at the Old Town Square, the entrances will be ‘protected’ by two light angels. The Saturday evening is going to be a very visited event – the organizers say that there is usually as much people as during the New Year’s Eve.

Vinyl Magician Wax Tailor in Prague

An idea for the evening tonight? What about Wax Tailor and energetical Watcha Clan, whose today concert takes place within another party Euroconnections. The visitors can look forward to an evening full of contrasts – Wax Tailor professes moody trip hop, meanwhile the electronic nomads Watcha Clan satisfy fans of frenetic rhythms, which won’t let anyone calm. Both projects, which introduce themselves in Palace Acropolis, are connected by love to music, which get inspiration from many sources and celebrates cultural colourless and freedom.

A little of lazy hip-hop beats, a little of trip-hop melancholy and also some informal jazz style; those are ingredients, from which the French Dj Wax Tailor cooks his music mix. His main music instrument is sampler. Palac Akropolis, Prague 3, Kubelikova 27, admission: 340 czk.


Prague Industrial Palace Plans lost & found

The Right wing of the Prague Industrial Palace, which burned down a month ago, got into unexpected problems, but the story ends well. It was found out the National Archive doesn’t have the plans of the building. Such situation was quite surprising, if we consider that the Industrial Palace is one of National heritage buildings. It was neither in the City Hall, nor in the National or Technical Museums.

The plans suddenly appeared – somebody gave them to Prague Mayor Bem, however the person doesn’t wish to be named, and so are probably not going to find, who helped to rebuild it the original way. The discovery puzzles also the family of the original architect Bedrich Munzberger, who are confused, that the plans are owned by someone else than their family. It seems a little bit, like if somebody stole them.


Preparing change of Prague Parking zones

The system of parking in Prague 2 and 3 is going to change. As the main city part faces much higher need of parking spots than the rest of metropolis, the rules set are too stern, they want to adapt it for local conditions. The main point of change are the blue zones, which are designated for parking of locals, but stay almost empty during weekends, meanwhile those coming for visit have nowhere to stop. That is clearly illogical, and many have already pointed at that.

The rules of parking zones, like the Prague City hall made them, are not in favour of other city parts as well, the main points of critique are high strictness and high prices. The places which should cease to be “blue zones” are being tipped by the traffic police officers. Also some places, like Albertov, should stop to be a paid zone completely.

Burger King Opened first Prague premise

The American fast food chain Burger King entered Czech market. Its first premise was opened yesterday in the shopping centre Zlicin. The Burger King chain is going to be run by the franchise company of Polish company AmRest. They plan to open another one in Prague in the near future.

Burger King is the last from the ‘great trio’ of big fastfood companies, which came to the Czech ground. The Burger King premise in Zlicin is directly placed against the local McDonald’s. They commented they do not plan any special steps against the new-old competitor.

Burger king has opened 11 000 restaurants in the world so far. The first one was in 1954, so the company is a year older than their main competitor McDonald’s, which, however, has three times more premises worldwide.

The traffic returns under Vysehrad sooner

The Vysehrad tunnel is going to open for the traffic tomorrow morning. The closure, which was so much needed for tramway track repair, was ended four days earlier. The period of extensive traffic limitations ends, those twenty thousand cars return to their regular trace. On the contrary, the unique boat carriage stops going.

The term was shortened, because even when there was snowfall, it came later than the road-menders were afraid, so the frosts didn’t stop concreting. The concrete itself was of the special, fast-solidifying kind, which ables tramways to start going immediately.

The first estimations of the expenses is about 30 millions czk, also because there were three companies working non-stop 24 hours a day.


The Christmas tree arrived to Old Town Square in Prague

The almost one hundred year old spruce, 22 metres tall, arrived to Prague to become the Christmas pride of the Old Town Square. The company arrived with the tree about one hour after the midnight, the installation itself took two hours, so it was erected at three in the morning, exactly month before the Christmas Eve.

“Thanks to cooperation with police, the transport of the colossus run without complications. The worst part was getting the tree from the forest, as there was very heavy snowing during the weekend, and we had to use some heavy technique.” said the speaker form the shielding company

Ceremonial lighting of the tree is prepared on the Saturday, 6 pm. The Prague mayor Pavel Bem traditionally promised to show up on the ceremony, which will also open the Christmas markets.


Marketa Irglova Amazed Royal Abert Hall

The audience in London Royal Albert Hall thanked the Czech singer and pianist Marketa Irglova and Irish musician Glen Hansard by standing ovation. The tour of these two called The Swell Season.

The Audience appreciated the songs the duo sung together or with their group, some of the songs they sung with them.

The duo of musicians were in return amazed by Royal Albert Hall size; its capacity is 7000, and it was almost full. Irglova welcomed them by Czech “Ahoj” and than said “it is amazing to be here. When I came here first, I was in shock.”

Hansard fought his own battle as well – his family came there to see him: “That’s no fun to have the mother in the audience” he said, laughing.

The largest ovation came after the song “Falling Slowly” with which they won an Oscar.


Prague Museum of Post celebrate 90 years

The discreet house in neighbourhood of rush Revolucni street shelters one of the most interesting Prague museums, the museum of post.

The Museum originates ninety years ago, it was founded on the same day, when the first Czechoslovak postal stamp came out.

The anniversary is commemorated by today opened exhibition, which brings information from its history, but also many, never displayed, unique pieces from the museum depositary, like the stamp proposals, which weren’t realized.

The Museum has in their collection over a million of collectible pieces, not just stamps (some of them really expensive and unique ones) but also post carriages or post boxes.

The exhibition lasts until 1st February of 2009.

Czech Neo-Nazi group will be banned

Delnicka Strana (Workers party) known for their demonstrations for extreme aims is going to be banned. The government supported the opinion of Ivan Langer, appealing to the highest court for ban of the party. The party has called in another demonstration as a reaction, and again in Litvinov, where the extremists tried to get to Gypsy part of the village to make war.

Langer said: “Democracy must have strength to defend against political parties, which under disguise of free political competition break the law.” The Worker’s Party surfs on the wave of social displeasure, connected to the world financial crisis, and also on the hatred which the majority keeps against Roma people, (also Roma people against the majority!) and unwillingness of politicians to effectively solve the ‘Roma question’.

The Workers party effectively uses the low instincts, offering no solutions, but offering violence. “Such institution, like Delnicka Strana, is not, and will not, be tolerated in Czech Politics” Langer added. The question remains, whether banning the party will, or will not, bring more members into the same party under a different name.


Institutional Court: Vaclav Klaus vs EU – Lisbon Treaty

The Czech Constitutional Court is going to negotiate the Lisbon treaty, which is going to change the operation of the European Union. Depending on the standpoint of the court, the treaty will be dealt with by the Czech government lately.

When this year in March Vaclav Klaus hunt the votes among the Czech Parliament in order to became the president again, he promised a lot of things. I remember one – he promised the KDU-CSL, who in the end decided the vote, that he is not going to block the Lisbon treaty, if the government decides they are going to sign it.

Klaus was voted the president and yesterday he declared in Radio Cesko, he is going to hesitate with signing the treaty. That he is going to wait, whether Ireland, the only European country who denied it, is going to change their opinion.

The is other problem is, even when the Institutional Court is going to accredit it, Klaus doesn’t have any deadline for signing, so the treaty hated by him can lay in his drawer for infinity.


Gladiator Games – Best Freestyle Motocross Show in Prague

The world best gladiator freestylers on motocross bikes show! The new age gladiators, competing for the respect of the audience arrived. Prague O2 Arena is going to change into the ancient Colosseum, we will become citizens of Rome and the men the new age gladiators in danger of life.

The great Freestyle Motocross Gladiator Games, the show full of great and often incredible jumps on bikes returns to Prague. The Freestylers are more than anything else magicians, who make you breath-taken. And what’s more – at the end, you, audience, decide, who is going to be the king of the arena. The performance is traditionally the adrenalin fun.

