Compact archive January 6, 2009

Abba the Show in Prague

The musical event of the 2009 beginning is the exclusive concert of authentic voices in identical costumes, this group with members of the original Abba band brings some of the most fantastic moments of pop music back to life. They will perform together with The National Symphony Orchestra of London, led by Matthew Freeman.

This ensemble became the number one from the times when the original band Abba ended their tours. In 2002, they performed also in the Czech Republic on the charity concert „Artists Against Flood“. With their show, they had the biggest success in Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, France, Great Britain, Korea, Japan, China etc. In Hollywood, their show attracted 18 000.

The tickets are at Ticketpro, if you don’t want to miss the concert, you should probably buy the tickets NOW. 12th February 2009 20:00 at Tesla Arena in Prague


Public Events prepared for Czech EU Chairmanship

Czech European Chairmanship is going to be accompanied by cultural programme for general public, as well as prestigious events for EU delegates and other international guests.

There are two important anniversaries in 2009. the first is the jubilee of Iron Curtain fall that took place 20 years ago and the second is the 5th anniversary of the biggest EU widening. The year 2009 is also the European year of creativity and innovations.

Among the greatest delicacies of the programme is the premiere of the rock opera CA Ira from the founding member of the legendary group Pink Floyd Roger Waters, which will be a part of the celebration of the fifth jubilee of Czech Republic EU entry.

For the general public are prepared so called ‘Eurofestivals’ accompanied by ministers conferences in individual regions.

For Example the music festival United Islands of Europe, taking place 18 – 21th June 2009. As in the time of its origin it is going to be thematically connected to the EU.

Events connected to Czech European Chairmanship

Czech republic as the chairman of the European committee and by this Prague became after Belgian Bruselles de facto the second capital city of the EU. What does that mean for Prague citizens? Czech Metropolis is going to become, for half of the year, the city of politic elite, which comes for various negotiations. The most meetings and congresses will be hosted by the Congress Centre, close to Metro C Vysehrad.

But the Chairmanship doesn’t only mean limousines and police cordons, it will be also about cultural events. 7th January the International Year of astronomy starts on the Old Town Square. The opening starts at 15 the moving procession of Apostles of the Astronomical Clock.

Other event, this time aimed at music lovers is on 28 and 29th January in the Smetana hall – Symphonic orchestra of the Capital of Prague. After they finish their concerns, the other ones performing are the members of the National Folk Costume Ball. That will be quite an event, as there is going to be about 700 members in folk costumes.

Town Hall organizes Europe Day, listed on 9th May 2009. They have prepared concert, where the famous 9th symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven, known like “Ode To Happiness” presented by the Czech Philharmonics with the world renown conductor Jiri Belohlavek and with significant soloists.


More Tourists go to Prague! Where do they accomodate?

Hostel Emma Prague still holds among 20 most visited cities of the world, whats more, financial crisis or not, visit rate of the city have even increased. At least Euromonitor International, one of the leading companies doing the market research, claims it. The data were published in December 2008 in the Top City Destinations 2007 chart. The chart ables to compare visits of world and European cities. Compared to previous year, Prague improved its position. Its position is on 19th place among the world cities, within Europe it is on the 7th place, placed better than Amsterdam or Vienna.

From my point of view, I don’t get where do people get money for accommodation in Prague, but quite probably the solution is much simpler than it seems – less tourists accommodate in hotels, more in hostels. Now, when the Christmas season is over, it is even cheaper, and still the quality is really good, especially when we talk about hostels in the centre.


Law Proposal: Direct Presidential Vote in CR

The successor of Vaclav Klaus could be voted for directly. This is the option preferred by the team of Topolanek. What will be the verdicts? We will know in two weeks, but the true is, efforts for changing the voting law have been here since the First Republic, but never been successful. “Ministry of justice prepared three options, the government has became attached to the proposal of legislative court, according to which both the parliamentary chambers would decide about change of the constitution.

The form of the vote itself would be decided by an executive law. The same law would modify competences of the president elected by the majority or who is going to proceed into the second round of the vote.Direct presidential vote is supported by the Social Democrats, People’s party and the Greens, ODS and KSCM are rather against. The main reasons are obvious – the last vote was an international disgrace.