Compact archive November 11, 2008

Narodi Trida in Prague closes in summer 2009

Copa center has the construction permission. The Project is going to change lives of many for long months. After six weeks of inspecting the objections, i.a. the petition signed by Prague citizens against it, the City Hall came to an exceptable decision – the Copa Centre is going to be build.

That still haven’t the force of res judicata, that will get in a few days, if no one complains, which is probably going to happen, because people living at hand of the Narodni Metro station will have to travel to more remote places.

The new business-office-housing centre worth 154 million € is hard to stop. Developers with the image of profit make their efforts so the construction would start in January 2009, and could be finished in November 2010. The metro station will be closed for ten months.


Fresh Nature Art Exhibition in Prague

Pictures, graphics and sculptures of contemporary Czech artists are until the end of November displayed in the New Town City Hall in Prague 2.

Authors of the exhibited art pieces are the members f the New association of Prague Artists, founded in 1992 by the painter Jiri Naceradsky. The main aim of the union is to help those, who are talented, yet couldn’t exhibit because they weren’t known. This idea brought the (not just Prague) art scene many fresh pieces, which made the association famous and very attractive ever since beginning.

The exhibition called Rande 54 introduces for example art pieces of Alena Petrickova or Zdenka Reinerova, the ‘art inspired by nature’. The exhibiting spaces at the City Hall are opened daily from 10 to 18 hours.


Neo-nazis wanted to march through Prague, weren't allowed

The increasing activities of neo-nazis in the Czech republic are watched with dislike. It is not enough they formed a political party ( Workers’ party ) in order to legalize violence against the ‘socially deprived’, they are increasing the frequency of their marches (power demonstration).

This one was supposed to be the second demonstration on the Crystal Night anniversary. Crystal Night was one of the biggest pogrom against Jews.

About twenty neo-nazis made it through the ‘random checks’ to the Jewish Town already. ‘Random Checks system proven itself to be good during previous events; it is simply about holding them on one spot as long as possible. When the group of twenty saw the heavy police forces in the Old Town, they fled.


The Best Tank of Czech History Returned to Prague

The Military history museum can show off with a new addition. Yesterday, the best tank of Czech history, legendary LT – 35 returned to the metropolis after almost 70 years. The armour who got confiscated by Americans from the Germans, was donated to the military history institute by the US government. For the institute it is, according to its management, one of the mot important occurrence in its 90 years history.

The tank of incalculable price will be displayed at Zizkov since April. Than, its reconstruction will begin. The technicians want to make it work, so it could show for example at various shows of military hardware.

The light tanks Skoda LT-35 were put into use in Czechoslovak Army in the first half of 30s. In 1938, when Germany intensified the pressure on separation of Czechoslovakia frontier.

Vaclav Klaus Thinks he is EU Dissident

The president Klaus said he considers himself to be a dissident of the European Union, he said that during his three day visit of Ireland. His words were said in the context of his private visit of Declan Ganley; the businessmen who has merit in Irish ‘no’ to the Lisbon treaty.

According to the Irish Times Klaus dinner with Ganley evoked disgust at the Irish government, who allegedly even complained at the Czech embassy in Dublin, LN informed.

Klaus remembered his perpetual antagonist Vaclav Havel, who always supported dissidents, and compared himself to him, stating that Havel meets dissidents, and he meets them too – the dissident of the EU, and that he is a dissident too now. The sad part is he didn’t say it as a joke.

To compare a person who boycotts necessary reformations of the EU for his own profit to a dissident like Vaclav Havel, that is really… something.