The first show starts on Saturday in 14:00, the second in 19:30, the prices of tickets vary from 190 – 950, they are possible to buy at all Sazka data terminal – i.e. at gas stations. Gladiator Games – 29th November 2008 in O2 Arena, Prague.

Stereo MCs concert in Prague

This year record ‘Double Bubble’ loyalty makes the ‘Stereo MCs sound, like the audience knows and loves it.

The Brixton group Stereo MCs comes back! Their another concert n our metropolis comes only a few months after they introduced their new record Double Bubble. The Stereo MCs, frequently labelled one of the most cultivated music groups of Britain, they were many time nominated for Brit Awards and Mercury Music Prize, sold millions of records and now they are back to prove they are still the same pioneers and party-makers like years ago.

After two years on tour, behind the turntables and in their Frontline Studio there is the Double Bubble, another record which is not possible to describe by the typical genre pigeon-hole. To refresh the Stereo MCs sound helped the 19yo producer Tic Toc, and their music sounds new again and it is clear, Stereo MCs don’t rest on their laurels. The first single Gringo can be heard in the air, and watched in TV with the virtual reality video.

Pre-sale Ticketpro 620 czk, at the spot 790.

The new and old songs by Stereo Mc wait for you in Roxy on Sunday 30th November 2008 in Prague club Roxy.


The Prague Christmas Tree chopped down, soon ready

The more than 30-metre pine tree was chopped down yesterday by the woodsmen in Northern Bohemia, in Krkonose mountains. The 90 years old spruce is going to decorate the Christmas Markets on the Old Town Square. The timber should be felled in the morning, however due to heavy snowing it needed to be done in the midday. Right now, the tree is going to Prague, by a very slow truck it should be there by Thursday midnight. It is going to be erected at 3 a.m.

The tree has 65 cm in diameter, and it is going to be ceremonially lighted up near the beginning of the advent, on 29th November around 6 p.m. The markets will begin, then, the Christmas markets start, offering the traditional fun like traditional toys, snacks, hot wine, but also concerts and christmas workshops for kids.

Spotakova Awarded 'Athlete of the Year' by IAAF

Barbara Spotakova had a season of dreams. In the incredible Olympic finals she gained gold by her last Javelin throw, than on the World Athletic Finals she made 72,28, so setting the new world record.

The record-breaking throw brought her another accreditation at the end of the season – by the Association of Athletics Federations she was awarded as the Athlete of the Year. She got the prestigious title together with the long race runner Tirunes Dibaba,who improved the present maximum on the 5-kilometre race by more than five seconds.

“It is absolutely amazing, I am very exited about it. I feel such an award is the greatest appreciation I ever gained. Basically, it is unbelievable.” Spotakova commented.


Burger King comes to the Czech Republic

The fast food chain opens their first Prague restaurant this week on Thursday, in the shopping centre Zlicin. “We have decided for Zlicin and not for the city centre, to show the customers we are here especially for the Czechs, not foreigners.” say the director of Burger King franchise of the CR.

There is space for other chains of fast food on the Czech market; “The demand exceeds offer on the market of this kind of food. There are people, who will always look for this kind of snack, and their numbers will be increasing with increasing purchasing power. The folks increasingly spend more time outside in any case” said analyst Mayer for Lidove Noviny.

The cornerstone of Burger King is the grilled hamburger Whooper. Its main distinct feature is its ‘smoky grilled taste’. The competition is not afraid of a new player – for example the speaker of Mac Donald Drahomíra Jiráková says that their restaurants are visited by 150t people a day.

Prague covered by snow this weekend

And here it is again, the nature didn’t waste time by waiting and started freezing us. Tonight, we can expect up to -15 °C. Such cold wasn’t here last year, now it seems we can prepare for a really tough winter. If you are a skier or a snowboarder, you can use those quite advantageous prices at Czech down runs and mountain hotels, if you are attracted by romantic Prague dressed in white, you are welcome as well.

Yesterday heavy snowing brought about four centimetres of snow, even in Prague. The temperatures were around -2 °C in the night and about zero during the day. It traditionally brought along high accident frequency, the road maintenance worked through the night so the roads would stay passable, still some drivers were out with summer tyres. As usual.


The Legendary Prague sweet shop Mysak Reopened

Another legend of the First Republic gastronomy returns. The Mysak Gallery is a house of sweet delight with the air of times long gone, still very much in demand. After Erhartova cukrarna on Letna and Paukert delicatessen on Narodni trida it is another Café with sweets, served with style.

The original premise met its fate, when the building was in a very bad shape in 1990s it finally collapsed in 2006. At the place grown a modern building. How to re-make a First Republic sweetshop in a 21st century postmodern house? It took almost three years, but now the shop opens in a very exact copy of the historic space.

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Ed Rush & Optical Tonite in Prague

You don’t know what to do on today evening? Why not come to a world-class dnb party? Ed Rush & Optical met in 1998, when they had many experiences with the biggest names of the time. But by founding the Virus label they established a dictate, which lasts in many respects until today. Their album Wormhole and the Matrix Sleepwalk they set the world in fire, making themselves one of the most important persons of dnb. Every one of their singles was played over and over in clubs, the album The Creeps only underlined how good they are.

At the present time there is the kicking Pacman remix and we can look forward to a new album. Today in Prague we can hear them both, the last time this summer came only Ed Rush for the festival Summer of Love. Today, they come both to show the sound, which became the top one of many drum and bass fans.

Prostor Abaton, Na Kosince 8, Prague, 21th November 2008. Ed Rush & Optical in Prague


Russia offered USA Joint Shield – This may be Turning Point of Radar Negotiations

The Russian president Medvedev announced they put great hopes into the new American administrative. Moscow is ready to negotiate with the USA about the anti-rocket shield in the middle Europe. Medvedev said it in his Saturday speech. At the same time, he added Moscow is not going to attack as the first against the Czech and Poland radar bases, which is the first time Russian representative doesn’t spit out threats as he speaks.

The highest Russian representative also promised the USA a dialogue about creating the united programme of the anti-rocket defense, which could be backed by the Russian Radar placed in Azerbaidzhan.

That the bases in Poland and Czech Republic will be build once seems more distant every day. Even when the contracts were signed by the US and the CR in August, now it waits to be agreed on by European Parliament. The speeches against were made by not only by Berlusconi, but also the Czech left wing now gains power, plus there is strong lobby paid by Russia which made a lot of people disagree with the construction.


Jewels from age of st. Wenceslas at Prague Castle

The collection of 30 historic silver, golden and goldened jewels decorate, since yesterday the permanent exposition at the Prague Castle – the Story of Prague Castle, which shows the visitor the thousands of years of history of the most famous Prague sight.

The jewels originate from 9th and 10th century, so from the time, when the area of the Prague Castle started to be be developed into the king’s garrison. The pieces were found in the burial ground behind the Prague Castle Riding School and they are displayed for the first time.

Almost the whole burial ground was being examined by archaeologists between 1972-1987. The unique site offers, for the present, view on the Moravia Magna period of of culture of the Prague Castle inhabitants.

The value of findings from the castle cemetery is being estimated at tens of millions czk. The oldest graves are from the 9th century.


The Charles Bridge dispute goes to Court

Whether the Charles Bridge reconstruction goes well or not will soon be decided by the court. The Mott MacDonald company, which works at the reconstruction, feel the name of the company was harmed by the preservationist inspection of the Ministry of Culture, that came with information the reconstruction is sloppy.

The reconstruction was criticized at the beginning of November by the inspection. According to them the contemporary reconstruction has ‘significantly harmed the sight appearance’.

The Town council and the National Preservationist Office reject the critique, even when they accept there were mistakes made during the repair. Various groups met yesterday to go through the document, but the inspection, from which it started, didn’t show up.


Tommy Emmanuel C.G.P. & The Eve Quartet Prague – Guitar across genres

Tommy Emmanuel, c.g.p. returns after a few years to Prague. One of the most original guitarist nowadays returns after the last phenomenal success. For his inimitable play technique called finger-picking he is a unique figure of the guitar scene. He plays by left and right thumb, he picks by both hands on the finger-board, making countless effects. His concerts, of which he makes three hundreds worldwide a year belong, also thanks to his natural showmanship and sense of humor to an extraordinary experience.

