Compact archive November 3, 2008

Czech housing market fully opens for foreigners

The foreigners wishing to buy a real estate for living will be able to do so freely from the next year in the Czech Republic. The law proposal by the Ministry of finance was accredited by the government.

The foreigners won’t be, however, able to buy agricultural land yet.

Still, the access to realities was much easier for citizens from member countries than for those outside the EU. For example citizens from other member countries didn’t have to found a corporate body, when they wanted to buy a property, from 2004.

The law change will bring, according to real estate agents, increased interest in local properties, especially among Eastern-European investors. Those will be interested in flats of especially middle and lower average standard.

And which nationalities buy flats in Prague? According to M&M reality, 50% are Slovaks. Second are with 35% Vietnamese, followed by Russians, Ukrainians and Netherlanders.


Czech Police has new cars, 2009 style management of traffic accidents

With the new Suberbs and Octavias, the Skoda park of Ceska Policie became much faster and …nicer, thanks to the new coloring – silver metallic with blue and yellow lines. The police president Oldrich Martinu comes with a courageous promise: He wants police officers to be at an accident until 15 minutes. The present experience is people are often forced to wait for the police more than a hour.

The police leaders claim the 15 minutes limit can be kept. Since 09 there is the new law, which makes the traffic police come only to an accident, where someone gets hurt, or the damages are higher than 100t czk (4t €). There will be less work from the quantitative point of view – the crashes under 100t make 80% of all police departures.


Drastic Clips for Increasement of Road Safety: they appear less they should, critics say

The Ministry of Transport decided to finance the most expensive and drastic campaign for Road safety in the history of the Czech Republic. They even paid a film director Renc to direct the clips. He now belongs among the biggest critics of the campaign management – many point at the campaign ‘invisibility’. As they say: “The films “Nemyslis, Zaplatis” (You don’t think, You will pay) should have been everywhere, it should improve so they would really form a campaign. It should be strong, striking and not spread in two years. We are going to have a meeting discussing, how to make it more effective.”

What is the main problem, according to the director? The way the campaign is led. The project is planned for two and a half of year and so it can’t match with shorter, but more hammering campaigns, which is also confirmed by advertising experts. As LN point out, the campaign of Czech EU Chairmanship is literary everywhere. Compared with it, the campaign with traffic thematics are practically invisible.

The Ministry of Transport says the campaign is not possible to judge after a month, as it is supposed to last for two years. If we consider the October traffic accident rate, it was slightly better than the usual October average.


The tunnel under Vysehrad is out of order

Will there be chaos in the automobile and city traffic? It is probable, because since today until the end of the month the important tunnel between Vyton to Podoli will be closed for all the traffic except the pedestrians. The tramlines going through were in a critical state, the Prague tramways going through could go only ten kilometres /hour. Since today, there is no other solution than to drive round the Vysehrad rock by a bus, or by a ferry.

Which lines are gong to go another way? It is the line 3, 17, 21 and the night line 53. Line X17 is going to connect the stations Prazskeho Povstani and Podolska Vodarna, at the stations of the line 148. The line 728 connects Dvorce and Budejovicka. The line 150 is getting more cars. What is more, the large ferry ships will be going on the Vltava river since 6:00 to 22:00 among the Vyton dock and Podolska vodarna. Ships are labeled X21.


Topolanek wants to stay in the lead of ODS

The leader of the Civic Democrats Topolanek doesn’t want to give up the fight for the ODS leader’s position, even when they suffered a crushing defeat in senate and regional elections. Topolanek announced he wants to vindicate his post on the December congress.

“I don’t want to fly in the half-time. I stood behind my work as the prime minister, I am not afraid to account at the next elections.” the prime minister said.

There are two partymen ready to be in the nomination, Pavel Bem has announced his official candidacy, Evzen Tosenovsky ‘considers the nomination’ but quite probably he is going to be in the list.

Topolanek also wants to change the present party functioning; “we have turned from opened, fair discussion, from limitless discussion without prevarication. I consider it to be mine mistake as well as a mistake of the whole ODS lead.”