The Eve Quartet Prague (CZ) is a all-girl group of Prague HAMU graduates, master studies at the top music personalities. They also belong to the top inland and abroad (like the symphonic orchestra FOK Prague) etc.

Kongresové centrum – Congress Centre Prague, tř. 5. května 65, Prague 4, Metro Vysehrad. Tickets: 1.310 – 650,- czk. Tommy Emmanuel C.G.P. & The Eve Quartet Prague on Friday Pá 21th November 2008, start at 20:00


The Second Etymologist is Back at Czech Republic. The Indian Story is Over?

He left to India on 19th May to a planned two month holiday, during which he wanted to collect larvae of beetles for his scientific research. Petr Svacha didn’t have an idea his staying is going to take half a year, from which a month is going to be in a prisoner’s cell.

He gave away an interview for Denik, so now we know he feels good, and is glad he is home and legally, by which he points to the other etymologist, who had to escape from India law which went wrong in this whole absurd case. Svach anyway congratulates the other one for making it, stating that to play fair is possible only if the other side plays fair as well.

When he describes India prison, it is something one would probably really like to escape from: 25 m long room, with Turkish toilet in one corner and a television in the other, and two-metre long benches with the prisoners – there is about 30 of them in each room.

So the story is over – the two etymologists are finally home in the Czech Republic, with a story to tell their grandchildren. However, it pointed out the absurdity of the local law we are not used to in Western countries.


Prague Castle Exhibits Nativity Scene Gems

… made from all the materials; from wood to gingerbread, from glass to paintings. The Christmas are coming again to the Highest Burgrave of the Prague Castle. The third year of the “Betlemy” – Betlehems exhibition has started. Betlem is what in Czech stands for the Nativity Scene. The artpieces were made by the ‘Betlemari’ – Union of Nativity Scene Makers

The visitors shouldn’t miss especially the replicas of an old Nativity Scene puppet theatre, which entertained Prague citizens more than a hundred years ago, the gingerbread pieces, or the ceramic one from the 1930’s, originally made for the St. Vitus Church. The exhibition is at the Highest Burgrave of the Prague Castle and it is opened until 4th January.


Future Toll in Prague: Proposal of 120 czk

The charges for entering the old city centre in Prague could be more expensive, that was originally assumed. The representatives always talked about amounts usually stopping at 100 czk, but that is probably a history. According to the material of the counselling company Deloitte “When setting the charge to 120, the traffic is going to drop by 20% in the area” If the toll was 80 czk, the traffic would drop by 14%.

Surely that is a lot, but the total costs aren’t low either. The total, together with the necessary parking lots reaches above 4 billions czk. One of Prague representatives Witzany points out the system of one-way communication would be better, as the toll will only fill the city cash box with no effect on the traffic.

The Prague Mayor Bem is of the opinion it is too soon to jump to a conclusion. According to him, those 120 are just one of many proposals and didn’t want to comment it, which on the other hand means more yes than no. He concentrates more on defining who shouldn’t pay it, like locals etc.


Pool: Klaus does harm to CR

STEM Agency made a research, finding out three quarters of interviewed think the Czech President shouldn’t present his personal opinions without respect to the official stance of the Czech Republic government. Moreover, one half or enquired said Klaus does harm by his opinions the international image of the Czech Republic.

The in formations of the very renown opinion research agency are not to be taken lightly. The Czech television broadcasted it during the main news in a reportage about the Lisbon treaty. As for the treaty- 42 percent people understands what is it, the rest doesn’t. 1/3 don’t care about it, 1/3 like it, ¼ don’t like it.

Whether is the Lisbon treaty in conformity with the Czech constitution is being examined by the Constitutional Court, it should decide probably on 25th November. The Greens, and KDU-CSL are strictly or, also the CSSD. Klaus is against.

Two kinds of sweet shops - cafés in Prague

On one hand, there are gastronomic jewels attracting to home-made sweets, decently dressed personnel and period music, on the other side there are chains of fast foods, offering coffee in paper cups with a plastic spoon. Two competitors, who fight against each other on the field of Prague gastronomy.

Meanwhile renowned premises return to the centre, betting on the shine of the First Republic, the large shopping malls are a often the host of new fast-food premises, this time not offering foods, but coffee. The Costa Coffee enters the Czech pool in January. They aim not only for shopping centres, but also for libraries and other public places.

The new chain Costa bets on their coffee mocha, made from seven kinds of slowly roasted beans. Starbucks are successfully running their first shop and planning to open a new one.

Right-wing extremist carnage in Litvinov has 12 accused already

Those twelve people, who were detained on Monday demonstration in Litvinov, will have to explain their violent behaviour aimed to Litvinov Gypsies. They are 19-31 year olds, come from various cities, and there is also one foreigner. Most of them attacked the police cordon. Another case is of one woman, who shouted racist slogans.

During the sharp fights of Monday were hurt 16 people in total. In ten cases, they were policemen, the rest are civilians. The most injured is one neo-nazi, whose explosive exploded in his hand, tearing of his fingers and burned also other parts of his body. He is at Vinohrady Hospital.

The small Litvinov ‘War’ brought a anew question: Why the locals massively supported the neo-nazis, in numerous cases helping them to escape the police, or even shouting anti-Roma slogans with them? From the big part it is Litvinov sold the residential area to reality companies, that moved problem renters there, form which there is many Roma people. The Rest of the Village complain about noise and mess.

Prague Houses by Incomers, Imported Architecture

The Czech Metropolis has become after 1989 a favorite destination of architects abroad.

1.Dancing House
Can’t stress enough how good Dancing House is. The masterpiece of Vlado Milunic and Frank Ghery is indeed a jewel, accompanying a line from 19th century. When build, people were shocked, as this could very well have been the first innovative building after years of communist grayness.

2.Golden Angel
Smichov was traditionally an industrial quarter typical with its black-scale facades. When the factories went to the other world, Andel became one of the most rush crossroads in Prague, with business and shopping centre by Jena Nouvel.

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Prague Quarter in Shanghai information

Shanghai, the biggest city in China in terms of population, produces lots of architects, who sometimes find work in Prague. When they return, they found out Prague architecture left a deep imprint on their artistic expression. The reflection of typical features of Prague, more or less distant, can be seen on the copy of Prague riverside. With a lime tree promenade included.

The buildings were constructed in free architectural variations, typical for Prague. The architect didn’t forget the details, like lamps of street lighting or mosaic paving. They didn’t even forgot Baroque statues, typical for Prague. Other significant part is Rudolph Inn Hotel, resembling Rudolfinum with its monumental stairways. There is also the Pod Kastanem Restaurant – a Czech pub with everything.


Prague National theatre Celebrates 125 years from its re-opening

The building also opens unique spaces for the public, namely the presidential saloon. It doesn’t belong to the theatre, though, but directly the Prague Castle Management. The National Theatre shows how successful the first part of the Golden Chapel reconstruction was. The Restoration works of the Golden Chapel of the historic building were finished this year in spring, when the golden crown atop of the roof returned. It was regilded with 24 title gold in total value if 2,7 millions czk.

Reconstruction works will have to continue, though. The next year in March the general repair continues with the facade. The last big repair took place 25 years ago, none the less the facade is quite damaged. Pieces fall off string courses and embossments, the repair works are very much needed. The reconstruction counts with budget of 170 million czk.


Christmas Tree in Prague Next week

The traditional Christmas tree on the Old Town Square is going to appear on Tuesday 25th November. The light bulbs are going to shine a four days later. The 22 metres tall pine tree will be from Krkonose. Of course, the tree accompanying the Christmas Markets in Prague wont be the only only tree in Prague, trees an markets are going to be at various places of Prague. The decorated trees with markets are going to be on Namesti Miru or Namesti Republiky, a Christmas tree will be at Kampa, Karlovo namesti and other parks.

The events connected to Christmas, like concerns or fairs traditionally cost hundreds of thousands of crowns. The most money are paid by Prague 1, which is going to invest more than one millions crowns. At least the Old Town Square will really feel the Christmas spirit. Last year, we had really shiny Christmas.


Sarkozy Softens the Critique of the Anti-rocket Shield

At first the french prčesident Nicolas Sdarkozy announced, Europe doesn’t really need the rocket system, a day late he smoothened his statement down. He said every country can decide for itself.

Sarkozy’s statements about the American defense system, which is now a topic the whole world has something to say accumulate. After he met with the Russian President Medvedev and said there is no rocket system necessary in Europe, he turned around.

On Saturday, Sarkozy in Washington during the G20 meeting said the agruments for building-up can have racional arguments behind. “We must go through new geo-political questions” Sarkozy said on Friday meeting with Rudssia. “Every country should decide for itself” he said on Friday.

But really, is it too much to question? When Russia wants to Build rocket launchers as an adequare answer, we probably should build it as fast as possible, before Russia finds real partners for its plans.

Right-wing extremist demonstration turned into carnage

Seven injured politicians, the same number of injured demonstrants from the lines of neo-nazis and right wing extremists, plus two police cars set into fire. That is the outcome of yesterday extremist rampage in Litvinov. One of the most hard battles of radicals with the police in the last years started as a licensed demonstration of right wing supporters against local Roma people. During a few hours it changed into rampage.

The crowd of right wingers and locals went to Roma ghetto at Janov. The first fights start in front of the neighbourhood, when the police blocked the road, separating the neo-nazi from Roma crowd. The first fights start. Police on horses rush into the extremists crowd. Stones, petards and smoke grenades fly in the air. Fights continue until the evening. At the end, somebody throws molotovs into parked police cars, setting them in fire.


Czech M.P. Against Sex With 14 Year Olds

“I can’t make it up with legally throw fourteen year old girls before various deviants” the father of four daughters Jiri Cunek stated. The chairman of Czechoslovak People’s Party and a senator has announced his intention not to support the new Criminal Code passed by the parliament because of the age of criminal responsibility from 15 to 14. Fourteen year olds would not only be responsible for their crimes, but could also be a sexual object for the adults.

Hi opinion is shared by a number of frontal sexologists, they say the physical readiness does not equal mental readiness. For example Petr Weiss knows from his many years of practice that the girls who have sexual intercourse at an early age are more likely to change partners when adult.

The new criminal code should be valid since 2010, so the relevant non-complicated novel of the law could be made easily next year.


Former criminalist infirms alleged Kundera's informing for communists

The Czech writer Milan Kundera, who, according to the article of a young historian Adam Hradilek in 50s laid information against a former western agent Miroslav Dvoracek

According to the police investigator at the time, Kundera didn’t have to come to the police office and inform against anybody. The witness of the techniques Alois Paser, now 81, has worked as a criminalist and in 1949 and 1950 cooperated at investigations at Prague Letna college. Sudents allegedly often reported about suspicious individuals on the college, the same way could have been reported Dvoracek.

According to the Paska’s analysis the record was made after the action at the college, when Dvoracek was arrested. Pasek so concluded the criminalist could have written Kundera’s personal information as a ‘college foreman’, i.e. the person they can contact when in need.

The Communist Party returns to Power. Slowly, steadily.

After 19 years the communist party wasn’t allowed to do legislative they return to power at two regions, where they will govern with CSSD. In the Moravian-Slezko the CSSD led by Jaroslav Palas, who is ‘an ex-communist’ himself, agreed with the communists they will parcel the chairs 8:3. We can see return of old communist politicians, like RSDr. Svatomir Recman (RSDr means he studied communist politics at the university.)

The joint of CSSD and the KSCM (Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia) aroused sharp reactions. The Opava ODS member Zbynek Stanjura said the regional government is now under communist management, meaning decay.

The election was accompanied by the Young Conservatives and the representatives of Political Prisoners Confederation, stating: Paroubek told us we will get used to commies. Let him know we will never get.”


Dalai Lama visiting Czech Parliament

The Tibetan leader is going to talk with Czech Parliamentarians for the first time. China doesn’t like it of course. Dali Lama comes to the Czech Republic for the sixth time on 29th November. He previously met various MPs like Bursik, but this time he meets the whole ‘Friends of Tibet’ group of Czech Parliament.

Meanwhile China got finally used to Dali Lama meeting Vaclav Havel, to meet non-dissident regular MPs is according to China a ‘calculated provocation’. According to China Dalai Lama wants to separate Tibet from China, but he denies it – he only wants China to keep human rights there.

On 30th November, Dalai Lama is going to speak for Czechs in the Prague Congress centre with the lecture called simply “Understanding: the way to happiness.”


Berlusconi expressed love to Russia by aversion to Radar

The Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi claims the project of the American Radar in the Czech Republic is “a provocation of Russia” he said that during the official visit of Russia. He added that “the process of EU, USA and West drawing apart from Russia” should be stopped Corriere della Sera informs. “The problem in relation of Russia and the West exists and it could change in a catastrophe needlessly.” he points out. The strong statement was heard before today initiation of the EU and Russia summit in Nica.

Berlusconi also says what caused today tense atmosphere: “…the provocative project of the American anti-rocket defense in Poland and Czech Republic, the foreign recognition of Kosovo and the planned entering of Georgia and Ukraine to NATO. The Russian President announced that he is going to move nuclear rockets to Kaliningrad last week.

72 yo Berlusconi likes to provoke, it is question whether he puts himself int the role of a possible middleman among Moscow and Washington, or on the side of Moscow.


Sex With a Fourteen? Doctors are against the new law.

The new criminal code shocked the sexologists. The problem is not in a teenage couple having sex, but in the possibility of tossing a 14yo to some deviant legally. For example the Sexologists Zelmira Herrova says: “Fourteen is a sensitive age, when the kid learns to make love to a partner. If one has sex earlier, it is not complete on the emotional side. When they realize later, they have guilt feelings.

The sexologists know it is legal i.e. in Austria from fourteen as well – they simply say it is wrong, as human sexuality forms between 13-15.

If girls start having sex at an early age, even when gynaecologists say it won’t harm their physical health, their mental health is in danger, say sexologists. They know, that girls that have sex before they are 15 have often more sex partners, they are more frequently sick with sexually transmitted diseases and have more interruptions.

Is the possibility of getting a few more teenagers to jail really worth jeopardising lives of the much more numerous rest?


Breakers Pendulum in Prague

For the first, and probably even for the last, time, it is possible to encounter a truly unique show by the Australian project Pendulum, which is going to, using hard drum and bass with heavy electric guitars, demolish the Prague club Roxy, filled to the top by crowds.

The six member group is formed by musical veterans and producers. They went through waves of metal and hardcore madness, than went into Dnb frenzy, creating unique blend of styles. Today they are among the most fundamental groups on the scene, building their production on dj’s sets and life production as well.

Pendulum have achieved recognition by their debut album Hold your Colour and by their sharp remix of Prodigy Voodoo People. Pendulum live in Roxy, 18th November. Tickets at Ticketpro, 1000czk.


Czech Greens made trucks stop on Friday evenings.

After months of negotiations it is finally decided. The government has accredited the law novel of traffic law, according to which the weekend ban for trucks extends to Friday afternoons as well. The limit applies to cars heavier than 7,5 ton, which can’t go from 15 to 18 hours to any street.

The law also specifies the exceptions:

1)combined transport (highway + train)
2)subjects of fast decay
3)live animals
5)National Post shipments
6)cultural events equipment

Martin Bursik who put the proposal through explains it is forced by the heavy Friday traffic, during which is twice as much car accidents than in the other days. He continues that they wanted to limit Friday traffic, and the only way is to limit trucks because it is not possible to limit cars.


Czech European Chairmanship Logo

For the next half of the year, the country is gong to be flooded with bright letters. The Chairmanship symbol of the Czech Rep is ‘EU2009.CZ’, brought out in colourful letters. The other logo is the European map made of colour letters. The Prime Minister deputy Vondra explains it symbolises diversity and openness, our strong points.

The logo will be everywhere – on billboards, in television, on many souvenirs, like ties and scarfs, umbrellas or bags. That is a common practice in all the EU countries. The logo will appear at all the official events of the Union, which are going to take place in the Czech Republic in the first half of 2009.

Meanwhile Czech Government prepares for the event, the President Klaus earned critique in Ireland for his meeting with the local fighter against the Lisbon treaty. Irish foreign minister labelled Klaus’s opinions as absurd.


Klaus creates an unrealistic picture of the CR abroad

The Irish criticize Klaus’ words on the expense of Lisbon treaty. Klaus’ very often used word is ‘false’, (usually everything he disagrees with is false) so the Lisbon treaty is “shallow and false”. According to the Irish Foreign Minister Michael Martin Klaus, who labelled himself a EU dissident forgets that the real dissidents once helped to to free the countries of eastern block from communism. At that time, Klaus never did a thing for the dissidents like Havel, on the contrary, he was preparing himself for a career in the Communist party.

They consider Klaus especially dangerous in Ireland, because in this country was the treaty rejected on the contrary of what the government wished.The Czech President doesn’t mind the Lisbon treaty was denied especially of voters of the left. The Czech Green Party let himself be heard: “Klaus’ ultraconservative personal opinions, which he spreads no matter his constitutional function create unrealistic image of the Czech Republic”


The Drastic Campaign for Road Safety new Videos

The efforts of the Ministry of Transport to lower the number of deaths during car accidents brought us another 2 short movie clips of opened brutality. In the first spot, a car of young newly-weds smoke a joint of marijuana during driving, leading to not giving way to a bus, which smashes their car and kills the bride. In the second clip a new-born baby flies from the arms of the mother on the back seat to the windshield, dying, sending its mother to an insane asylum. If you dare to watch it, you can go to

The campaign has shown us very naturalist movies so far. In the last three videos we have seen many ways of deaths by a driving wheel, there is probably more at where it comes from. The most expensive campaign of the transport ministry with the budget of 5,5 million € is going to last until 2010, the media is Czech Television, Internet, magazines and billboards.

Legal Age in Czech Republic: Now 14, criminal responsibility, papers, sex

The parliamentaries have passed a revolutionary change in Czech criminal code. Young people will get more responsibility and rights a year earlier than we were used to.

The reason is increasing violent acts committed by 14 year olds,with almost no possibility of adequate punishing. That is going to change. The parliementaries have agreed on hte proposal, according to which in 2010 even the 14-yos could enf up in prison.

The law went through with dificulties, though; some said it is “criminalizing of kids” but the same responsibility has kids in Germany and Austria as well.

the reform of the criminal code brings another important changes. For a planned murder one can get up to 20 years insteda of 15, finally stalking is going to be punishable. On the contrary, a murder on a tyran will be considered less punishable.


Parouberk Brings Communists back to Power in the Czech Republic

Paroubek explains, why his party decided, after won regional elections, to reign together with the communists. He always says something like he is not really exited with having the communist around, but as the other parties do not wish to cooperate, he is ging to govern with what he has. He said for MF Dnes: “People will get used to them. If it is going to work fine, people won’t want to change.”

Let me translate it for you: – I am not exited from cooperating with the commies, but people can get used to them like they did before. – and explained once more it would be: – If it is going to work in regions without people complaining and/or demonstrating, it means people are ready for us to form the government after 2010 with the communists in the parliament. –

When Jiri Paroubek is asked, whether he is going to form the government with them, he says: “if they are going to change a bit, I may consider that.”

Copa Centre on Narodni Trida – Offices, Flats, Shopping....

The new multi-functional object, which is going to grow upon the metro station Narodni Trida, is going to cost about four billions czk. Four underground and eight overground floors offer flats, restaurants, shopping centre and arcades, administrative spaces, underground parking for two hundred fifty cars, and also a new barrierless metro vestibule.

The construction is going to last about 25 months, but still it is not clear when the building works are going to begin.

The Centre is made by six together connected buildings, from which one will be connected to the tesco building. Spaces between the buildings will be made by a covered street and a business passage. The project counts with a new square, with trees, seats and water fountains.


Fire at Vietnamese Marketplace in Prague: days after

Destruction of Vietnamese ‘label’ goods is investigated by the police, foreign police, the firemen, Czech business inspection and Prague City Hall. The warehouse building in Prague, large as two football fields on each other, burned almost to the ashes, the firemen worked on it for three days straight.

Problems with the markethall repeat. It is a private business enterprise, where the responsibility lies on the owner and manager, however after the last accident it is clear it is a problem and the city has to deal with it.

One centre of a fire was located, the detectives consider the cause was negligence, electroinstallation malfunction, eventually an intention.

Chinese and Vietnamese embassies in Prague have also occupied themselves with the cause, planning to make a gathering of the involved sides.

The Charles Bridge Reconstruction Dispute probably ends in a draw

The situation is quite paradoxical.

The capital doesn’t agree with the outcome of the historian inspection of the Ministry of Culture, according to which the Charles Bridge railing is permanently damaged. They said for Denik: “The style of control was very biased, the inspectors came with an opinion, they didn’t care about points of our specialists.” the deputy of Prague Town Council Martin Trnka said yesterday.

The reconstructing company has appealed to the minister of culture Vaclav Jehlicka. The problem of the whole dispute is the inspection claims there were too many stones replaced in the railing, but as the bridge is repaired by the City Deputy of Sights, which is the deputy organizing the reconstruction itself, so the office should decide among their opinion and the opinion of the inspectors.

The question is, whether is the Ministry of Culture going to deal with it, or set another commission to inspect the works and the last inspection… in any case, a pedestrian won’t notice there is anything wrong with the bridge railing anyways.


Narodi Trida in Prague closes in summer 2009

Copa center has the construction permission. The Project is going to change lives of many for long months. After six weeks of inspecting the objections, i.a. the petition signed by Prague citizens against it, the City Hall came to an exceptable decision – the Copa Centre is going to be build.

That still haven’t the force of res judicata, that will get in a few days, if no one complains, which is probably going to happen, because people living at hand of the Narodni Metro station will have to travel to more remote places.

The new business-office-housing centre worth 154 million € is hard to stop. Developers with the image of profit make their efforts so the construction would start in January 2009, and could be finished in November 2010. The metro station will be closed for ten months.


Fresh Nature Art Exhibition in Prague

Pictures, graphics and sculptures of contemporary Czech artists are until the end of November displayed in the New Town City Hall in Prague 2.

Authors of the exhibited art pieces are the members f the New association of Prague Artists, founded in 1992 by the painter Jiri Naceradsky. The main aim of the union is to help those, who are talented, yet couldn’t exhibit because they weren’t known. This idea brought the (not just Prague) art scene many fresh pieces, which made the association famous and very attractive ever since beginning.

The exhibition called Rande 54 introduces for example art pieces of Alena Petrickova or Zdenka Reinerova, the ‘art inspired by nature’. The exhibiting spaces at the City Hall are opened daily from 10 to 18 hours.


Neo-nazis wanted to march through Prague, weren't allowed

The increasing activities of neo-nazis in the Czech republic are watched with dislike. It is not enough they formed a political party ( Workers’ party ) in order to legalize violence against the ‘socially deprived’, they are increasing the frequency of their marches (power demonstration).

This one was supposed to be the second demonstration on the Crystal Night anniversary. Crystal Night was one of the biggest pogrom against Jews.

About twenty neo-nazis made it through the ‘random checks’ to the Jewish Town already. ‘Random Checks system proven itself to be good during previous events; it is simply about holding them on one spot as long as possible. When the group of twenty saw the heavy police forces in the Old Town, they fled.


The Best Tank of Czech History Returned to Prague

The Military history museum can show off with a new addition. Yesterday, the best tank of Czech history, legendary LT – 35 returned to the metropolis after almost 70 years. The armour who got confiscated by Americans from the Germans, was donated to the military history institute by the US government. For the institute it is, according to its management, one of the mot important occurrence in its 90 years history.

The tank of incalculable price will be displayed at Zizkov since April. Than, its reconstruction will begin. The technicians want to make it work, so it could show for example at various shows of military hardware.

The light tanks Skoda LT-35 were put into use in Czechoslovak Army in the first half of 30s. In 1938, when Germany intensified the pressure on separation of Czechoslovakia frontier.

Vaclav Klaus Thinks he is EU Dissident

The president Klaus said he considers himself to be a dissident of the European Union, he said that during his three day visit of Ireland. His words were said in the context of his private visit of Declan Ganley; the businessmen who has merit in Irish ‘no’ to the Lisbon treaty.

According to the Irish Times Klaus dinner with Ganley evoked disgust at the Irish government, who allegedly even complained at the Czech embassy in Dublin, LN informed.

Klaus remembered his perpetual antagonist Vaclav Havel, who always supported dissidents, and compared himself to him, stating that Havel meets dissidents, and he meets them too – the dissident of the EU, and that he is a dissident too now. The sad part is he didn’t say it as a joke.

To compare a person who boycotts necessary reformations of the EU for his own profit to a dissident like Vaclav Havel, that is really… something.


Jean Michel Jarre concert in Prague this Thursday

Jean Michal Jarre was born in 1948 in Lyon. He is one of the most influential icons of the modern electronic music.

Jarre started his career in 1968, when he joined GRM Group in Paris, when he starts to experiment with electro-classic music together with Pierre Schaeffer. A year later he publishes his first single. His most famous creation becomes, however, the album Oxygene, thanks to which he gains world recognition.

Among his biggest life achievements is the concert of 14th June 1995 “Concert Pour La Tolerance” under the Eiffel Tower in Paris to celebrate the 50th UNESCO anniversary, attended by 1,5 million people.

A new life to his production came in 2007 with the Téo & Téa. Jarre came with something new for the young generation. To the 30th anniversary of Oxygene, beside the album symbolising his most known album he prepared a tour specialized for concert or theatre halls. Fans could enjoy not only live performance, but especially the music service.

Jean Michel Jarre, the true legend, comes to Prague, and you can be there. Tickets: 990-1590 czk. The 30th anniversary of Jean Michel Jarre in Prague O2 Arena.


Inca Gold Exhibition at Prague Castle

The Exhibition in Prague was seen by thousand visitors already.
Golden cups, death masks, gems, jewelery and sacrificial knives, but also gloves hand-made from gold or musical instrument made hundreds of years ago can be admired by people in the Highest Burgrave of Prague Castle.

One of the exhibition organizers Magdalena Bicikova says: “ the exhibition was seen by thousands of people during the first week already. Solely this weekend, there was more than 1500 visitors. Prague citizens are attracted to it”

The items come form the Museo del Oro – Museum of Gold in Peruvian Lima. Their insurance value is about 13 millions €, however their historical value is incalculable.

The unique exhibition “Proklete Zlato – 1000 let Zlata Inku” exhibition is opened until 25th May 2009, in the Supreme Burgrave’s House of the Prague Castle.


Prague Zoo can still use their logo

Prague Zoo can go on using their horse logo, the court decided. This is the end of the long-term dispute, when the artist Michal Cihlar sues Prague Zoo for using the logo. The artist made it for the Zoo in 1998, but due to their mostly personal dispute he retreat from the cooperation, demanding to get money for every use of graphics he ever made for the Prague Zoo under a contract.

The Director of Zoo Petr Fejk, who made the contract with him, declared the legal proceedings the artist entered surprised him and the whole Zoo – Cihlar has never complained during the nine years the Prague Zoo has been using it. “I assume his contemporary behaviour is a purposeful operation with effort to get more money” and the court agrees with him.

The Zoo tried to find a new artist, but they weren’t successful yet. The Campaign ‘Made by Nature’ became, from a substitutional one, a full campaign nowadays.


The Levellers come to Prague, are catchy on their new album

The English group return to their roots, they introduced their last record by a concert in the Czech republic as well. It is clear they, after years of struggling, found the lost effect and return in good health. They again open the music box with sharp rhythms, sing-along reference and in the political lyrics aim directly to the top places of the ‘rotten society’. Their new album Letters From The Underground returns to their 90’s roots, into the trash-folk madness and sharp social critique.

At the contemporary concerts won’t be just their successful news, but they surely like to play their older tracks from A Weapon Called the World or Levelling the Land. The band themselves and their office staff had been personally involved in fighting the legislation throughout the previous year, taking part in marches, organising fly postering campaigns and adverts in the mass media, setting up fund to which many bands contributed, and raising the awareness.

The Levellers in Prague on 16th November 2008 in Palace Akropolis.


Goods worth 100 million czk burned at the Vietnamese warehouse

It is too soon to say what was the cause of the SAPA market-hall, as the investigation is going to take a few weeks at least. The building was a maze – many lower ceilings and long shelves on the area of two football fields on each other complicated work of firemen, but luckily no one got hurt, like the last time a few years ago, when a fireman fell through such a lower ceiling and had to be rescued himself.

The chairman of Czech-Vietnamese society Marcel Winter pointed at huge personal misfortune, which stroke about six hundred Vietnamese tradesman, as the warehouse was packed to the roof with goods for Christmas markets, he personally estimating the damages to 100 millions czk.

The extensive fire was fought since Thursday midnight by 420 firemen and they won their fight on Saturday, after long 40 hours. Considering the number of firemen in action, this fire was one of the biggest in the history of the Czech Republic.

The Residents present The Bunny Boy

The legendary music group The Residents return to Palace Akropolis. The group became famous not only by their experimenting, but also by their innovator approach on their unique albums. Their album Freak Show was the first sophisticated CD-rom for instance.

The group completely hides their identity. They use the unique image of huge eye bulbs with a cylinder put one their heads. There were no ‘exposed’ pictures, so we still don’t know who the members are.

During the whole time of their existence, they have never made a single compromise towards the commercial scene, yet they are one of the most recognised formations on the scene.

Their style varies among music and visual perception, performation of classical music, avant garde and modern theatre art.

The Residents present their new album The Bunny Boy in Prague, Palac Akropolis, Kubelikova 27, Praha 3, Thursday 20/11/2008 from 19:30 Tickets at Ticketstream, at the place 80o czk.

Austrian director let Dukovany explode

the infamous temelin, which works very well so far The Czech nuclear power plants are a theme for debates of many Austrians. The most hated is the Temelin power plant, which was build partly by Russian, partly by American technology and Austrians do not hesitate to demonstrate against it loud.

What is in the movie? Explosion of Dukovany power plant. Thousands of Austrians run to the shelters, firemen trying to help the exposed to radiation… drama First Day was viewed on the Austrian television ORF 2. The director Andreas Prochaska gained world primacy – it has never happened a real power plant would explode in a film.

Even when they defend they only wanted to make a partly documentary movie, it only adds fuel to the flames of the general assumption Czechs are not able to run their power plants. Which is of course a nonsense, what’s more Dukovany belong to long-term among the most securely operating nuclear power stations in the world.


I am sad to say Vaclav Klaus doesn't have to care what he does anymore

Because Klaus has been voted the president again, there are another 4 years of reign for him. What is he going to do? Talking negatively about things people want, talking positively about himself, this will never change. When was the ex-president of the US Bill Clinton asked in 1998 about his Lewinska affair he answered on question why he did that very directly – “because I could”. That is what Klaus could say now as the reason for boycotting of the Lisbon treaty in the parliament – because he can … or does he like to be in the centre of attention? Why he goes against one of the long-term goal of the Czech government? Until now, there is only one valid reason – to kick into him despised government and its Prime Minister. What is this attitude going to bring us during the EU Chairmanship I am afraid to think of. This event is a huge chance to show the world we are not a stupid slow island, that we have learned many since the 1989 and that we are able sit by the round table with the others. And now, imagine Klaus attacking everything by his comments, risking a failure of the whole country. Why would he do that? Because he can….


Big Fire in Prague Asian District

Similarly like San Francisco, Prague has its Asian district too. The huge marketplace SAPA, so called little Hanoi, is a city in a city. The repairs will take a while, though. Most of the 25 hectares of he area burned away. The firefighters fight for sixteen hours.

Most of the main market hall (entrance was only with trade licence) burned down, exhausting clouds of black smoke over half of the metropolis. We can only guess, how much of ‘branded goods’ burned, the hall was big like two football fields on each other.

How many Asians move at the the market is unknown, the City Hall doesn’t have any numbers. There is even a little Buddhist shrine, Asian branch of the health insurance company, bars, gambling houses, big restaurants for 600 and 1000 people, two newspaper-publishing houses.


Marihuana is Common in the Czech Republic

In the well known Czech movie Samotari is this quote: “…weed is not a tradition in the Czech Republic”. Well, that time is gone. A few years since the film was made and Czechs score high in marijuana consumption among the European states; according to the 2008 Annual report of EMCDDA, we are right behind Spain.

The most smokers are in Denmark with their 36% who admitted to have smoked weed, though Czech Republic has many regular, dedicated and young smokers, about 9%, who admitted to have smoked in this year. In the category we are second, the first is Spain.

On the other hand, Czech republic is among the countries where only 5/million people die a year from hard drugs overdose, compared to 73/million in Estonia. So the report result can be read as positive – Narcotics grow out of fashion. But we Czechs shouldn’t feel too accomplished – there is still a massive number of kids smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.

The Greens are, once again, going to present their decriminalization proposal this month. It probably won’t be passed in the parliament, as the parties are afraid of losing votes of more conservative citizens, however, the numbers speak clearly – to decriminalize marijuana in the CR will bring only a ‘paper’ change, as the numbers are already on ‘decriminalized’ level.


Nigerian Songster ASA in Prague

The ‘Nigerian Tracy Champan’ Asa, who should have performed at this year open air festival Respect already, finally arrives to Prague. She is going to sing this Saturday. Asa, by own name Bukola Elemide, belongs to the most interesting discoveries of the contemporary Western-African scene and thanks to hits like Jailer or Fire On the Mountain from the last year eponymous debut album she got into sub-consciousness of European listeners.

Beside her African temperament we can look forward to typical songster urgency. She likes to float on the vibez of reggae and jazz, the easiest way to define her would be as a folk-soul musician. Records of the ‘falcon wife’ are at her myspace. Asa at Palace Acropolis in Prague on 9th November 2008, the concert starts at 19:30. Something warm into this weather will definitely be a relief.


Charles Bridge reconstruction - bungled or not?

Two groups of restorationists started to fight mercilessly over the Charles Bridge reconstruction. At one side are the representatives of the National Monuments Office (NMO), on the other one are the representatives of the National Monuments inspection of the Ministry of Culture. We informed you about their main points yesterday, now lets take a closer look at points the Inspectors made.

1.Some major mistakes in the documentation – there important sources missing. The inspection claims the reconstruction shouldn’t had started before documentation was complete. The NMO says the papers are just not in one file, and that there would be ‘something missing’ at all the big constructions

2.Too many Charles Bridge stones replaced – this is controversial. It is really necessary to replace all the damaged stones, even when some of them might have stayed there? Both the sides have geologists, who say something different.

3.Workers’ job of low quality – there are visible mistakes at the stone railing of the bridge, and that is undiscussable. In this point, the opposing sites agree, it must be repaired, in some places deconstructed and put together again so it would be tip-top.

In any case, we stand at a beginning of a long-term dispute, there probably was a professional misconduct, the interesting part is to watch, how much of the quarrel is about sights, and how much about power over sights.


Changes In Prague Metro Interior

The projection screens return. They were installed in 2006, worked for about a year, to be again packed for 2007. The problem was, according to Prague Public Transport Company, their unprofitability. They displayed overall news from home and abroad, but also news about public transport, which the Metro travellers need. Also a handful gadget was in right corner, displaying the time until next metro arrives. They have now returned, the interface hasn’t changed, but this time travellers get also a potion of advertisements with their news.

The second thing to comeback are trashcans. These were removed from all the stations in 2001, when we were all too afraid of terrorist attacks. But as we found out, the stations became much more dirty than would be nice, with still no terrorists around the trashcans return this week, the same type as is on Ruzyne Airport.


Obama is the President, will it change Czech Radar negotiations?

As the Social Democrats (CSSD) won regional and senate elections in the CR, with their programme i.a. focused against the US radar base, whether it will be build is still a question. But still – most of the society has all the negative US policy connected to the character of G.W.Bush, with him gone, the chance they will finally built the thing will increase.

The world of Czech public space dominated Kremlin propaganda against the radar, and neither G.W.B nor the ODS bothered to explain the Czech society the radar is actually good. FSK (formerly KGB), on the contrary, didn’t waste time and spend years by an anti-radar crusade. Thanks to it, now almost 2/3 of Czechs is against the radar, but that can change. Change is what Obama won with, right?

Obama may negotiate with the EU and NATO more than Bush did, he also started to negotiate the radar matter with Czechs, using YouTube ( watch here ). Russia traditionally threatens, we are slowly getting used to them haunting us with weapons, so Medvedev announced they are going to build radars as well as an answer.


Petr Cech defended his Gold Ball title

In the journalist inquiry Zlatý Míč – Golden Ball of the CR Petr Cech steadily draws up to Pavel Nedved. Nedved won five times, but not in a raw. For Cech it was ‘a season on a swing’ as he says – he lost the Master’s league and there was also the non—successful European championship. Even in these days the goalkeeper alternates positives with negatives. This weekend, he gained 100th zero in the Blues dress.

Golden Ball rank :
1st Petr Cech (Chelsea) 1664 points, 2nd Tomas Rosicky (Arsenal) 945, 3rd Marek Jankulovski (AC Milán) 777, 4th Pavel Nedved (Juventus) 578, 5th Libor Sionko (Copenhagen)

Newcomer of this year :
1st Frantisek Drizdal (Slavia) 88, 2nd Jan Moravek (Bohemians 1905) 64, 3rd Lukas Marecek (Brno) 15

The coach of the year :
1st Karel Jeronym (Slavia) 122, 2nd Karel Vecera (Ostrava) 61, 3rd Karel Bruckner (CR + Austria Represents) 32


Transmission in Prague – Mega Dance Event

On the Saturday 8th November 2008, the most famous stadium in Prague O2 Arena hosts the XXL dance event Transmission, which gained huge popularity of fans not only at home but abroad as well, there are regular visitors from foreign countries, which numbers got to ten thousand last year. This week, Transmission returns to Prague introducing the biggest DJs stars, from which some performing in the Czech Republic for the first time.

Like the last year, Transmission brings completely new unique set and a show reaching the world top level. As the name indicates, the event is heavily on Trance music, but there will be also House and some more progressive dance beats. 8th November 2008, Event starts 21:00 at O2 arena, Prague. Tickets at Sazkaticket or at the place for 1090 czk. Only for 18 or older!


Skoda auto stops production in December, too

The situation in the biggest Czech company becomes acute. Skoda Auto in Mlada Boleslav has to reduce the production again, it is stopped for November, now newly also for December. The pressure of finantial crisis and downturn of sales has obviously reflected on delivery time of the automobiles. Those have shortened form six weeks to ten-twelve days.

The employees have negotiated through unions 75% of wages during their unexpected holidays.

Why was Czech Skoda Auto stroke with the crisis? It kept the prices for cars incredibly high for Czech environment. It is nice to know Skodas sell well abroad, where are 5x higher salaries, but for Czechs they have been expensive for quite a long time. Even when they made them cheaper of sometimes 100.000 czk nowadays, it is not enough by far. Until Skoda realize it should be ordinary Czechs who buy Skoda cars, not Czech profiteers, the situation won’t change.

Problems of Charles Bridge reconstruction

The Charles Bridge reconstruction has been going on for quite some time, and now there will be another delay; two groups interested are now going to fight, whether the reconstruction is going on in right or wrong direction.

The 1st side: the Inspection of Ministry of Culture, focused on the works. They state in their report the new stone blocks which are used are planted in a wrong way and than chipped additionally. Also, there was no need of using so many new stones. According to the report, the reconstructing company didn’t do archaeological research before the works.

The 2nd side: Mott MacDonald company, doing the reconstruction, defend, they did archaeological research as the first thing, they have documents proving that the stones were really damaged by salting and the communist reconstruction of 80’s. The culture and sight leader of Prague City Hall Jan Knezinek said that “…published document is a shame of the Ministry inspection” but the MacDonald company however admits some of the stones were not embedded exactly.

We are going to find out in coming weeks, it may be decided at a court, but one thing is clear already: the Charles Bridge reconstruction will take much longer.


The Real McKenzies in Prague 2day

The Canadian Celtic-Punk group The Real McKenzies, well known to those who visit Summer Festivals come to Prague Rock Café to bring their great show again.

The Canadian group come to please the friends of vigorous Punk, especially the one who is partial to Celtic roots. The seven men group from Vancouver has been on the scene for seven years, since 1992, and inspired such groups as Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphys. All the group members have Scottish roots so to include backpipes into the line-up is definitely not an uneasy shot for the world music genre.

The Real McKenzies are famous especially for their tireless concerting, and their live performances guarantee energetic, wild and traditionally drunk show. Their concert is going to definitely be one of the most crazy performances in Prague this week.


Anti-hooligan law proposal in Czech Republic

The new law has been needed for quite some time, the most visible it was when a group of ‘football fans’ went on a spree at Stadium Strahov, worth 19t Euro.

If the proposal passes the parliament, the hooligans in the whole Czech republic will have to watch their steps much more. They can get a ban to cultural, sport and other social events, in total length up to ten years.

The idea is the well-known brawlers should not be able to do more disturbances on given events. The outcome should be a gradual realization of steps, which should eliminate stadium violence as much as possible. To disobey the ban would mean a crime act and can get up to three years.

This is logical another step, after the stadium courts were established.


World Famous Writers Stand by Kundera

The Czech writer Milan Kundera, accused of alleged informing for the communist police, gained support of his renowned colleagues yesterday. Eleven of world renown writers, among which are four laureates of Nobel prize for literature have disapproved the “smirching campaign” led against Kudnera.

Among the signers of the document published in Paris are i.a. Nadine Gordimer, Gabriel García Márquez, John Maxwell Coetzee and Orhan Pamuk: “… a insinuating campaign with the aim to blacken Kundera’s reputation with the allegation he was informer in 1950”

With respect to Kundera categorically denying the accusation, and also literary historian Zdenek Pesat supporting him, the authors come to the conclusion the Czech press has too often spread the fame with consternating easiness, not considering what contradicts it.

Kundera still haven’t expressed, whether he will go all the way to defen his honour at a court, as he consideret suing, unless he gets an apology from the magazine.

Old Town Square: Enthusiasts want Historical Pillar to return, have 3 pieces of replica already made

The pilla long gone The group dates their origin at 1992. What do they want? Rebuilding of Mariansky Sloup, the pillar which stood at the Old Town Square since 1650. Yesterday, they commemorated 90 years from the day it was pulled down.

The ‘Society for Mariansky Sloup restoration’ gathered on the Old Town Square together with some more supporters of this piece of art, who attempt to return the sight on the most important Prague Square.

Three pieces of the pillar replica have already been cut out, as a professional sculpturer has been working on it for years free of charge. But whether it will be authorized to return is a question. The city hall has denied their request three times, but if the Old Town Square Town Hall will be restored, it may be restored as well.


Hepatitis A finally retreating from Prague

There is less of new patients with Hepatitis A in Prague, finally. After a month when the numbers were growing alarmingly, they finally started to improve. During the last week, in metropolis took the disease 34 people in total, which is 19 people less than the week before, and a few hundred less than two weeks before.

The Hepatitis appeared in the Czech Republic before the summer holidays, and until now it stroke more than thousand people, most of them in Prague. It was the metropolis, where the epidemic started spreading from necromaniacs. The ‘main’ month with the most newly infected was September. That the sickness retreats was confirmed by leading doctors as well.

Czech housing market fully opens for foreigners

The foreigners wishing to buy a real estate for living will be able to do so freely from the next year in the Czech Republic. The law proposal by the Ministry of finance was accredited by the government.

The foreigners won’t be, however, able to buy agricultural land yet.

Still, the access to realities was much easier for citizens from member countries than for those outside the EU. For example citizens from other member countries didn’t have to found a corporate body, when they wanted to buy a property, from 2004.

The law change will bring, according to real estate agents, increased interest in local properties, especially among Eastern-European investors. Those will be interested in flats of especially middle and lower average standard.

And which nationalities buy flats in Prague? According to M&M reality, 50% are Slovaks. Second are with 35% Vietnamese, followed by Russians, Ukrainians and Netherlanders.


Czech Police has new cars, 2009 style management of traffic accidents

With the new Suberbs and Octavias, the Skoda park of Ceska Policie became much faster and …nicer, thanks to the new coloring – silver metallic with blue and yellow lines. The police president Oldrich Martinu comes with a courageous promise: He wants police officers to be at an accident until 15 minutes. The present experience is people are often forced to wait for the police more than a hour.

The police leaders claim the 15 minutes limit can be kept. Since 09 there is the new law, which makes the traffic police come only to an accident, where someone gets hurt, or the damages are higher than 100t czk (4t €). There will be less work from the quantitative point of view – the crashes under 100t make 80% of all police departures.


Drastic Clips for Increasement of Road Safety: they appear less they should, critics say

The Ministry of Transport decided to finance the most expensive and drastic campaign for Road safety in the history of the Czech Republic. They even paid a film director Renc to direct the clips. He now belongs among the biggest critics of the campaign management – many point at the campaign ‘invisibility’. As they say: “The films “Nemyslis, Zaplatis” (You don’t think, You will pay) should have been everywhere, it should improve so they would really form a campaign. It should be strong, striking and not spread in two years. We are going to have a meeting discussing, how to make it more effective.”

What is the main problem, according to the director? The way the campaign is led. The project is planned for two and a half of year and so it can’t match with shorter, but more hammering campaigns, which is also confirmed by advertising experts. As LN point out, the campaign of Czech EU Chairmanship is literary everywhere. Compared with it, the campaign with traffic thematics are practically invisible.

The Ministry of Transport says the campaign is not possible to judge after a month, as it is supposed to last for two years. If we consider the October traffic accident rate, it was slightly better than the usual October average.


The tunnel under Vysehrad is out of order

Will there be chaos in the automobile and city traffic? It is probable, because since today until the end of the month the important tunnel between Vyton to Podoli will be closed for all the traffic except the pedestrians. The tramlines going through were in a critical state, the Prague tramways going through could go only ten kilometres /hour. Since today, there is no other solution than to drive round the Vysehrad rock by a bus, or by a ferry.

Which lines are gong to go another way? It is the line 3, 17, 21 and the night line 53. Line X17 is going to connect the stations Prazskeho Povstani and Podolska Vodarna, at the stations of the line 148. The line 728 connects Dvorce and Budejovicka. The line 150 is getting more cars. What is more, the large ferry ships will be going on the Vltava river since 6:00 to 22:00 among the Vyton dock and Podolska vodarna. Ships are labeled X21.


Topolanek wants to stay in the lead of ODS

The leader of the Civic Democrats Topolanek doesn’t want to give up the fight for the ODS leader’s position, even when they suffered a crushing defeat in senate and regional elections. Topolanek announced he wants to vindicate his post on the December congress.

“I don’t want to fly in the half-time. I stood behind my work as the prime minister, I am not afraid to account at the next elections.” the prime minister said.

There are two partymen ready to be in the nomination, Pavel Bem has announced his official candidacy, Evzen Tosenovsky ‘considers the nomination’ but quite probably he is going to be in the list.

Topolanek also wants to change the present party functioning; “we have turned from opened, fair discussion, from limitless discussion without prevarication. I consider it to be mine mistake as well as a mistake of the whole ODS lead.”